Online Dating

Best Site to Find Love

Most people really struggle to find love…are you one of them?

But if you are, don’t fret—you are not alone.

And in this day and age of the World Wide Web and digital technology, finding love online is not an issue, and online dating is, in fact, a common thing.

However, if you want to try these dating sites or apps, make sure that you’re looking at those reputable ones that will not scam you or harm your identity. It’s important to be wary of these sites or apps that are only keen on taking your money and not give you the best dating experience that you deserve.

Date Advisor for Newbies

If you’re new to the online dating scene, I would suggest a dating comparison site such as Date Advisor to help you navigate your way easily. This site makes it effortless for people to look for better dates since the hard work is already done for you.

What they do is that they gather most of the reputable dating sites and apps and classify them into 3 major categories.

These 3 main categories are:

1)    Serious Relationship

2)    Hookup and Flirt

3)    Online Sex

Online Dating Made Easy

All you have to do is simply choose which category you fall into or what kind of date you’re looking for. And mind you, Date Advisor already screened these sites for you, so you rest assured that you are safe in using these websites.

Now, it’s no longer difficult to focus on which category you want to look at because you can disregard other sites that do not share your own goals when it comes to romance.

For example, if you are looking for a serious relationship, then for sure you don’t need to click on the categories under the Hookup & Flirt and Online Sex categories. And the same goes for people looking for sex partners only who don’t want to be in a serious relationship yet.

Date Advisor simplifies the process because:

  1. a) they want to make sure you avoid poor dating experiences
  2. b) they want you to make the right choice for your ideal date
  3. c) they want you to save time by avoiding unrelated sites

With a straightforward tagline of, “Get Better Dates”, the site is concerned about your dating welfare and wants to make sure that you get the best results—giving you the most appropriate matches according to your preferences and geolocalization.

Tags for Faster and Easy Search Functions

Aside from that, Date Advisor even offers better functionality with their “Tags” tool.

These tags enable members to find matches quicker and they can target people easily with tags such as:

Depending on specific dating preferences you got

How Serious You Are as a Dater:

  • Casual Dating
  • Serious Dating

If you want to try the unconventional forms of dating here are the tags for that:

  • Swingers (partner swapping)
  • Threesome
  • BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism). If you’re fond of the kinky stuff, not afraid of some pain and spanking, bondage and a role-play of Fifty Shades of Grey series turns you on, then this tag is for you.

If you want to have some fun and keep it light, then these tags are for you:

  • Hookup
  • Flirt
  • Cybersex

But if you’re just more on the spectator side of things, you just want to read sexy stories that titillate your senses, or you want to read more advice and read if from people and their first-hand experience, then Date Advisor has specific tags for that:

  • Erotic stories
  • Dating forums

If you want to look for dates based on their nationalities, of course, Date Advisor also caters to that. Enjoy chatting with various people from different countries

  • Asian Dating
  • Latina Dating
  • Russian Dating


Different strokes for different folks. If you prefer to date older women and hot mommas, then Date Advisor has a specific tag for that

  • Milf Dating. Milf is an acronym for “Mothers I’d Like to Fuck”. Some men have a certain preference for older women and usually, these ladies ooze with undeniable sex appeal and confidence that some younger girls lack.

And if you’re an open-minded person and wants to date someone of your same sex, then for sure, this site has also a suitable tag for that:

  • Gay Dating

See, you got a cornucopia of options under just one roof and that’s Date Advisor for you. Online dating an easy way and organized just for you in order to enjoy the best dating experience.