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How Couples in LDR Relationships Can Still Have a Sexy Experience This Pandemic

Long-distance relationships are hard enough as it is. There is the constant hurdle of not having that guaranteed time to see and spend quality time with each other. Plus, you can’t even hug or make love with your partner during lonely nights when you only crave intimacy. While economic and technological advancements help couples’ love lives feel closer together (thank the heavens for whoever invented video chats), you can still do more to make sure your relationship doesn’t feel a strain. It never hurts to adapt to the new normal and try new ways to make sure your love is felt by your partner! Learn about LDR sex life during pandemic by reading this article.

Is LDR sex life during pandemic possible? Definitely!

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Learning how to feel together when you are apart is made more extra challenging with the pandemic. With many places on lockdown, and cities getting more travel restrictions, it’s hard to see and fly to your lover, even when you have the means to do so.

It’s crazy just thinking about lack of physical touch, especially when it’s your love language. It is one of the best ways to express intimacy. In a way, it also relieves you of stress and worries. Couples in long-distance relationships already know how difficult it is to contain their need for sex when they’re apart. There are those who are already used to it, and have come up with ways to pleasure themselves “creatively.” On the other hand, there are also couples who lack the strength to carry on, resulting in nasty breakups. If you are the former and want to learn new ways of LDR sex life during pandemic, keep reading!

Real Stories: LDR sex life during pandemic

Fun with sex toys

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You and your beau may be thousands of miles apart, but you can still have a good time and enjoy intimacy. If you haven’t tried virtual sex with fun sex toys, then you’re missing out! There are a lot of stuff you can use, and sometimes, you can get even more pleased with it. For instance, there are vibrating butt plugs that give stronger vibrations, making your orgasm more “memorable.”

A love egg vibrator is another good sex toy you can use. Some brands come with many vibration modes and app-powered abilities. Go all in and hit on the climax mode to take your pleasure over the top! There are quiet and waterproof features as well if you want something which you can wear when you leave the house for a quick grocery run, or walk in the park.

Sometimes, you don’t really need to be on a virtual date to have fun. There is a panty vibrator perfect for surprising your girlfriend even when she’s far away from you. For laughs, why not surprise her in the middle of the day by turning up the vibrations to a high level? See how she reacts – is she going to be mad, or actually ask you for more?

Lastly, have you ever heard of rabbit-style vibrators? If yes, then you know that it gives insane pleasure by stimulating your clitoris and G-spot with different patterns. There are even arms on the device which are flexible for your pleasure. The next time you go on a video call with your boyfriend, let him see your naughty side by using it while he jacks off. No doubt, you’d both be enjoying a long and hot time.

A sexy striptease to turn the bad day into a good one

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There are days when you feel like the world is against you and all you need is a restful sleep or a hot session with your lover. Striptease is a good way to take your boyfriend’s mind off things when he’s not in the mood. Chances are, you two are in communication the whole day and you already know that he’s having a bad day. If you are game, why not do a striptease for him when you are both at home? It won’t be just “hot” for him. He will also truly appreciate your reason for doing so!

Plus, who knows where the striptease will end up?

Sexting never gets old

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Some couples (especially those who are more reserved) may not be too game for video sex or the use of sex toys. If you are leaning on the conservative side but still want to get hot with your partner, don’t underestimate what sexting can do for you both! It is a great activity to maintain intimacy without really doing the things that will make you uncomfortable. The reason is that it is not too direct, is less awkward, and can build up as you go along the way. Your mind will even let you be more creative with your visualizations. Picture out exactly what you are sexting, and it’ll be hot, hot, hot!

For starters who don’t really know how sexting works, try here’s an example:

“Touch yourself.”
“I already am.”
“Good. Now, bring your finger down to your pussy and rub it good for me. Are you doing it? Put a finger inside and thrust it out again. I’m already jacking off as you do it. Pleasure yourself.”
“It feels good.”
“I know it does. Imagine me going down on you while massaging your breasts. How does that feel?”

You can pretty much imagine how the conversation changes from there. But believe us, this will open up a whole new world of hot possibilities!

You can settle for a few sessions of sexting before you move on to naughtier nights. Take it slow! Plus, you can just re-read the conversations whenever you feel like masturbating or when you miss your partner and you need to release your “need” right away.

Get to the action right away

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When you don’t see each other for quite some time, things naturally get hot and intense right on their own. The anticipation has kept you in the cage for so long, and all you want to do is to break out of it and fulfill your sexual needs. If you want to have sex immediately the next time you’re on a video chat (best to have it planned in advance), then by all means, do it! It is a good way to reduce the nerves and also show just how much you miss and love the person. This is definitely a hot addition to your LDR sex life during pandemic.

If after your “round,” you still want to do it, you can always get yourself off. Your partner can’t fulfill all your needs the way you want them to – that fact stays true whether you are in an LDR relationship or not.

Even if time doesn’t work, auditory stimulation will

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What’s another way to enjoy LDR sex life during pandemic? Well, you can send audio recordings of yourself making naughty noises or even orgasming! This is useful especially when your time zones are so different and you don’t get to video chat that often.

Send recordings of yourself orgasming, and they can use it when they’re masturbating. A famous sex educator and coach named Tatyannah King says that auditory stimulation plays an important role in desire and sexual response. If you listen to your partner’s orgasm, you can actually experience both physical and mental stimulation.

Use vibrators when you are on a call

VIbrator sex toys

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Michell (not her real name) has an app-enabled vibrator, and she says that it helped give her and her partner the hottest sex of their lives. The vibrator’s speed and intensity can easily be controlled from the phone while they sext or FaceTime. When you are on a call with each other, you can see just how she reacts and what gets her off. That’s not only hot. You get a visual of her naughty side, and you’ll only be asking for more.

Send dirty pictures

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One of the good ways to ignite hot LDR sex life during pandemic is to send dirty pictures to your lover. This is recommended if you also don’t have time for phone sex or video sex. Some couples like to exchange dirty pictures or nudes every night to encourage a hot dream with each other in it. Or if you are not comfortable going all bare, why not just send him a sexy yoga selfie?

But of course, make sure to store it somewhere private. You don’t want the photos to be leaked when someone borrows your phone (hopefully not a family member) and accidentally opens the private album. The not-suitable-for-others photos are yours alone! After all, LDR sex life during pandemic is not meant to be shared with your friends.

Some of the apps you can use are the following:

Calc X Private Photo Vault – this is perfect if you want something that appears simple from the outside (it looks like a calculator), but is able to hide a cache of sensitive content within.

Discreet Vault – This is available in iOs. The folder looks just like a travel app. You can choose from different unlock options such as password, PIN, pattern, or fingerprint. The interface looks like a bank vault. You may even add a cover so it looks like an empty folder when someone else launches it.

Have you tried any of these hot ideas? Tell us all about it! If you don’t have a partner to try the LDR sex life during pandemic with, check out Sex Messenger – Find Your Perfect Partner Online. Plus, check out what goes on in the mind of your girl. Read this guide: She Wants to Fuck You, Bro: Sure Signs That Say Fuck Yeah.