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Getting in the Mood: Top 30 Songs to Have Sex To

Just as there are good movies to jerk off to, there are also specific songs that can guarantee you and your partner’s wild performance in the room. Music is proven to affect different parts of the brain – the pleasure system, the bonding system, and the limbic system for processing emotions. Ultimately, it releases a feel-good chemical that can only be amplified during intercourse. Have you heard about these great songs to have sex to? If your answer is no, you shouldn’t waste any more time and just add it to your playlist!

But First, Why Do You Even Need Sexy-Time Music?

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According to a study done by Sonos, a great number of couples (67%) who listen to music together report having more sex than couples who don’t listen to music together. When a couple listens to music aloud, their neutrons start “operating at the same rate.” This causes their brain to release oxytocin, which is more popularly known as the love hormone. You can only expect heightened physical and emotional senses, plus a wild sexy time!

Sex music is actually subjective to an individual’s (or a couple’s) taste. However, certain musical artists are said to have a more positive effect on the art of seduction. In a study made by Deezer, a digital music streaming service, and sex expert Tracey Cox, Marvin Gaye songs are most likely the best songs to have sex to. The findings showed 27% of participants voting the artist. Gaye is followed by Lionel Richie (18%), Luther Vandross (16%), rounding up the Top 3.

We are pretty sure everyone knows that music makes anyone feel good as hell. In fact, it gives such a feel-good experience that one can compare it to orgasms and doing drugs. What are you waiting for? Check out the best songs to have sex to!

Maximize Pleasure in the Bedroom With These 30 Great Songs to Have Sex To

1. Slow Dancing in the Dark – Joji

Need we say more? You only need to listen to music to boost your sex drive. If you are a total romantic, why not surprise your girl with a candle-lit and rose petal-filled room while this song plays in the background? Who knows? You just might earn a lap dance partnered with slow grinding. That’s what we’re talking about!

2. Invite Me In – Wild Ones

Lose your mind and your senses to a track that enthralls with its R&B and Soul nature. The song is intoxicating and the slinking instrumentals are the bomb! How long can you last with this song?

3. Dress – Taylor Swift

Who would’ve thought that the country singer could produce such a sexy and romantic song? Let’s get to the good part of Dress, shall we?

“Say my name and everything just stops. I don’t want you like a best friend. Only bought this dress so you could take it off. Take it off (ha, ha, ha). Carve your name into my bedpost.” Definitely, one of the sweetest and best songs to have sex to!

4. Do I Wanna Know and Woman mashup – Arctic Monkeys and Harry Styles

Ooh, badass energy. This mashup seems like the type that a bad boy would play when he’s making out with a chick in his car. You know, just after he pulled her into the alley – cue the scene having a smoke with a red light background or strobe lights. Some comment that this is also probably the bisexuals’ anthem. Whatever it is, play the song and thank us later. We’re sure you’d want to get pinned to the wall and be demolished by your lover to this track!

5. Lollipop – Lil Wayne

We don’t even need to explain why Lollipop is on the list of best songs to have sex to. Just remember, lick him like a lollipop!

6. Closer – Nine Inch Nails

if you want to go all out and “f*ck your partner like an animal,” then this song is your number 1! And oh, this is perfect for couples who enjoy BDSM or rough sex. If you are wondering where you’ve heard this track, it’s probably from when you got crazy at a club!

7. Like a Virgin – Madonna

Madonna is one of the classics of the music industry. And if we’re talking about sex, you definitely shouldn’t forget about Like a Virgin.

8. Partition – Beyonce

Just by watching the music video, you’d already be turned on. Well, this song is alluding to oral sex in the back of a limousine. If you fancy a role-play, then you can just embrace the synopsis of this very song. Take note: bring to life the sexual fantasy of a bored and rich housewife. Get your man’s attention, dance seductively, and get on with sex!

9. Climax – Usher

This song which is not exactly about sex ended up being one of the best songs to have sex to. Why is that? Let’s just say it’s all thanks to Usher’s sexy falsetto vocals and the song’s tone. While the sexual connotation isn’t exactly what the artist aimed to achieve, it still works. If you are curious, the song is actually about the “finale of an experience of love and life.”

10. Your Body is a Wonderland – John Mayer

Something sweet and romantic for the night? Play this song, please!

11. Earned it – The Weekend

You might remember this song from Fifty Shades of Grey. No doubt, this song is extremely sensual and one of the best songs to have sex to!

12. Drones – Night Drive

Some might argue that this doesn’t belong in this long. But as long as you like something retro, dreamy, or delightful, then listen to Drones! Imagine enjoying sweaty, nails-digging-into-your-back sex right after getting horny all of a sudden. This is it!

