Sex Appeal

Tips For Men – How to Increase your Sex Appeal

Wonder how that rugged-looking man who doesn’t look as good as you scores all the chicks you wish you had? Two words: Sex Appeal.

Not all of us are born with all the right gifts but we are all human at the end of the day. That means there’s a way around riches and looks.

Ill fate doesn’t mean forever alone. You just have to up the game when it comes to your sex appeal.

Want to develop such? Here are simple ways on how to increase sex appeal.

Sense of humor

These three words are already a cliché in all sex appeal books, blogs, tutorials, etc. Mind you it works!

Everyone wants a partner who can lighten up their mood. One who can take life seriously but can also take a step back. It’s why class clowns are so beloved in school regardless of how they look.

Being the funny guy among your friends makes them want you to be included in every single activity they do. So do girls who seek only a man’s good vibe.

It’s also why giggles are usually associated with flirting.


aviator sunglasses

Girls wear tons of makeup and accessories, not to mention uncomfortable but sexy dresses and high heels. Men also do the same only with different articles.

Wearing a nice watch or the right pair of sunglasses can make a guy hotter, especially the latter. Sunglasses give an element of mystery as it protects the eyes from sending mental messages.

Maybe it’s time to invest in a classy-looking watch and some Ray bans.

Don’t kill chivalry just yet

As much as “the game” instructs you to disrespect a girl to lower her self-esteem, chivalry still should not die. Don’t neg a girl but instead, give out some sort of a laid-back vibe whilst, showing her how much you respect her.

Altruism and chivalry still makes one look charming in the eyes of a decent woman. Just look at how Christian Grey treats Anastasia Steele.

The fictional Mr. Grey definitely is a better charmer that the flamboyant disrespectful “Mystery.” You can even survey all the beautiful women you know on this one. You’re only going to get one answer.

“Sex appeal” starts with the word “sex” so if you want to get laid more, let it happen naturally rather than treating it like a video game mission.

Have a signature scent


The right amount of musk already attracts a woman. Fragrances are a “hit or miss” kind of thing but the important thing is to choose one based on what you like and not what you think she likes.

That said, choose one that will smell as if it were your natural odor. You shouldn’t be the one wearing scents. Let the scent be the one to wear you.

Before you think of buying a new bottle of Clinique Happy or Drakkar Noir, think about it first if the scent tells a girl about you.

Women find signature scents sexy. Let them remember you with a distinct fragrance even when you are not around.

Form a pack

The power of a wolf as good as his pack. It’s 2020 now and lone wolves no longer work in this day and age. Even the richest men in the world right now started their empire with their college roommates.

What is a good sex appeal booster? Hang out with some cool bros. These bros should lift you up through healthy competition. If a bro succeeds, use it as your own motivation to do good too. It shows a legitimate image of ambition.

You are the average of the five people you associate yourself with. Just like a group of cheerleaders or jocks. Not everyone is gifted with looks but the least good-looking becomes automatically one of the hottest.

A good pack will not only boost your confidence, but also your entire image.

A dog is your best friend

walking dog

Another one of the oldest tricks in the book is walking your dog in the park. It grabs attention which creates an initial engagement with a girl you might fancy.

Dogs are just adorable regardless of how they look. The ones you walk in the park are usually the nice and friendly ones. Your loyal best friend won’t let you down with pulling off some charm.

Also, walking your dog shows an image of responsibility. It tells a girl subliminally that this man knows how to care for things that have life.

To shave or not to shave?

shave or not to shave

That is the question. Some men can pull off having a beard while others aren’t suited to wear one at all.

Determine whether your facial hair is thick enough to grow out or do you have to shave it complexly just to look cleaner.

The clean-shaven look only works for those who can’t grow a full beard. If you can though, make sure you maintain it through grooming products.

A slight stubble also gives a very masculine look which will score you more appeal.

Your gait is your gateway to more sex appeal

This is probably why older men use a walking stick despite still being able to walk on two feet. A man’s gait is important as it projects his confidence.

Girls must see a charmer walking down the street rather than a slouchy man with no gait. It is important to be aware that girls look at how you walk after scanning your attire.

Confident people should not look like they are in a hurry. A real man walks with a purpose and he must project confidence that his purpose can easily be accomplished.

Stay fit

stay fit

If 5am is the time when legends wake up, it’s probably because they wake up an hour earlier to work out. It’s also such a confidence booster knowing you have a fit body.

Staying fit also means you know how to take care of yourself. You do not need to look like the next Mr. Olympia. All you need is to be decently built rather than scrawny or flabby.

Women dig someone who won’t look sloppy when they walk side-by-side.

The old courtship trick


Well, girls won’t admit it but they secretly want a man to give them flowers and chocolates. They might play it cool but wait until you catch them watching their favorite romantic flick.

It’s been a romantic gesture for ages and this classic way of swaying a girl doesn’t go old. It may not be the only thing needed but you can never go wrong with giving these as a surprise.

Plus, chocolates are an aphrodisiac. You might get more than just sex appeal if you give one to a woman.

Social distancing? You can even gamble by sliding into her DMs with an attractive picture of a bouquet. Just make sure you check out these dating tips for men.