Facebook Dating Review

Facebook has ruled the social media realm for 15 years. It’s easily one of the most recognized brands in the world. Now, after months of hype and build-up, Facebook launches its own version of online dating – and it promises big things!

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Long before Facebook Dating made its launch in September of 2019, we’d already grown accustomed to the idea of using the social media giant as a platform for meeting and flirting with strangers online. It is, one could say, the original free dating site by default. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that a dating feature is finally available for Facebook users. Facebook Dating is here and, as you might have guessed, millions of people all over the world are using it. Thus, whether you like Facebook or not, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Though not a dating site per se, Facebook Dating is essentially an extension of the social network in the online dating community. They boldly claim to create perfect matches – more relevant and “authentic” than on competing dating sites – by exploiting the immense quantity of information Facebook has on its users. It’s a completely free in-app feature that combines aspects of Facebook, Tinder and OKCupid to create a groundbreaking dating service unlike anything we’ve seen before.

All of that sounds great, but does it really work?

Let’s take a closer look at what Facebook Dating brings to the table.

The Experience

If you don’t yet have a Facebook account, you’ll need to create one and then opt in to activate the dating feature, which can be accomplished by clicking on the Facebook Dating option in the main menu of the app. Facebook Dating is not a standalone app. Note, additionally, that your dating profile will be completely independent from your main Facebook profile. Likewise, your dating profile will not be seen by friends and other users who have not opted in to Facebook Dating.

Click on ‘Get Started’ to begin the process of setting up your profile. Upload a photo and enter the required basic information manually. You can choose to complete the rest of the profile yourself or utilize a suggested profile that gathers data from your main Facebook account. We recommend tailoring your dating profile specifically for dating purposes, and not relying on your original FB account. If possible, use a different (and sexier) photo to showcase yourself to other users.

The matching algorithm on Facebook Dating, designed to help form meaningful and long-lasting relationships, uses data already stored on you such as interests, hobbies, preferences, likes and mutual friends to find matches. Suggested matches will appear in the center of your screen. Instead of swiping, everything is done with taps: tap the heart icon to like or to tap X to skip. To learn more about a user, tap on their match card to open up their full profile. You can also tap on photos to leave comments and send likes.

Facebook Dating functions similarly to Tinder in that it only permits conversations between two profiles who have previously liked each other. Only text messages are allowed. For security reasons, you cannot share photos, videos, links or money.

Two other noteworthy features are:

  • Secret Crush lets you secretly tell Facebook friends and Instagram followers that you like them.
  • Second Look lets you look over the profiles you’ve rejected. In case there’s something interesting you’ve missed.

The best bit of information we’ve left for last: Facebook Dating is 100% free! No credit card, no subscription, no premium membership needed. Just download the free Facebook app and get started!

The Conclusion

Facebook Dating offers several advantages that make it an interesting option for online dating. It provides a reliable platform where users can employ the full power of Facebook to search for compatible matches and take the time to get to know one another on a personal and romantic level. It makes sense. If you trust Facebook to connect you with friends, why not let Facebook Dating help you find a relationship?