Dating Tips

Top 20 Dating Terms you Should Know About

How many of these dating terms are you familiar with? Some of these words have probably been used on you at least once already.

The dating game has evolved so much that some of us have lost touch with the modern-day terms that define this early relationship stage.

Regardless, you should be familiar with these words since it will define the next few years of your single life shall you find yourself in the open market.

It’s time to start talking about them one by one, shall we?


You know that friend that is so good in giving advice but never really is in a relationship? That guy is a fluffer.

Ironically, he or she is so good at preparing other people for actual relationships that they forget themselves. They’re that unfortunate person that has tough luck in his or her dating life.

So if you are good in giving advice and preparing your family or friends for their own ever after but still single, then you’re a fluffer.



Ever have that date that interrogates? You’re not in a romantic date but in a daterview rather.

There’s actually nothing wrong about a daterview since the purpose of a date is getting to know each other. Otherwise, it’s going to be one party waterfalling on the other with his or her life story.

So, if you don’t want it to end as a daterview, be sure to keep the conversation healthy and ask questions too. Just know the balance between being too quiet and waterfalling.

Uber radius

Uber radius speaks about location-specific types. You basically determine who you date based on how far he or she lives from you.

This one is probably done by cheaters who have multiple parties since he or she doesn’t want to be caught red handed in a specific location.

The third party onwards must be in a certain uber radius to qualify.


platonic relationship

The word “platonic” used to define relationships as intimate and affectionate but not sexual. Now, it’s being thrown around to describe a person as “basic” when it comes to dating.

People just want to follow PUA nowadays that kino escalations and a little bit if disrespect is accepted as normal already.

If you aren’t doing these things, then you’ll be considered platonic.

Text Black Hole

Black holes are bottomless pits. If you fall in one, it’s a never ending freefall that gets you nowhere.

The same goes when you are texting someone and the conversation keeps on going without actual progress. The worst part is you never actually meet the person in real life.

If you find yourself in a text black hole, you might want to crawl back up while you can. It’s not like it’s the actual black hole for you to let yourself free fall down that path.

Sunday Test

Sundays are usually for church and family. It is such an intimate day that people associate it with closeness.

So if your date Sunday tests you, he or she is checking whether you are indeed compatible with them based on your willingness to spend a Sunday with them.

If you’re willing to spend an entire day doing absolutely nothing with your date, you probably have reached the next level to be comfortable with such boredom.


Once you throw garbage, consider it thrown away for good. The problem though is some people are too much of a relationship environmentalist that they love recycling.

In dating terms, this means going back to an ex. It’s the epitome if stupidity actually since it usually produces the same results over and over again. Instead of moving forward, you keep going back like that recycle symbol.

This is a dating term you wish never gets used to you. Well, you shouldn’t even be doing it in the first place.

Sober First Kiss

sober first kiss

Kino escalations have become easier nowadays that kisses come in the most random settings. Worst part is that it’s under the influence of alcohol. Liquid courage per se.

That’s why when both people are completely sober on their first kiss, it becomes your sober first kiss. It’s that coveted kiss that rarely happens but magical when it does.

It also determines how high-level your game is and how charming you are on your first date. No PUA tips needed.

Magic Hour

Magic Hour is like a bar’s last call for drinks. Everyone scrambles to order before taking things elsewhere or retiring to bed.

Anyway, the magic hour in dating is a last-minute effort to find someone you can take home for a one-night stand. People usually go with whoever at this point.

So once you and your friends call for magic hour, make sure you have locked in on someone before the last call.

Tater Tot

tater tot

Tater tots are yummy. We like them on almost every grilled or fried food we eat for breakfast. It’s also there when we crave for some carbs.

In dating though, a tater tot is a young piece of ass. You crave it a lot too even though it isn’t going to do you any favor.

Basically, tater tots are all sexy but nothing else.


This one is probably the most popular dating term nowadays. Ghosting is what it is. You become a ghost to the person after he or she has used you for something.

So if someone suddenly disappears after a few dates, you know what happened to you. It’s ghosting time for the user. Just get the hint and move on.


Benching is more painful than ghosting. The person isn’t interested in you at all but loves using you for either your body or resources.

It is called such because you get kept on the bench for whenever the person you used to date feels bored. You will notice it when they suddenly communicate with you again out of nowhere.

Again, just get the hint and move on to the next. Never reply to someone who benches you.

Slow Fade or Fizzle

When the replies get slower and the dates get rarer, you are experiencing a slow fade or sizzle.

This happens when there’s no spark to ignite anymore and you end up not communicating with the person again. This usually leads to total ghosting or worse, benching.

It’s up to you to keep things interesting.

Eskimo Brothers

eskimo brothers

When two bro code breakers have done it with the same girl and are still friends, then they’re eskimo brothers.

It’s pretty awkward to be an eskimo brother but it happens. Usually, it’s when the guy has accepted his fate and the friend disrespectfully picks up the pieces.

The bro code gets broken but at least the two still remain in good terms.

Pogo Sisters

Not much explanation here since Pogo Sisters are the same as Eskimo Brothers. A code is broken but the two still remain friends.


DTR stands for “define the relationship.” This part is where the relationship gets labeled.

It’s a make or break thing though so you need to define it right otherwise, he or she will walk away.


DTF has been used before dating terms even evolved. It stands for “down to fuck” in case you live in a bubble.

This is one of the dating terms that get thrown around a lot especially in online dating.


FBO is like taking your relationship to the next level. It stands for “Facebook official” which means, you are starting to put your relationship out in the public.



Another one of those dating terms that have been present before the index of dating terms grew. It simply means a person who uses another identity on their own profile to woo people.


When your dates consist of more chats and texts rather than actual face time, you are in a textlationship. Nothing good ever comes out of this. Most would end up being ghosted when prolonged.