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The 2020 Dating Guide: Best Dating Sites for Lesbians That You Should Know About

As the world slowly becomes more accepting of homosexuality, the growth of dating apps solely for that purpose is dramatically changing as well. There are many dating sites and apps that promise romance or love for everyone. However, even if they are open to lesbians, the environment isn’t exactly fit for them. If you want to try dating in a successful and safe space, you should take a look at this list of best dating sites for lesbians. Mainstream dating apps aren’t built to meet lesbians’ needs, so it’s better to do your research before shelling out some cash.

You Should Know About These 5 Best Dating Sites for Lesbians

Here are the best dating sites for lesbians in 2020:


HER website

Source: We are HER

Find your person just like the millions of women who tried and are using HER. This site is the home of lesbian, bisexual, and queer people who you can connect with if you are looking for a potential partner. They have in-app communities and Her-hosted events aimed at empowering women! If that’s not your cup of tea, then we don’t know what is.

There are over four million users in HER and it could definitely widen your dating pool. Just last year, HER revamped the profiles so its members can get more creative. With the update, they are given a chance to provide a more comprehensive understanding of identity. For that, you’ll need to input basic details such as gender, sexuality, pronouns, and other interests such as diet preferences (like veganism). You can also easily flaunt your sense of humor or describe the type of relationship you are looking for in the traditional text bio.

If you want to make your dating pool smaller, you can also join some niche groups as it revolves around different interests such as traveling, or even the “newly outs.” Head over to the community feed to participate in a virtual hangout. You will get a heads up about the new lesbian films, relevant news, and other fun information you probably won’t get anywhere else. In fact, you just might get an invitation to an LGBTQ+ event near you!

The Good

Some apps like Tinder and Bumble might be tremendously popular. However, even if the dating apps welcome all orientations, you’ll still end up with different profiles when you’ve specified the opposite. HER is as good as it gets because it feels like “home.”

The Bad

Some users report that the same profiles appear in their feed. Also, even with the number of users, a lot of the individuals are still single.


Feeld best dating sites for lesbians 2020

Source: Feeld

There is no shame in finding a site that can help you find the right individuals for a threesome. Not all who try online dating are after serious relationships after all. Feeld is not just one of the best dating sites for lesbians. It is also best known as an inclusive hookup app for singles and couples.

The site is the brainchild of a fun couple who knows non-hetero non-monogamy through personal experience. Thus, they came up with an idea to start a dating site that would let couples and singles alike to get right to the 69. According to the website, Feeld is a sex-positive space that lets you explore dating beyond the norm. Some of the users are just curious about ethical non-monogamy. On the other hand, there are those who really want to find partners-in-kink. Whatever it is you are after, Feeld will connect you with like-minded humans!

They believe that nothing is more unpredictable than human desire. Here is where you can be honest with yourself and let loose while being responsible towards others. Of course, you can also be specific about your boundaries so other matches will immediately know what to expect from you.

As for the users, they are generally chill and open-minded about sex without really “frothing at the mouth.”

The Good

Feeld allows you to choose from 20+ sexual and gender identities. In addition, you may list your desires, pair profiles with a partner, and create group chats. This is a safe and comforting space where you can fully express or explore your sexuality and carnal desires.

The Bad

Some users report glitches when using the Feeld app. In addition, you need to filter out the matches because there are many cases of catfishing. You need to be a smart online dater if you want to avoid wasting your time.


Scissr best dating sites for lesbians 2020

Source: Scissr

We now proceed to the Top 3 in our list of best dating sites for lesbians. Scissr is a dating app where LGBTQ+ women can connect, share, and chat about their local cultural interests. Many users of this platform are also very vocal about their relationship needs, may it be hot romance, a simple date, an engaging conversation, or networking. No matter what your goal is, you will find the answer by trying Scissr. This site (and app) is designed for lesbians so they can form connections with equally amazing women. It is perfect for everyone including gays, lesbians, bisexuals, bi-curious, and dykes.

Looking at the statistics, the majority of the users are looking for long term commitment and marriage. With this, expect the site to ask for many details. The lengthy process has a good payoff though. It will give you a greater rate of success as it matches you with its most compatible members.

