What is PUA? – How Pick Up Artistry Works

They said don’t hate the player, hate the game. But how can’t we hate the game? It’s the reason men want to be intentional jerks. You can blame PUA for that

But the thing is this type of borderline sorcery actually works. It turns real-life losers into irresistible ladies’ men.

That’s the power of pickup artistry. It looks cringe but weirdly enough, girls fall for it. Good thing we’re here to debunk the dark arts.

What is PUA and how does it work? Here are some techniques you should either look out for or do.

PUAs revere a faux bible

PUA faux bibile

There are plenty of these predators out there. The so-called pickup artists have decoded how the process of attraction, dating, and relationships work. That said, they have mastered the art of manipulation.

Out of all the gurus out there, the most popular is Erik Von Markovic, who goes by the name “Mystery.” His works were popularized when one of his students, Neil Strauss wrote a book on it titled “The Game: Undercover in the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists.”

It became the faux bible of narcissists and sociopaths who like one of the main characters n the book, regards women as materials you win like a trophy.

If you want real love, then you must check out these 10+ Ways To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You. Otherwise, it’s just another verse in the faux bible.

They come out of nowhere

PUA out of nowhere

Anyone can pick anyone up from anywhere on an individual scale. But these things usually happen through spontaneous talk. Pick up artists force women into these types of spontaneity.

They like a good challenge by doing so and would escalate into “sets,” or groups of people. The idea is to get their attention and manipulate them into giving away a member of your group that a PUA targets.

You can block these people off by taking your group elsewhere way before he pulls off his false time constraint. The fact that he came out of nowhere means he should nowhere be near you.


PUA haptics

Mystery calls this “kino escalation.” It happens when the conversations become deeper and deeper. Pick up artists see this as a sign to escalate things by being a little bit more touchy.

In theory, it’s simply a man taking advantage of a woman getting cozy. Kino escalations usually start with high fives and before you know it some hair brushing and hugs get involved.

This part is usually a compliance test. If you are into the guy and he is your type, it is okay but if he isn’t, show disinterest right away.

These people are so confident with themselves that they will never admit they need you even if their life depended on it. It’s a win for you if they walk away. Just keep in mind that it isn’t your loss.

“The Spin Move”

It’s weird but apparently it works. If a guy takes your hand and twirls you around like tango in the club, chances are you are being jumped on for the picking.

This one is also part of kino escalation 101 where only the trained or seasoned ones can pull it off. Regardless, it’s designed to either hook up with you on the same night or next week.

The smart girls immediately see this as a red flag already but still works like a charm. Unlucky you if you get victimized by the PUA spin move.

Pathological lies

pick-up artists

One skill a pick-up artist has mastered is that they pretend to be who you want or need them to be. They do all the big talk as if they are the only person who can solve your problems when in reality, they have nothing to show.

These pathological lies are done to hide their insecurities because they aren’t confident enough for you to see the real them. You so get caught up in their convoluted lies that you don’t realize that they are playing with your confidence.

That’s why you have to be careful because anything you say or do can be used against you. You tell them you’re this, they pretend to be that.

Pick up artists are jacks of all trades but that’s the point. They may know everything but can’t really do a single thing right.

They are very disrespectful

“Negging” is when they bring a girl’s self-esteem down and make them doubt themselves. It’s an insult directed to beautiful women just so the pick-up artists can feel good about themselves. It’s not all a pick-up artists’ fault though because some women indeed like to be disrespected. Nice guys who shower them with words of endearment and praise are branded too creepy. It’s the society that holds a double standard.

Pick up artists disrespect women, period. If you suddenly doubt yourself with those negs, then it’s best to walk out. Women should see their worth and should realize they deserve to be on the pedestal and avoid this PUA tactic.

Push and pull

Pick up artists call it a “game.” For a reason. They make you feel so special and appreciated only to intentionally drop the ball on you before you brand them clingy and needy.

Again, this is another case of society’s double standard. Pick up artists get this that’s why they give you special treatment only to flirt with other people to make you jealous. That’s the concept of push and pull.

It eliminates the need for a woman to brand them needy since push and pull paints an image that all women are meant to be thrown away.

A decent man who respects a woman knows that she simply can’t be replaced.

False time constraints

false time constraint

This is probably something that society has been doing for centuries but applies in the world of PUA as well.

False time constraints are when you have all the time in the world but pretend you have to be elsewhere. It gives you a guilt-free way of ending a good talk and get the other person to crave connection.

So if you are in the club and you find yourself talking to a guy that says “I’ll catch you later,’ it only means they are too weak to connect with you that they play it cool and try their game on someone else.

In real life, this is productive but when it comes to the game? It’s a sign of hidden weaknesses.