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Online Dating Golden Rules; Top 6 Tips No One will Tell You

With the recent technological advancement, the rules of dating have changed to the extent that they became Online Dating Golden Rules.

Forget about the traditional rules of playing it hard to get attention, always expecting the man to pay, or not having sex on the first date.

Online dating golden rules

The rules of dating today have become more user-friendly and convenient. With the concept of online dating rising too high, it is important to be aware of its inside & out properly.

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If you wish to have the best times of your life, then here are some top online dating golden rules of online dating that might help you out:

Do Not Put Up Modesty

online dating modesty

Being modest on an online dating platform can be a big turn off for your image. Claiming the fact that “I am not good at this thing” will not be doing any additional favors to your profile. If you wish to sound appealingly self-effacing, then put down all the good things about you in your online profile. From the nicest to the sexiest –the online dating concept needs it all out of you to shine out from the rest.

No “Catchy” Photo? No Chance

online dating catchy photo

Never think about creating a profile on an online dating app or website without posting an attractive photo. If you do take that path, then you are spreading the message like “I am ugly and I didn’t wish to scare you”, or “I am married”. Obviously, this is not something that you wish to convey to the other side on a dating platform. Prep up for a fun photo session and put up your best profile picture to gain more attention.

Do Not Expect Much from the First Date

First dates are meant to be a blunder. The same applies to everyone. You must be aware of the fact that you are meeting a complete stranger and that too on a virtual platform. There could be chances that you two might not fancy each other, or that only one of you might fancy the other. Therefore, it is better to not fantasize much about your first online date with someone.

Do Not Be a Pressure Cooker

Nothing would scare away your date than pushing too hard to get things as early as possible. Even with online dating golden rules, gradual progress is acceptable. You must make it sure to not rush into things. Take your effective steps gradually and enjoy each & every moment.

Be Credit Card Appealing

Credit Card Appealing online date

Mating is a delicate business. It takes a lot of effort to impress someone. And when it comes to virtual dating, your online presence needs to be at its best.

When you reflect on your financially strong position, the other party would fall over you. And when you have it, you will not need any God-like features –just an unexpired credit card!

Keep in Touch

online dating keep in touch


If you have really fallen for someone through online dating, then make it a point to stay in touch. However, this implies only when the other side is equally interesting as well.

Otherwise, it might reach the point of constant nagging which you must avoid. If you have found a mutual interest, then maintain some point of contact to take your relationship to the next level.

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