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How to Get a Boyfriend – Why Many Gorgeous Women Struggle

How hard is it to find a boyfriend?

Even the most beautiful women struggle with this. The perfect relationship is almost nonexistent. It’s the quest for such that causes the initial hardship.

Why can’t you get a boyfriend despite looking all so stunning? You might be doing one of these mistakes.

Good thing Topsitedate is here to tell you how you can get a boyfriend.

Don’t intentionally ignore the sincere ones

ignoring boyfriend

It’s so easy for a gorgeous woman to trigger sexual attraction. What if you are looking for a relationship?

Physical attraction comes first. You only love a person for what they are inside once you get to know them. That said, you sometimes intentionally ignore a sincere man.

If a man doesn’t drop hints for sex, you easily cast him as a beta who’s such a pushover. That’s not always the case. Sometimes they just respect you beyond sexual desires.

So quit the “he’s too clingy” BS. You won’t have a boyfriend at all if you ignore such gentlemanly chivalry.

You know you are attractive enough but if you don’t let a man who wants to know what’s behind your looks in, you’re not going to be happy regardless of what type of guy you date.

If he is able to control himself despite you being so irresistible, just learn to love him. It’s going to happen if you just open your mind.

You like being disrespected

disrespecting women

Don’t get it wrong. There is no country or planet where disrespecting girls is correct. Sometimes you just want it to happen though.

What does this mean? You call nice guys who put you on the pedestal clingy or creepy. Then, you dig the bad boys and players that hit on you using the rules they learned in a playbook for scumbags.

For sure you are looking for a confident good guy. The keyword there is  “good.” Being such a nice guy doesn’t mean he isn’t confident either. In fact, it’s the bad boys who are too overconfident.

If a guy keeps texting you, that means he’s intentions are clean. He doesn’t see you as a toy they get tired of playing with after just a one night stand.

You need a guy that completely respects you. Want a fictional example? Look at how loyal the alpha Christian Grey is on the Fifty Shades trilogy.

Mr. Grey shows consistency with his intentions in courting Anastasia Steele despite borderline torturing her with sex toys in his playroom. Outside, he puts the woman he cares about on the pedestal.

That’s what you call respecting a woman.

Don’t push him away

Of course you want a confident good guy. But if your intimidation factor is like a former con who shows an iota of committing crime again, that is a problem. It’s probably not the best metaphor but at least you get the point.

Don’t let a guy feel like you’re pushing them away because a good guy with confidence knows his worth. That means if you push him away too much, he’s definitely going to walk.

Think of it as a mirror. A guy treats you the same way you treat him. If you want to be disrespected, then he’s going to throw negs like a pick up artist all night. Respect him and he’s going to put you on the pedestal.

So, if he endears you, then maybe it’s time to let your guard down.

You commit too much to no labels

Teenager couple breaking up. The angry boyfriend leaves his sad girlfriend

Teenager couple breaking up. The angry boyfriend leaves his sad girlfriend

It’s common excuse for a woman to say “I have a boyfriend” when she is not interested in a man. Nothing is set in stone though until you label yourselves “exclusive.”

So unless you and your guy aren’t exclusively dating yet, it’s better that you continue seeing other people and test the open market.

Chances are that the right man who is boyfriend material is the one trying to make moves. You might just be blocking him with the man you think you are going to end up with.

If you two aren’t official, technically you still are in the market.

Too virtual

girl online dating

The downside of these free online dating tips is that it lacks the sincerity of actual face-to-face intimacy. You get caught up in the virtual world too much that the real world isn’t that appealing to you anymore.

Being too virtual with your date can cost you a promising relationship. How many times have you met a man online who you have a lot in common with only for the actual physical dates to be a dud?

The magic of online dating simply stays online. Keep the chats and texts to simple updating and planning your next date. Doing everything online robs you of an actual good physical date.

Virtual dates are a total killer. Save it for simple flirty flings. Take the virtual to a physical level once things are looking better.

Women should start making moves too

What’s the use of women empowerment if you don’t act like you deserve it. Traditionally, it’s the men who chase the women but it’s also the very tradition that gave women limited power and voice in the past.

If you want to be treated like a modern-day woman, then you must act like one too. The point of equality is not being one-sided to a certain convenience.

A good man already deals with tons of tediousness associated with his gender. Planning moves to court a woman adds to that. It’s also the catalyst of why the superficial “game” became such a thing.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you throw yourself into a man’s lap. It simply means showing the same sweet gestures a man does for you like leaving a cup of coffee with a sweet note on his desk or being the one that makes him laugh.

Same goes when it comes to the bill. A gentleman will automatically take care of everything whether he can afford it or not. How about giving him a pass on some occasions? Splitting the bill doesn’t mean the guy is a beta male.

A married couple usually splits the bills at home. It’s about time you start practicing it early on.