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Here’s How You Can End a Virtual Date Without Being an Asshole

These days, everyone is going online to meet their date. While it is generally an advantage because you get to spend your time and money wisely before committing to a serious relationship, you still need to be civil with everyone. But what if you are already getting a feeling that he or she isn’t worth your time? How exactly do you end a virtual date? Here are some ideas to help you get off their backs without being an asshole.

Ways to End a Virtual Date Without Being an Asshole

Troubled Laptop User  end a virtual date

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1. Say that your family or friend needs to use the computer

This is a good way to say that you have more important things to do. Before telling them that your family or friend would be using your computer, you can also prepare a mindful message. For example, you can say something like “It was great talking to you. Unfortunately, my mother needs to use my laptop now. Maybe we can talk again in the future.”

The message is pretty straightforward, plus, you’re not committing to him or her! Just remember, you don’t need to think too much about your excuse. You don’t even need to go into detail. Just thank him or her, say you need to go, and log out of the virtual date.

2. Suggest getting on another virtual date sometime in the future

You’re already on the virtual date and you realize you are bored as hell. What do you do?

a. Yawn loudly every 20 seconds
b. Get something tasty and delicious
c. Leave the date and scream at your partner for being boring
d. Politely suggest getting on another virtual date

Well, the answer to this hypothetical question is d: Politely suggest getting on another virtual date. These days, you dont really need to suffer from a boring or tasteless date. You can always take ownership of your wellbeing and see if what you are doing benefits you in some way.

3. Be honest about it

This one is tough, but some actual women really get frank when they want to end a virtual date. Tell the person your innermost feelings and perspectives. It’s not being rude. For some men, they would appreciate you more because you are not being plastic. Heck, it won’t even come across as being an asshole.

You can say that you believe things are not working out the way you expected them to be, and you’d rather not waste both of your times.

On the other hand, you can also be honest about a turnoff you caught on early (yes, you can pick up some turnoffs from a virtual date!). Maybe that’s the main reason why you want to end your meeting.

4. Come up with a believable excuse about needing to meet them in real life

There are times when you really can’t be honest about your thoughts and feelings. If that is the case, maybe you can utter a believable excuse of ending the virtual date because you’d rather meet up in person. Take note that this one may bring about complications since basically, you are suggesting that you should hang out again. But it works.

You just need to be firm in your delivery and decide whether you’d be ghosting them or not.

5. Have a friend call you regarding an emergency

Okay. One thing is for sure: this trick never gets old. If you are on a virtual date and your camera happens to be turned on, then maybe you can ask your friend to call and rescue you from the nightmare. You won’t need to get into the details if you say it’s an emergency. Plus, there won’t be a need to put your phone on speaker, so you are free to steer the course of the conversation the way you see fit.

Your date will be disappointed, but at least you weren’t an obvious asshole about it.

Bad Virtual Dates

It’s easier to connect with someone because of the advancement of technology. But just because it’s now more convenient doesn’t mean you need to put up with bad dates. You need to prioritize quality over quantity. In the end, that’s what matters because a romantic relationship hangs in the balance. If you think the quality is not there, don’t be afraid to end a virtual date.

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