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Why a Woman’s Thigh Gap is so Sexually Attractive for Men

Thigh gaps seem to be so enticing to men.

Well, for one, it provides a tease for us since a woman’s thigh gap should only show when a woman makes it exposed. But that was back in the day. Even females approach this differently nowadays.

It’s also probably because thigh gaps are clean spaces in between the legs that show no hanging balls. Probably some imagine their face in between.

Regardless, here are some reasons why we think a woman’s thigh gap is so sexually attractive for men

It used to be a mystery back in the day

Back in the day, you wouldn’t know if a woman had the thigh gap unless a man and a woman go man behind closed doors.

Women dress conservatively from the renaissance all the way to the 1800s. It wasn’t until the 20th century that clothing slowly started becoming revealing.

But back in the day, women don’t show that area of their body unless they dress down for sex. It’s also probably what got men drooling over the idea of what’s inside big dresses.

Cultural deviances

cultural thigh gap

All cultures around the world used to be extremely conservative. It’s also why women are not allowed to do dirty work.

There isn’t really a chance for a man to see a woman’s thigh gaps out in the open.  You’ll usually have to wait until you get to the bedroom

That didn’t stop the deviant women from teasing a man with it. They form sort of a tease where they show that area of themselves in certain situations, usually when she invites a man behind those closed doors.

In tribal cultures, women have their breasts exposed to no malice. Most tribal women have thick legs due to having to do alternating native work and being sedentary.

A tribal woman with a thigh gap looks significantly different which makes her seem more attractive. Then, of course there are the modernist who use it to their advantage.

Thigh gaps look different on a woman

Men biologically have something in between their thighs. That thing between their thighs looks to go in some opposite space.

Women have noticeable differences in their hips, breasts, butt, and of course the thigh gap. It looks like some neat space where a man thinks he should be playing on.

Mostly, it’s because of what happens in between the gap that makes it so drool-worthy to some men.

That flat line between the legs also indicates more skin to gently rub all the way to what lies where it meets.

The hips to thigh gap ratio

thigh gap hips

Her hips is what carries the thigh gap into being such a sexual tease. Just ask the men who dig such and they’ll be glad to tell you why.

The hips to thighs ratio is what subtly attracts men. The fact that it’s all a clean and neat space to play around makes it so attractive.

The reason we stressed out the hips here is because some men like the legs thick. Thigh gaps don’t look so healthy on very skinny women.

Supermodel and bikini model influence

bikini thigh gap

Speaking of skinny, thigh gaps are very common in supermodels who walk down the ramp. If the epitome of visual beauty have such, it creates some sort of influence.

Men like to say they slept with a model. It seemingly creates envy if a man hooks up with a woman with a stereotypical “perfect” body. Guess what, that body has a thigh gap.

Same goes for bikini models who make thigh gaps look a lot more attractive. This feminine picture gets emphasized in artistic bikini shots. Another tease if you are a guy.

Modern times

We mentioned how skin started slowly revealing inch by inch as we approached the 20th century. Modern society has made thigh gaps more visible than ever.

Back in the day, women should not even show a little bit of skin in the ankle. Nowadays, miniskirts and shorts shorter than their own pockets are dominating female wardrobes. Even yoga pants are deemed sexy nowadays.

Revealing clothing suddenly becomes normal these days. It shows an active woman who wants to feel as fresh as possible. That’s how thigh gaps became more exposed.

Seeing a lot of women walking around in short shorts and yoga pans makes that detailed open space between the legs so visually distracting. That includes bikinis.

Thigh gaps are not the only thing a woman needs. But modern times sure allowed it to be an added tease.

Thigh gaps suddenly became an image of health

One of the reasons the thigh gap even became a thing is because it shows an image of health. Commonly, women with thigh gaps are the slim to skinny ones.

If a woman has a thigh gap, it is assumed that she works out often or she probably is involved in activity that alters her anatomy to such extent.

It can also be a cause for concern because some starve themselves in the hopes of having such. It’s kind of controversial since it suddenly defeats the purpose of the image.

Regardless, fitness models and influencers emphasize their gap, whilst promote the fight against anorexia. A woman fighting for a cause shows altruism which turns on a man even more.

Media makes thigh gaps more attractive than it actually is

Everywhere be it on social media, print media, TV, and films, thigh gaps are being made bigger than it actually is. This fad has preconditioned the minds of some men to adore such image.

We must not forget that the thigh gap is only one of the many things we should look at. Facial features stand out more. That tiny space in between the two legs are just borderline sexual.

Regardless, women explicitly show their gap for a reason. They intentionally use it to attract men just like another trick in their playbook.

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