Fapchat is an adult dating site that focuses more on sharing nude selfies and chatting with sexy girls than actual matches and dates. It’s not the first of its kind, far from it – you can literally find dozens of these types of hookup sites on the web, but how many are worth joining and paying for? The answer is not many. At first glance Fapchat can easily be mistaken for a porn site. Right away you’ll be staring at sexy selfies of girls who look like they enjoy taking off their clothes in front of a camera phone.


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Live video chats with others members

Hopefully there’s more where those came from!

If you’re looking for a naughty hookup site where you can chat live and dirty with other users, Fapchat is worth checking out. As we mentioned, this platform appears to be geared more towards selfie sharing and adult entertainment than hooking up for real-life dates. That isn’t to say, however, that you can’t get lucky and score with hot girls on Fapchat. Being in direct contact with real hot ladies from your area means anything can happen. This review will break down every section, feature and benefit of joining Fapchat. Stick around and learn everything you need to know before you join.

The Experience

Signing up to Fapchat consists of several easy steps. To create an account, first you’ll first need to provide basic information about yourself including country, zip code, username, password and email address. Afterwards, you’ll be asked to clarify your age, marital status, body type and ethnicity. Finally, on the last page of the registration process, choose who you are and what you’re looking for (e.g. man looking for woman). Provide a description of what you’re looking for on the site and write a short bio about yourself. That’s it! Your account is created and you’re now ready to start viewing hot selfies!

Now that your account is created, it’s time to see what Fapchat is all about. You’ll immediately notice that their platform offers many interesting features, the most noteworthy of which is their live chat tool. Fapchat makes it easy to chat with gorgeous women whenever you’re feeling horny and in need of company. When you’re ready, you can start receiving nude selfies from real women. Thankfully there’s a huge selection of girls and thousands of selfies waiting to be shared. But if you want to view unlimited content, you must upgrade to a premium membership.

As with most dating sites, signing up to Fapchat and browsing the site is free. But if won’t get you far. If you want access to all the additional bells and whistles you’ll have to upgrade to a premium membership. This will give you direct use of all the extra features including sharing and viewing nude selfies, sending and receiving messages, just to name a few. Everything you need to get the most out of your experience on Fapchat!

Free Features

  •  Create an account
  •  Browse user profiles
  • Send messages
  •  View some selfies
  • Cams

Paid Features

  • Send and receive messages
  • View ALL selfies
  • Live chat

The Conclusion

We loved Fapchat because it’s honest about what it offers and doesn’t try to trick you into thinking it’s a conventional dating site for finding matches and going out on dates. Fapchat is about trading nude selfies and chatting live on cam with beautiful women. That said, if you play your cards right, you might also get lucky and get laid. One thing is for sure: Fapchat is not your average dating service. If you love chatting with hot girls and checking out amateur selfies, you won’t be disappointed.