The Dating Site Guide 2020: Updated eHarmony Dating Site Review

We already covered the best dating sites of 2020. Now, it’s time to give an eHarmony Dating Site Review to help users narrow down their chances at love. The site was founded by a clinical psychologist named Dr. Neil Clark Warren whose mission was to help people form meaningful relationships. Today, the reports say that there are over 15 million matches a day, and more than a million couples got married because of it.

If you want to explore the possibility of finding your true love online, you better keep reading.

eHarmony Dating Site Review: What Makes the Site Such a Good Platform?

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eHarmony uses a compatibility matching system that allows them to select individuals and partner them with their “matches.” According to the site, they are committed to understanding what makes long-term and healthy relationships successful. They are not just about plain old hookups. The site also continuously conducts scientific research so they can put out a relevant and updated matching model for its users. If we were you, we’d at least take the liberty of trying eHarmony to see if it’s worthy of our time.

While online dating using eHarmony can be pretty scary (this isn’t a sure way to get a spouse), you will still get the real deal. It is pretty much the only site that offers stats on marriages they are responsible for.

Member Background

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The membership pool already reached around over 66 million members covering over 200 countries. If that’s not impressive enough for you, this site is also home to a diverse set of matches. The population is almost equally divided between men and female users since male members are only 6% higher than that of women. Most of the members part of eHarmony want long-lasting relationships and are aged 25 to 34 years old.

Looking at the statistics, the majority of the members are also in the age of settling down. This is why many are down to forming a serious relationship with their potential partners. You have nothing to lose if you want to try dating here with the goal of finding “The One.”

Building Your Profile in eHarmony

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It is best to get a premium upgrade to use eHarmony effectively, but if you are just into casual encounters, then that may not be too necessary. Compared to other online dating sites, eHarmony is also pretty meticulous about the profile section. Truth be told, you need to do some thinking and it might take much of your time (if not the whole day).

You need to provide your basic details before proceeding to the mushier stuff that can be pretty fun to answer. Some of the questions include icebreakers such as “If you woke up with a fever on the morning of an important meeting, what would you do?” While this does not necessarily give away anything too important or detailed, it’s a quirky way to start a conversation. There are also other questions aimed at determining one’s political preferences, work ethic, life values, and communication style among many others.

You can also share your favorite shows, music, sports, and other details in your profile. When you look at the site, you’d be delighted because it looks pretty clean and modern for a dating site. The features don’t overwhelm you with too many distractions because its minimalist style is easy on the eyes. In fact, there are no unnecessary notifications about things you didn’t even know existed in the first place.

Side Note: eHarmony leans on a conservative tone, so don’t be surprised if you get questions about church and God. Some members who classified themselves as “not religious” still get profile questions about this issue, and can be a bit off-putting.

How to Find the Best Match

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Like all great things in life, you need to invest some time and effort before finding the right one. If you try to get it done in an instant, you might only get heartbreaks in the foreseeable future. Don’t be upset during your “weeding out the non-compatible matches” in the first few weeks or months. As they say, slow and steady wins the race. It also helps to have a positive belief that you’ll get the partner you want in the end. If you need a reason to stay, just remember that eHarmony already helped more than a million couples get married.

You will see a color-coded graphic showing common needs and wants for every person you come across. This will help you decide whether they are worthy of your time or not. The answers are based on both your answers to the questionnaire, so if you haven’t been completely honest the first time around, this part may not be so accurate. Some of the categories in the questionnaire include questions about your driving force in life, how you organize, as well as if you are focused on building a family or on your career.

There is also no search feature in eHarmony so you won’t be able to search for different individuals. You don’t need to worry, though. A fresh batch of matches await you each day, and you can easily weed out anyone you are not interested in.

You Don’t Need to Match With Someone to Talk to Them

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If you are used to other dating sites, then you probably know that you first need to be matched before you can share a conversation. This is not the case for eHarmony. In fact, you will see names and faces find their way in your inbox. If you think this is a cause for alarm (how can you stop the random “heys” from a bunch of strangers?) then you don’t need to worry. eHarmony always monitors each user’s site activity so nasty messages are minimal.

All you have to do is prepare for a killer opening and a fun icebreaker question that will let your personality shine. If you are not all that smooth, then you can always send a nice and genuine message or even a plain smile. This environment is low pressure and is nothing like Tinder at all.

What if you don’t find someone who is “good enough for you?” Just wait for the updated match results. Today might be a bad day, but you can always count on tomorrow. Who knows?

You Can Ask Automated Questions Upon Initial Contact

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Members with free access can send winks to their matches and use site-generated questions. However, it is only limited to five, and your match can opt to answer them or not. The difference between standard and premium users is that the former can only send winks and add people to their favorites list. They cannot really send personal messages or reply to any of the messages they receive.

This is a big factor that will motivate you to upgrade to premium, right? After all, who doesn’t want to screen their potential “The One.” If you can’t use the site’s complete contacting features, then your plan is doomed to fail. It sucks, but that’s how they make money.

Upgrading to premium also lets you meet people outside your compatibility area.

Try eHarmony for Three Months and See Where It Will Lead You

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You can make a profile and see your matches by opening a free account. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to talk to any of them. This may sound lame, but you may think of it as a dry run so you have an idea about the potential matches you can connect with in eHarmony.

If you finally decide to upgrade to a premium account, then you need to expect that the prices fluctuate on a frequent basis because it depends on how long you’re subscribing for. eHarmony is one of the priciest dating sites out there, so before you shell out money, make sure you’ll give it your 100%.

The tentative price breakdown is as follows:

$7.95-$19.95/month for 12 months
$29.95-$13.95/month for 6 months
$32.95-$39.95/month for 3 months

A strong and real connection doesn’t magically appear out of nowhere. You’ll need to invest a substantial amount of time to filter out all the people you are not compatible with. Given this, you also need to prepare your payment for the months you’ll be working on finding your “soulmate.”

The site also has a guarantee that says if you are not satisfied in three months, then they will give you three months for free. It is a pretty strong incentive since they are basically saying that your time will be worth it, and if it’s not, you won’t have to spend a single cent.

eHarmony Dating Site Review at a Glance

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  • The site has over 66 million members covering over 200 countries. Most of the members are also after long-lasting relationships and are aged 25 to 34 years old.
  • Most users have an educated and quite a stable lifestyle. Unlike other dating sites, there are fewer “creeps” here since almost everyone just wants to find the perfect serious commitment. This is not the place to find friends with benefits situations or non-committal flings.
  • You will enjoy a new set of matches everyday
  • The matching method used in eHarmony is precise and specific and the match you are presented with is based on your own preferences.
  • The design of this dating site is pretty simple and minimalist so you won’t have a hard time navigating the features.
  • You can use eHarmony using a free account, but you won’t be able to enjoy a lot of features. If you want better access to users, then you need to upgrade to premium.

Lucky for us, technology has now made it possible to meet people that could be our soulmate. By online dating, we can find a significant other who wants the same things as us or someone who will encourage us to embrace bigger possibilities. If you are tired of being on the market and just want a serious relationship, then you better head on to eHarmony.

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