Dating Tips

The Best Way to Pick Up Girls

Do you want to be the guy who gets to pick up girls and bring home the hottest girl in a bar? Are you planning to hook up with your cute neighbor who doesn’t even know that you exist? Whether this will be your first time to try to get that girl-next-door or a pro who wants to improve on your techniques, this will be worth the read.

Nice Guys Don’t Finish First

bad boy pick up girls

Women might think that nice guys are cute but that is not the reason why they would want to sleep with you. At the core of a woman is the craving for a tough guy who will give them the excitement that they are looking for. That is the nature of women and you can’t change that. Women are looking for guys who are protectors, providers, and who would treat them like a queen.

Talk about your Fapchat accounts. If you are projecting a nerdy, loser vibe, you will not be the type of guy women will go for. Bad boys have the “it” factor that women go gaga about. Bad boys are also associated with great sex. Women, like sex as much as men do. If you are the aggressive and confident type who can make her beg for more, you will have any woman you want.

Confidence Before Anything Else

Guys are expected to be the initiators and aggressors all the time when they pick up girls. You have to be the one to make the first move even if the girl shows that she is into you. Take that as your cue to approach her.

Once you zero in on the girl you are attracted to, don’t waver or hesitate. Some guy might beat you to the punch and walk away with your potential date. Romance films might portray shy guys as cute and charming. However, in the real world, they are the last to get a date. So the next time you see a hot babe on the street or coffee shop, don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with her. Just don’t ask for her nude teen selfies right away. All you need is to make a good first impression.

Send Out a Light and Fun Vibe

fun vibe

Girls don’t want boring, no-nonsense guys that might make them fall asleep. Act like the fun and playful dude that girls fall for. This is the strategy to have whether you are looking to pick up girls or looking for a serious partner.

Even serious girls just want to relax, have fun, and be playful. In the first few minutes of trying to meet a woman, make things light. There will be a time in the future for deep and serious stuff.

Strut Your Way to Success

gentleman strut

Would it surprise you to know that women can size up a guy within the first 30 minutes? These cues will come from the way you dress, act, and project yourself.

You don’t have to be a fashion victim and follow the trend even if they don’t suit you. Learn how to project the type of person you are with your look. If you are into sports, wear a tight shirt that will flaunt your sexy washboard abs. Are you a fan of rock music? You can let it be apparent by wearing a grungy outfit.

You can get ideas from men’s fashion magazines. Your mantra should be dress to impress. Try not to ruin your only chance at attracting a girl. Strutting your way to success means having the confidence to flaunt your style.

Conversation Starters to pick up girls

conversation starters

There are props you can use that will attract women. These are the things you can have with you that will make any girl go crazy. Learn to use these to your advantage when you pick up girls. You can easily approach any woman and start a conversation with them.

  • Babies
  • Cool shirts
  • Pets
  • Musical instruments

The Right Time to Speed it Up

Learn how to initiate intimacy. If she touches your arm, hold her by the hip. Look for her cues that she is really into you and don’t hesitate to make her yours. If you see that she is uncomfortable with holding her hand, don’t move too quickly and touch her other body parts. You might come across as freaky. Learn to build-up the trust level. Before you know it, she will be leading you to bed!

Women may be silent about it but they are crazy about having sex as much as you are. There might be hesitancy at first about intimacy but learn to press on. The sexual tension will be present and you might get the chance to go farther with her.

Know the right time to give her a kiss. Act like the bad boy when you pick up girls. Tell her that she is hot. Just be playful when you say sexy things or else you might come across as a freaky pervert.