What is Edging and Does it Help with Sexual Control?

How long can you last? There’s this saying that you need to do “edging” to get better orgasms.

Like when you are masturbating then just when you are about to finish, a random disgusting thought suddenly crosses your mind and you try to hold it back until you regain the momentum you built.

Another example is avoiding looking at something else when your load is about to blow. How many times did we see this joke in movies where it’s such a big deal for the guy when somebody sees him upon climax.

Anyway, we’re going to educate you in the best of our abilities when it comes to edging.

The myth

They said that edging helps increase the strength of your orgasms. Pretty much like pent up aggression except in the accord of masturbation and sex.

What they usually do is to jerk off or have sex until the edge of the climax before abruptly cutting off stimulation. To simplify it, that means holding your cum in.

The whole reasoning to all this is that if you are successfully able to edge yourself, the next climax will feel even better. We can even go as far as compare it to a bodybuilder who was on a strict cutting diet for competition until he is allowed to binge eat the day before.

What is the real meaning of “edging?”

Edging has a lot of synonyms like surfing, peaking, and teasing but we’ll stick to the original word for this. Let’s just put it this way. It’s basically giving yourself blue balls just as you are about to cum.

Licensed sex therapist and Psychologist Dr. Holly Richmond calls it the ultimate tease as you stop, rest, and repeat once you feel like it’s going to blow. It can also be personal practice and also a therapeutic tool according to her.

Richmond simplifies it by saying that edging is reducing performance anxiety and paying attention to what you are currently doing.

“The focus is not on the orgasm,” Richmond says, “but pleasure in the moment,” she said.

Can you control your orgasm?


MysteryVibe founder and CEO Stephanie Alys says that people orgasm as an effect of how they view pornography and mainstream TV.

The sex toy company boss said that “[People] always refer to sex as penetration. But that definition of sex can be very limiting.”

Fapping causes men to emphasize more on the orgasm rather than everything else. Even in sex some men just look to the finish. Those who can control their orgasms know how to enjoy it more.

The problem is that men call emergency when they don’t have an orgasm. They think it’s the end of the world. Little do some know how to stimulate themselves while enjoying the constant pleasure of sex. That’s why edging has been good practice for them.

If only all will focus less on the orgasm and more on the pleasure in the moment, edging will not have to be as necessary as it is.

How Does Edging Work?

Edging is basically just holding in your orgasms until it becomes the right time to release. Although it serves a few more other different purposes.

You can build up your sexual stamina with edging. It’s a training tool which will help you endure the long nights whether with your hand or with a partner. It will also help you avoid premature ejaculation.

Ultimately, the end goal of this is stronger and better orgasms. You just need to develop the discipline in between.

Common edging practices

edging couple

One common practice, according to Richmond is to do it yourself by simply stroking yourself or having your partner do it and start holding it in. Wait for your penis to be flaccid again before you return to your usual tempo.

Another is through sex toys. Fleshlights are a good practice point as it simulates a vagina. Use it as your solo training tool. Regardless, edging should be used as some sort of foreplay.

It’s good if you can get your partner on the game with you. Let her be the one to lead you to controlling your edge. It’s more fun when it’s her that plays you around.

Want another interesting way to practice edging? Try kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises help with pelvic floor problems. It strengthens the muscles around the bladder which help hold in what isn’t meant to squirt out.

Does edging really work?

If you look at the first two things edging helps solve, you’ll be thanking yourself for doing it.

You’ll no longer have to deal with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Not only does it eliminate the need for chewable ED pills, but it also helps limit your masturbation to the needed level.

Edging helps you connect with your partner whenever you do sex. Getting them on board with playing you in such a way that you are edged is one solution. It’s hard to control when your partner is the one that’s being so wild, right?

The entire concept of it works if you know how to place it on the right situation. Of course, it won’t if you don’t practice it. Try taking your emphasis off the orgasm and put more focus on the pleasure of it instead. No need to wait for “No Nut November” just to hold it all in.

Should I try edging?

edging myth.

First thing you have to evaluate is yourself. Are you always ejaculating prematurely? Are you on ED prescription? Maybe you lack the focus during sex? Edging is mainly for you.

But if you also wish to strengthen your orgasms or practice control over them, then you also should try doing it as an exercise. You don’t have to be doing things wrong to edge. All you need is to assess yourself.

Just think of it as creating a connection. A stronger bond with couples or yourself where you focus more on the journey rather than the finish. It feels better that way