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How to Seduce a Woman into Going to Bed with You

Finding an attractive woman that would be receptive to your advances is not that easy. It gets more complicated if you would like to score with her. It will be very difficult to entice a woman if a guy feels shy or nervous around her presence. He has to find a way to get to flirt with her and get her sexually attracted to him.

In general, women like men who are strong and confident and dislike signs of weakness, anxiety, insecurity, nervousness in a guy. It follows that the more confidence you show, the easier it becomes to seduce a woman. The surprising news is that the tables may be turned and women will try to seduce you if you have the confidence of an alpha male.

There are lots of alpha male traits that women like guys to have. One way of showing her your alpha male quality is to be a bit of a challenge.  She will be the one to work to get you interested in her and in the end, it will be her privilege to have sex with you.

Do You Show Confidence Around Women?

confidence around women

How confident are you around the women that you want to seduce? If you don’t have the confidence around women and show signs of shyness, nervousness and insecurity, you shouldn’t expect her to be thrilled to have sex with you. In fact, she is not going to feel turned on by you.

You need to start making her sexually attracted to you in order to seduce a woman. This does not mean you have to engage in a fuck chat with her right away.  This is important in order for her to open up and desire to connect with you on an emotional level.  Only then will she want to make it physical with kisses and sex.

Do You Have a Picture of Your Ideal Woman?

ideal woman

You need to have an image of a specific woman that you would like to seduce. It could be a friend, a classmate, a coworker or the girl next door.

Whatever the case is for you, this will help you seduce new women that you meet.  It is not advisable to try to become a woman’s friend so that she might, later on, want to have sex with you.  That only happens on TV series and movies. In real life, the alpha male just enters the picture and attracts a woman sexually by his confidence. This leads to flirting, kissing, asking for real nude selfies and sex.

A guy who tries to be nice by acting like a harmless friend diminishes his chances of seducing a woman. In fact, it often leads to rejection most of the time.

The Way to Seduce a Woman into Love

seducing into love

Most guys have the mistaken notion that a woman can be seduced into a loving relationship by having a connection with her. With this in mind, he tries to be a good friend to her so that she will view him as a sweet, nice, innocent and loyal guy.

A good connection might be a significant part of courting a woman. However, it will end up as merely a friendship is she doesn’t feel any sexual attraction for you.  You could end up in the friend zone if an alpha male comes along and attracts her sexually.

The Way to Seduce a Woman into Seducing You

The guys who become successful with women are those who turn the tables and make the women seduce them instead.  The wonderful part about this is that women really want it to be that way. They would rather be with guys who aren’t desperate to be with them.

You might have noticed that women often say that they want a man who is a challenge.  You might have also observed that they chase after the guys who don’t desperately attempt to impress them. Hey, that isn’t a coincidence.

It is easier this way since trying too hard to seduce a woman as most guys do, makes a woman:

  • Put up her guard
  • Play hard to get
  • Makes her appear to have the one up and have more value in the situation

You should make a woman feel like you are the one with more value and make her chase you.  You might have seen some women behave that way around guys that are just average and normal. It happens frequently to guys who know how to do it.

Most guys have the preconceived notion that success with women is just about money, looks, and muscles. This is not the case when you see ugly guys who are in the company of beautiful women. This only proves that it is not about looks and some guys realize that.