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5 Best Online Dating Icebreakers for Your Next Swipe

The realm of online dating contains many benefits. One of the most prevalent, of course, is the opportunity to construct each message carefully before sending it to another user. That’s why we need icebreakers.

Unlike face-to-face conversations, which thrive on spontaneity and continuity (also known as the art of avoiding the dreaded awkward silence), online messaging requires patience, though, and the ability to be creative when it comes to formulating written sentences. While not exactly easier than “real life” conversations, a different skill set is needed to be successful in online dating.

Online Dating Icebreakers are an excellent way to connect

There are, however, a few striking similarities. Wit and humor are always well received and appreciated. Politeness is certainly a favorable characteristic as well. But the most obvious is the overall quality of your opening line. Whether trying to start a conversation in a bar or on an online dating app, solid icebreakers are fundamental. While typing the first thing that comes to mind might work occasionally, it is sound advice to take your time and give thought to that all-important first message.

Every romance begins with a good conversation. If you are worried about what to say, don’t be. Here are 5 icebreakers to help you break the silence and initiate a healthy back-and-forth chat that can lead to so much more.

Make a Connection

Online Dating connection

One sure-fire way to grab a user’s attention is to find a topic you can both relate to on a personal level. To do this, search through his or her profile and find something you both have in common. It could be tasted in music, favorite movies, religious or political beliefs, the fact that you both have divorced parents. Literally, anything. Sharing similar experiences creates an instant connection, which works as a powerful conversation starter.

Give a Compliment

complimenting a woman

Compliments can be very effective but are also quite tricky. A compliment that is not unique and sincere can make you seem desperate, and therefore produce a negative effect. Most females receive messages telling them they are beautiful several times a day, so it is a good idea to try a different approach. Search for a quality that sets them apart, something you truly appreciate that others might not notice. The right compliment can do wonders for a conversation.

Ask a Question

This time-tested method works in almost any situation. Asking for help or advice is an excellent first step toward building a relationship. It shows trust, honesty, and an openness to listen to another person’s point of view. “What Japanese restaurant do you recommend?” or “What European travel destinations are worth visiting?” are two examples of random questions that could help jumpstart your chat.

Make a Funny Observation

Online Dating Icebreakers funny

Humor is always seen as an attractive feature in a mate. A good sense of a humor is great for starting a conversation as well as to keep one flowing naturally. Everyone loves to laugh, especially women. Opening with silly jokes are good icebreakers and will make you seem light-hearted and original.  Remember, though, until you get to know that person more intimately, keep your jokes clean and polite!

Introduce Yourself

Online Dating Icebreakers introduce yourself

Presenting yourself in a humble yet favorable fashion demonstrates class and good manners. It shows you know what you have to offer as a potential mate. Say something interesting about yourself, share a humorous anecdote or life experience. Remember to be brief but memorable. It is a straightforward icebreaker and, in the complicated and ambiguous world of online dating, many users find directness to be a very appealing personality trait.