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What You Need to Know: Online Dating During Coronavirus

Everything used to be simpler before the pandemic. Now, people need to adhere to certain rules and be more careful when going about their daily activities. This extends to people’s dating lives. The pandemic is present, but that doesn’t mean the number of lonely singles looking for someone to make their lives more colorful has gone down. Aside from the fear of rejection in dating, there is also the fear and risk of infection. If you are looking for love, here’s everything you need to know about online dating during coronavirus.

Is online dating during coronavirus recommended?

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Let’s break it down for you: online dating during coronavirus. That means you’ll be forming a connection with a potential partner online, and won’t be meeting up right away. It’s got to be okay, right?

According to an online survey conducted by YouGov, a public opinion company, Americans are looking for partners who take precautions against COVID-19 seriously. They’re not stopping in their quest for love. Rather, they are simply making informed decisions.

More than half of the respondents said that they won’t go on a second date if their potential partner refuses to wear a mask. When asked about going on a date with people who disobeyed stay-at-home orders or social distancing guidelines, the figures showed more than half with 55%. Plus, the aid of online dating probably convinced a lot of people to date virtually, with only a few being unwilling about it (21%).

The data says a lot about how people date during this day. And if you ask them if they think online dating during coronavirus is recommended, they’d probably answer along the lines of “We deserve to be happy during this crazy time” and “It’s not wrong.”

It’s time to reassess your life

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Many people now realize that relationships are of huge importance. COVID-19 opened a lot of eyes, and people have started to assess things differently. Even public health experts do not discourage the public from dating, as long as they are practicing safety protocols, and are being really careful. In fact, everything has a risk/benefit. If you can assess that the benefits outweigh the risks, then you’ll be okay.

The coronavirus truly is an extra hurdle that you both need to consider. Sooner or later, you’re bound to have the COVID talk, especially when you want to take your relationship to the next level. But is online dating during coronavirus recommended? There’s no law against it. After all, anyone needs to feel loved and to be happy in this mentally-draining age. Loneliness can be a big problem too.

What about the COVID talk?

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You need to ask yourself and your partner the hard questions. You would also need to consider a lot of things before meeting up or having sex.

When you first start dating someone, you usually take into account the hobbies they like doing. Are they adventurous? Do they like traveling? Or perhaps they enjoy going to concerts and gigs as much as you do? But now, their interests will be another concern because you need to know if they are exposed to many people and if they are out most of the time.

In addition, you would probably ask if their job requires them to be around people all the time. What are they doing to stay safe? When they come home, are they around a lot of people too? What is the environment like?

While dating is largely based on two persons’ compatibility on interests, opinions, personalities, and sex, there is now a new important factor. This is the person’s approach to COVID-19 safety.

Online dating sites and apps are now benefitting from the pandemic

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While online dating doesn’t really do anything about eliminating the coronavirus, it encourages people to stay inside their homes and date safely. It also helps keep loneliness at bay. Many singles across the country are turning to online dating sites and apps in record numbers. In addition, the rules of the game seem to have changed, as users adapt to the new climate.

Before the pandemic, online dating fatigue was already present. There was a huge decrease globally in dating app downloads. Research even showed that swiping just made people lonelier. Now, the companies continue to enjoy a strong hold over people across the world, with global online dating being up 82% during early March. Stay-at-home orders last 2020 also helped the figures of online dating apps. For instance, Bumble actually saw a 26% increase in the number of messages sent on its platform while Tinder enjoyed a rise in the length of conversations by 10-30%. It’s great for business.

What is the new way to date in this pandemic time? Video dates are now more common if the two prefer not to meet right away. If anyone is pretty shy or hesitant about it, they can also just stick to regular chatting through instant messaging features. Factor in the “cheaper date” because you won’t be spending for your commute going to the restaurant, and you won’t have to worry about splitting the bill. Do you need to worry about kissing the person goodbye? No, not this time! For some reason, the aid of online dating sites and apps will also give you an easier time preparing for a date.

Still, just because the couple dated online doesn’t mean they’re going to keep at it forever. Eventually, they need to meet out and see each other in person.

Online dating during coronavirus helped people communicate better

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Not to say that the pandemic is a good thing, because it has taken countless lives and also made everyone suffer considerably. But if we were to take a “small good” out of it, it’s the fact that couples who met during lockdowns through online dating sites have more time to communicate better. They have more time to talk to each other, and there are also fewer distractions.

Max and Branda (not their real names) are both professionals in Michigan. They met on Match and got engaged in May and married in July. According to them, they did a lot more talking, and it escalated their love for each other. They weren’t even going out during the lockdown which was until the second week in June.

The two shared deeper conversations and opened up about intimate things easily. We guess you could say, it doesn’t hurt that Max learned about the best ways to pick up a girl. Don’t you think?

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There is really no dating rulebook on online dating during coronavirus

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…except for the rule that you have to be SAFE. The internet has proved to be an effective way to continue meeting new people. This is especially true since people are more concerned about social distancing, isolating, and avoiding the risk of getting the virus.

However, your online dating journey won’t be smooth and easy. Communicating through phone or video chat is easy at first, but when you get more attached, the more your yearning for each other grows. You will both face anxiety and loneliness not knowing when you will meet. It’s either your anticipation will build up and finally die down, or you will hold on to your future meeting and fall in love more. There are many possibilities in online dating.

No one really knows the best way to date right now. Chances are, everyone is simply navigating the dating field the best way they know how. They are simply following their instincts and also letting “destiny” take charge. If you browse the net, you will find many different stories about people falling for each other over video chat. There are also those who choose to meet up instead and hook up with their masks on. Individuals who are more concerned about their safety, but also can’t wait to hook up, routinely get tested before having sex.

Every couple’s strategy differs and the way they make up rules along the way is both exciting and scary.

What about sex?

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Physical touch and sex are important to every couple. But how exactly do you propose that in the midst of a pandemic? More importantly, when is the right time to ask the question?

According to couples who have already gone on video dates, it is really essential. You might want to start slow and build up. A sex therapist by the name of Rae McDaniel says that you should be careful about calling out any scared feelings. For example, here’s how you can put it in words, “‘I want to ask you something, but I’m nervous how you’ll feel about it…” Don’t ignore your feelings, and follow a conversation that will communicate clearly your thoughts on safer sex.

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