15 Hilarious and Embarrassing Sex Stories That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Not all erotic things that happen in the bedroom are hot and heavy. At some point in your life, you will be put on the spot and suffer from a funny or hilarious moment while having sex. Yes, shame will consume you, and it might even haunt you after a couple of years. But that’s part of life and you need to just deal with it! If you haven’t really experienced some embarrassing sex stories, good for you! You must be favored by the heavens. Still, that won’t stop you from laughing out loud from these hilarious moments.

P.S. We’re only humans after all.

Couple Laughing embarrassing sex stories

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Here are 15 embarrassing sex stories that will make you laugh

These stories also appear in Cosmopolitan and Reddit.

1. The girl who can’t contain her laughter

One woman submitted her funny story in Cosmopolitan. She said that while she and her partner were having sex, she queefed so hard that she started laughing. Of course, the burst in laughter made her pee a little. While it seems a bit gross (there is pee involved after all), they continued with the intimate act and just laughed it out.

If you didn’t know, queefs happen when air is pushed into and trapped in the vaginal canal. There are certain sex movements that would expel the trapped air. While it sounds a lot like a fart, it’s not a fart. In fact, there’s no bad odor that accompanies the queef. Plus, it’s completely normal!

2. Dirty laundry

A couple who can’t keep their hands off each other was just going at it in the bedroom. Due to the intense and passionate lovemaking, the woman slid off the mattress with her butt still on the bed, and her head down. A minute later, she fell all the way down and got stuck inside a laundry hamper.

Imagine this. Her legs were still sticking out while the guy was inside her, but her butt was inside the hamper. If that’s not epic, we don’t know what is! Maybe it’s just time for dirty laundry.

3. The shitty encounter

Okay, we can say that this is definitely one of the most embarrassing sex stories we’ve come across. Two strangers found themselves attracted to each other. The guy, obviously very horny for her, convinced her to have sex with him even if she had a stomach bug.

Unfortunately, the woman really cannot control her insides and accidentally shitted on the sheets when the guy gave a hard thrust. Yikes! She was too mortified by what happened that she left the room immediately.

That’s probably what we’d do if we were in the same situation, too! If only we can turn back the time so the shitting never happened. That would be great.

4. Mood-killer

There’s another funny story about a woman who had a sexual encounter with her ex. They were drinking out and fooling around when the woman decided to be all aggressive and sexy. She was getting horny and wanted to sit on the guy’s face and get some cunnilingus action. However, she lost her balance in the process and fell onto the guy’s face hard.

It was like a hammer hitting a nail, and the guy was literally shaken. Well, at least it kinda helped with his hangover. Anyway, the body slam killed the mood and they didn’t have sex that night.

Still, they had a pretty good laugh about it.

5. The funny striptease

Men love it when females give them a striptease. The sexy private show is just too irresistible and it gives the sense that they are special. After all, not all women can entertain their men in the bedroom. A striptease is a good way to spice up a relationship. 

In this case, the funny striptease ended up becoming one of the embarrassing sex stories on the list. A woman was attempting to take off her itty bitty lingerie in a sexy way. But it seems the sex gods wanted to have fun with her, so she got her arms stuck in it.

She described her figure hilariously, “I resembled a sexy T-Rex.” The guy was also obviously entertained and refused to help her get out of the lingerie. At least she made her man smile, right?

6. Gotta catch ’em all!

There’s one couple who’s got it going in the bedroom complete with a sensual playlist in the background. While they were still doing foreplay, the Pokemon theme song suddenly played, making them stop in their tracks.

Well, it’s not really one of the best songs to have sex to, so maybe they just clicked next to build up the mood again!

7. Please pretend you didn’t see this, mom!

Okay, so there are many embarrassing sex stories during one’s high school life. We’ll give you one.

A guy had his girlfriend come over after school to enjoy some sexy time. They must have been too consumed by their passion so their excitement naturally showed. The girl, who was switching her position, suddenly knocked the lamp off the bedside table. It caused a loud noise so the guy’s mom quickly came over to see what happened.

Lo and behold, they were still stuck to each other. It must have been surprising for the mom! But that encounter served the lesson that he should keep a lock in his room.

8. Nothing can stop the doggy action

A woman’s now-ex boyfriend was giving her a good pounding – doggy style. However, it was too intense that she ended up farting in his face. If you thought that would stop him dead, you’re mistaken.

He just kept thrusting in and out so she could finish cumming. What a considerate guy!

9. Raincheck on the sex

We’re not sure if this counts as one of the embarrassing sex stories or upsetting sex stories. Maybe it’s a bit of both. There is one couple who was having sex at home. However, the woman fell asleep due to extreme sleepiness.

She clarified that it wasn’t really boring or bad. She was just too tired to continue the sexual activity.

10. It’s getting cocky

A guy shared his previous experience with this one girl wherein things got all hot and heavy. They wanted to try talking dirty to each other and basically just say things that would turn them on more.

The woman was being sexy and blurted out that she can’t wait to suck the guy’s cock. He was too turned on by the situation that he unconsciously repeated what she said. “I can’t wait to suck YOUR cock.” They laughed for a good while and found the compliment attempt pretty cute. After that, they just proceeded to fucking each other’s brains out. Champs!

11. The other pussy

Imagine having sex with your lover and a cat suddenly jumps on your bed. Well, this happened in real life to one couple, and it is indeed one of the embarrassing stories there is. The cat started to rub his body over the guy’s ass as if initiating that he wanted to join in on the fun. Well, as you know, that’s not exactly possible.

The couple had to put the cat outside and shut the door. However, it seems the other pussy was really keen on participating. According to them, the cat repeatedly flung himself against the door and yowled. The other pussy is thirsty!

12. The oral effect

Guys enjoy blowjobs so much that they can already cum just by getting it. Well, there was this one time that a couple was enjoying oral sex. The woman accidentally put it a little too far in (or maybe the dick was just too big), that instead of gagging, she let out a fart!

To make things lighter and less awkward, the guy just slapped her ass. At least they tried to turn the mood around.

Well, as long as he is experiencing intense pleasure, that’s all that really matters.

13. What they don’t tell you about nursing

There is one mom who was too engrossed in her sexual encounter with her husband. Maybe she was too excited that she ended up beaming milk right into the guy’s eye. The milk fountain is real, ladies!

14. The pictures on the wall

Youngsters are eager when it comes to intimate activities. A girl named Sydney was excited about hooking up with a boy she really likes. They were already making out on the couch when the boy suggested that they continue things in the bedroom.

Consumed by lust, she said yes right away. But instead of going to the boy’s bedroom, he led the girl to his parent’s room. It was his idea because he’s always wanted to hook up there for the thrill of it.

The girl was game, but soon after, she found it weird because the family pictures that were hanging on the wall seemed to judge their dirty deeds. She didn’t let that stop their passionate time!

Let’s just hope the guy at least changed the sheets.

15. A numbing experience

Without a doubt, some couples want to try out different things in the bedroom. One couple decided to try if the novocaine lube really works. It is a sexual health product said to reduce sensations during intercourse.

The lube for the guy actually numbed his junk, while the lube for the girl made it all tingly. They found out that the numbing stuff isn’t a joke! The guy’s mouth went really numb and had a hard time giving his girl a good time. They even joked that dentists should use this for their patients.

Who knew that their hot night would turn out to be not-so-hot? To them, it is one of the embarrassing sex stories that they would treasure forever. It was even funnier when they look back and think about that situation!