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Wish to Attract More Girls Through Sexy Selfies? Try These Steps

When you are dating online, selfies are the most crucial determinant to your list of online dates. When you have a perfect, hot selfie, you will eventually get more attention and sexy dates. As women are famous for taking selfies, most of men shy away from posting their selfies. The term that goes for men-selfies is “melfie” and it is a complex theory to be understood by many men.

If you wish to be a hot star on the online dating platform, then you need to master the art of taking perfect selfies (melfies). lets you date online with some of the hottest chicks out there through seductive selfies. If you are new to this, then here are some expert ways of taking sexy male selfies (melfies) and you will just be fine:

Do Not be Afraid to Smile

male selfies smile

If you have a stern, manly look –it might look fine only on certain occasions, not all the time. When you are taking a selfie especially, it is expected to smile a bit and show your impressive jawline. Once you are able to throw a smile in there every once & awhile, you can grab plentiful attention from hotter chicks. Girls like seeing guys who are happy & content on their own. This reflects your happy-to-go personality which is really impressive for most of the women.

Do Not Post Selfies Too Often

Okay, we get it! You have a handsome face and you like to attract more women out of it! But give your selfie-taking session a break. Everyone around knows how you look like. Therefore, there is no need of posting selfies too often. This gives the impression of you being supremely self-obsessed -a big turn-down in front of smart women. By posting fewer selfies on the given online dating platform, you are able to attract more needed attention than before.

Post Reasonable Selfies

Nobody likes to know how you look like while bathing, sleeping, or while any other intimate moment of your life unless you are a big-time celebrity. Therefore, it is vital to post a limited number of selfies –that too on some specific occasions. The rule of posting selfies online on some dating site is to post with a good, catchy caption to catch the attention of sexy girls at one go.

Be Careful About Your Pose

male selfies pose

While posting selfies online, it is NOT just about posting anything with your face in it. You need to consider a lot of factors while doing the same if you wish to impress some hot chick. Be careful about the background, your pose, lighting, and other important factors. Post your melfies seldom, but make it a point to upload a good one. This gives the impression of you being smart enough to put up a great pose to attract women of your choice.

Do NOT Make Weird Faces

male selfies weird face

That pouty smile looks cute & great only on women with lipstick-smudged lips –NOT on men! You must ensure that you are not appearing weird or absurd while posing for melfies. Appear grave and smart enough in your pictures to give the look of a real man and not some dumb, school-going boy! Women can tell it when your expressions are forced and artificial. Try to be as natural as possible while posing for your melfie.

Grab the attention of the hottest chick online by posting a great selfie! Try to post amazing selfies and hookup with the sexiest girl out there! Have a great time!