The Good

You can join Scissr for free, and the best thing about it is that it is easy to use. It also provides LGBTQ+ women with a fun environment without dudes or fake accounts. There are a variety of different filters you can use to tailor your matches. Not to mention, it is a good venue to chat, connect, and share your collective passion with like-minded individuals. Simply put, this is where lesbians can find true satisfaction. If you find yourself enjoying Scissr, you might as well invite your friends to grow the community!

The Bad

Since Scissr is “basically” free for lesbians, you might want to have restricted access or limited options to the messaging feature. Some ads might also be too distracting for you and might prompt you to upgrade to the paid version of the site.


Lex website

Source: Lex

One of the best dating sites for lesbians just so happens to be something new and fresh! Lex, short for Lexicon, is a cool social app for queer, gender non-conforming, trans, two-spirit, and non-binary people. It connects queer lovers and friends and enforces a zero-tolerance policy towards creeps. They clean up their site nicely, ridding them of those who are into transphobia, racism, fatphobia, or ableism. In fact, maintaining a healthy and loving community is their top priority, and it is evident when you finally try it.

As for the herstory of Lex, it is actually known before as PERSONALS, and was inspired by the personal ads in On Our Backs. On Our Backs was a women-run erotica magazine of the ’80s and ’90s, and it contained lesbians’ desires and romantic requirements.

They have a cool way of introducing users as friends of lovers because it pays tribute to the ’80s and ’90s lesbian erotica magazines. You would need to post personal ads about what it is you are looking for, relationship-wise. The ads, referred to as “personals,” serve as your pitch that would display your wit and charm. You can go all out and be pretty horny, but you are not allowed to include photos, even selfies. However, you may link your Instagram account so your matches can instantly connect with you.

The process here is similar to Craigslist because it is as if you need to choose the ad that best appeals to you. You only need to select the best “text ad.” There are no selfies here!

The Good

You are relieved of the pressure to pose the most beautiful selfie because the site is centered around text-based ads. The ads are also intriguing, hot, and mysterious to say the least.

The Bad

Lex needs more users because it is relatively young. Also, the dev team needs to work on getting rid of the scammers that use the site to contact people.


Pure best dating sites for lesbians

Source: Pure

There is something so hot about lesbians who are open about expressing their sexuality online. Pure is a safe space where they can do just that, minus the occasional arrogance and demeaning attitude of select males. In fact, this one is a shameless hookup dating site that is completely sex-positive. You only need to expect pure experiences and a dirty mind.

There are over 12,000 ads posted everyday – meaning – there are lots of individuals who are down to arrange a hookup. If you want to be one of them, you can quickly head to their website or download the app. Once you get a match, you can immediately “get down” to business. Since arranging a hookup has a time constraint, you need to be quick and aggressive.

Maybe it’s because the site is named “Pure,” or maybe it’s just pure coincidence, but everything that happens in Pure stays in Pure. Photos from the chat cannot be saved, and you cannot take a screenshot because you will get a warning when you do so. Just chat with a person you fancy, arrange a hookup, see where that takes you, and your conversation will “self-destruct” or will be deleted. It’s as simple as that.

It also doesn’t hurt that the app is hella millenial, and is filled with pretty cool art. If you want to sign up, they ask will simply ask for your details including your phone number, to make sure you are a real person. It will also request permission to access your geolocation. This is particularly helpful if you are in need of a quick and urgent booty call. No strings attached.

The Good

It’s all about the hookups and booty calls with Pure. This is where you start a fire and desires match. Isn’t that what we all want when looking for the best dating sites for lesbians? Not to mention, even if this is a sex-based site, there are no obnoxious naked or porn ads everywhere. Your private life also stays private given that the conversations self-destruct after a particular time. There is no shame in being confident about one’s sexuality, but just in case you don’t want a recollection of using a dating site or app, it would be particularly helpful.

The Bad

You might run into bots or people who are simply after money. Catfishing is also prevalent. Just be careful when chatting and don’t forget to weed out these individuals! Still, this is less spammy compared to traditional hookup sites. Another weakness of Pure lies in its limited availability to other countries and locations. The site relies solely on GPS, so if no one within your vicinity is actively using the app, you wouldn’t be able to get in touch with anybody. If you are out looking for a steamy night, you wouldn’t want that!

Nearly all dating apps are open to lesbians, but are they really? If you want a more fitting atmosphere, then you need to try any of these best dating sites for lesbians right away. It’s your choice if you want a serious relationship, or if you only need a booty call!

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