13. Please Me – Cardi B and Bruno Mars

Quoting the two artists, “Turn around and just tease me, baby. You got what I want and what I need, baby.” If that’s not enough, the lyrics even say “Better fuck me like we listenin’ to Jodeci” and “Dinner reservations like the pussy, you gon’ eat out.”

14. Freak Me – Silk

Well, this song has been getting people pregnant since the 90s. But we wouldn’t be surprised if it had the same impact now. This is still so sexy!

15. Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored – Ariana Grande

Surprisingly, the catchy and sassy tone of this song is enough to get you in the mood! Spice up your intercourse and seduce your man with this song already.

16. Body Party – Ciara

As if the title doesn’t make it obvious, a couple would want to explore a body party while listening to the song. The track also gives a rather special meaning because it denotes that one’s body is something special, and only a few have access to it. Sex isn’t embarrassing at all. It is an important event; a party if you will.

17. Love to Love You – Donna Summer

We don’t know about you, but just the moans under the track are enough to make you want to bang your partner. This song by American singer Donna Summer was released in 1975, and it remains a sexy song hit to this day. Love to Love you actually became one of the first-ever disco hits in the past.

This is definitely one of the great songs to have sex to. And after that, why not puff a cigarette?

18. Glory Box – Portishead

A lot of people make sweet love to Glory Box. In fact, a lot of kids have been born because of this song. Play it today, and you’ll find that its effects still hold up.

19. Roads – Portishead

This song is a lot of things – melancholic, sad, powerful, and sensual. While we’re not entirely sure how it makes you feel, we can say that this is one of the great songs to have sex to!

Imagine jumping into the arms of your lover, getting lost in her or her caresses, and enjoying hot and steamy sex. That’s what we’re thinking about.

20. Flashing Lights – Kanye West

The Kanye classic can make you feel so sexy. Not to mention, it also has an addicting hip hop beat that you can’t get enough of.

21. God is a Woman – Ariana Grande

We are living in a modern age already. If it weren’t for songs like this that advocate for quality in the bedroom (come on, women can enjoy sex and speak freely about their desires), we’d still be stuck in the past.

Ariana Grande made this masterpiece that represents female sexuality. There are even religious symbols that drive the point that there is “power” in female sexuality. You can discover your own worth, say what you desire, be powerful or spiritual, or just be horny. There is no antiquated mold of what a woman should be!

If you want to take charge in the bedroom and bring out that sensuality and “divinity,” then listen to God is a Woman. It’s not just one of the great songs to have sex to. The meaning is also extremely powerful! Who cares if you’re a virgin or a whore?

22. Nude – Radiohead

Many Radiohead songs belong in a sex playlist. But if you want something quite literal, why not play Nude? After all, you’re going to need to undress when you listen to this.

23. Naughty Girl – Beyonce

Let’s talk about the lyrics of the song. Naughty Girl has lyrics that reference sexual lust and conquest before it leads up to a desire for a one-night stand. If you are feeling sexy, you need not look further. The harem of Beyonce’s warbling for the affections of some sultan of swing is definitely s-e-x-y.

24. FutureSex/LoveSound – Justin Timberlake

One might say that this particular JT track was something ahead of its time. That’s right. But as long as we are talking about facts, this R&B, funk, and rock is one of the perfect songs to have sex to!

You know what you have to do – put your girl out of control!

25. No Diggity – Backstreet ft. Dr. Dre, Queen Pen

Before this song became a hit because of some Accapella movie, No Diggity was hit because of its croon and rap with sexual urgency. If the couples back in the days didn’t consider this one of the best songs to have sex to, then we don’t know what did.

What are you waiting for? Play the music and work it!

26. Hot in Here – Nelly

Imagine a lot of dancing in the bedroom and sexy thighs moving to the beat of Hot in Here. That will make you lose control! Amirite?

27. Do You Mind – The xx

This song just makes you want to slow dance with your partner in the bedroom, before rolling yourselves in the blanket. Relax to the beat and free your mind. Then, have awesome sex afterward!

28. Sexy Chick – David Guetta ft. Akon

The beat of this track is energizing! It’s probably something that you would hear in a club and dance to. The best thing is that it is also one of the best songs to have sex to. Talk about versatility, right?

If you are playing this track, you might as well play the part of a sexy chick.

29. All in My Head (Flex) – Fifth Harmony

Flex your body and get down with your lover!

30. Skin – Rihanna

The last one in our list of best songs to have sex to is Skin. This R&B song from Rihanna is extremely sensual – from the suggestive beat down to its lyrics! It actually contains influences from different genres such as dance-pop, pop, and dubstep. If you listen closely to the music, it is about being in a relationship with someone. The rest is pretty much understandable – you only want to be skin to skin with him or her.

Which among these songs to have sex to is your favorite?

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