What’s the Point of “No Nut November”?

“No Nut November” sounds like something sexual even for those who have just heard it for the first time.

The bizarre social media trend starts from November first until the next 30 days when the month ends. You’re going to see it trend worldwide alongside #NoShaveNovember .

Just wait for November 1st and you’ll be met with posts like these on Facebook, Twitter, and even Reddit. You can even compare it to the “New Year, New Me” resolution that is so hard to live up to.

As we celebrate the upcoming third anniversary of the trend, Let’s talk about No Nut November and how challenging it can be.

What is No Nut November?

Urban Dictionary has defined No Nut November as month-long abstinence for anything that means touching your nuts for sexual purposes.

You can’t masturbate, nor have sex in any way, shape, or form. You can have boners and watch porn but cannot beat your junk even if the urge us insatiable.

This bizarre trend is also strict with wet dreams. You can only have one or else you are out of the challenge. It can be quite unfair since this one is more of a force of nature.

Basically, it’s like giving yourself blue balls for an entire month.

Who started No Nut November?

It is unclear where NNN originated. However, an internet meme database traced back “No Nut November” to an Urban Dictionary entry.

A user by the name of “bicboi6969696969” posted the challenge on November 3, 2011. The person behind the alias posted it as a challenge for individuals to abstain from masturbation for the whole month of November.”

This user is also a member of the NoFap sub-Reddit which was created months before the challenge was issued.

Shortly after, NNN got posted in Urban Dictionary. The entry appeared also encouraged men to give up masturbation and practice “semen retention” instead.

Surprisingly, the said challenge didn’t pick off steam until six years later after the tradition was first made. What used to be a forgotten entry became a worldwide month-long resolution for men.

Does NNN work?

Even without NNN, those who masturbate claim to have experienced a plethora of health benefits such as better physical and mental health. Some of the benefits include more energy, improved focus, reduced levels of anxiety and depression, and many more.

The No Nut November movement continues to grow. The coalition of NoFappers are using social media to convince people that their no-nutting agenda indeed works. They also aim to indoctrinate more men who seek these said drastic life changes.

Although sciences have questioned the accuracy of these claims, it only made the NoFap subreddit immensely popular. It has amassed close to a million members since it was created and the number keeps growing.

How come more and more men associate such fad with multiple health benefits?

Does it have any health benefits?

Credible sources have mixed thoughts on the benefits of No Nut November.

Physician and medical education consultant Dr. Christopher Carrubba, MD previously told Men’s Health that there isn’t any research that documents the psychological benefits of semen retention. In fact, he considered any reported benefits as purely anecdotal and psychological because of the placebo effect.

Another one is Kinsey Institute researcher and author Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D. He noted that  on top on the lack of solid evidence that not masturbating has scientific benefits, some studies even showed health benefits to masturbating.

“There isn’t any scientific evidence that giving up masturbation (or ejaculation) will enhance your health—in fact, if anything, research suggests that there are more potential health benefits to be had by indulging in self-pleasure than by abstaining,” Lehmiller said. 

Furthermore, he wrote: “For example, among men, frequent orgasm and ejaculation are linked not just to a lower risk of prostate cancer, but also to a longer life.”

The dangers of No Nut November

First, it’s scary how the No Nut November challenge brands sexual actions like intercourse and masturbation as shameful and disgraceful. All of a sudden, such activities brand you as a loser and weak-minded guy by these NNN elitists.

Although it’s fair enough that you will save a lot of time by skipping the X-rated skimming and the meaningless sex part, it’s still depriving your body of some of the benefits associated with your semen exiting your male organ.

You deprive yourself of bodily pleasure, at the same time suffer some negative psychological effects of such challenge. Plus, it also creates the stigma that if you blow your load in November, you are automatically weak. It can do a lot of mental damage to a man’s ego.

Besides, some studies were made that associated regular ejaculation with a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

How hard is NNN?

No Nut November

In theory, No Nut November is indeed hard. You can compare it to trying to quit smoking. Once you’ve developed the habit for a long time, you can’t simply drop it for even a month.

It’s more of an ego thing where you feel ashamed if you fail such challenge. Once you are unable to control your urge, you’re out of the game.

There’s even one Redditor who admitted that he couldn’t last a day without fapping. He said that he wanted to fap off a bad day and went through 10 porn videos. Unfortunately, not only did he waste time but also ended up feeling worse.

Some members of the No Nut November movement are advising to focus more on the smallest goal. That way, it wouldn’t be hard getting through the month.

Those who wish to do the challenge can focus on getting through an hour before extending to a couple of hours before making it through an entire day. The habit formation continues from there.

Better stick to erotic stories then.

Can you take on the challenge?

Since it’s habit formation we are talking about here, some success stories will inspire you.

There’s this man who boasts about extending the No Nut November challenge on to the next month. He hasn’t jerked off in nearly two months that he attributed it with a ton of personal benefits.

Suddenly, he feels more confident and had a more positive outlook. He also attributed his abstinence from masturbation with increased focus and social skills.

The question is: can you take on the challenge? It’s simply a matter of saying no to yourself according to the guy. He said he learned to make decisions for himself after that.

Now it’s your time to shine as you start your own No Nut November challenge once Halloween ends. Not sure how much the chodes will do though.