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30 Best Sex Tips to Spice up Your Relationship

Humans, like all other creatures, are subject to instinctive sexual desire. As one gets older, the thirst for this activity only continues to grow. It doesn’t have to have a deep meaning behind it. You will naturally be curious about bodies and emotions in new ways. Some people want sex just for pleasure, while others see it as something bigger than life because of procreation. On the other hand, there are also people who want to relieve themselves of stress. Whatever your reason is for doing it, you can learn from this list of best sex tips!

Can romantic relationships improve from these best sex tips?

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Let’s break it down for you first. There are a lot of science-backed reasons why sex is important for any relationship. But we’re going with the 3 most obvious answers.

1. Having regular sex will lead to a healthy relationship

Why? If we talk about how it’s healthy for you scientifically, there is oxytocin released when you are having sex with your partner. It enhances a sense of bonding and improves emotional intimacy.

2. It will boost your confidence

Confidence and sexual satisfaction go hand in hand. When you do the deed, you will only get a boost in your self-esteem. Once it happens, you will see a better impact on both social and romantic relationships.

3. It has the power to rekindle romance

Let’s say you and your partner have been married for many years now. Life happened – you are taking care of a child, work’s been busy, and you’re not having sex as much as you want to.

When you finally make love to each other, it will bring about increased amounts of oxytocin, and deepen your intimacy. After all, this is a part of a human’s emotional need. There will be a discovery phase once more, and you and your partner will grow as individuals.

Did you know that regular sex can also prolong life?

Sex has some sweet health perks you can’t say no to. For one, partnered sexuality is linked to lower risks of cardiovascular issues. This is particularly true for older women. There is also another study that leads to a preliminary conclusion that regular sexual intimacy can prolong life.

As for its other health benefits, it includes better immunity, increased pain threshold, and lower risk of cancer. Not to mention, the activity already serves as your “exercise.”

30 Best Sex Tips to Spice up Your Relationship

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1. For females, make sure your clit gets the action during a dry-hump

Some people think dry-humping is dumb. It’s not. If you do it right, then it could be the hottest foreplay for you and your partner. Females on top should focus on grinding more, instead of just moving up and down. This will give them the much-needed stimulation and pleasure which could even be better (subjective) than actual sex!

Since the clitoris is on the outside, then it’s only right to take advantage of more petting, rubbing, or in this case, dry-humping. It targets the clit better!

2. Let your hands do the work

It is said that roughly 70% of women require more clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm during sex. This is not surprising at all. If you are engaging in a hot session with your partner, don’t be shy to touch yourself and let your hands do the pleasurable work!

This is a win-win situation because you can ensure that you’ll have an orgasm. On the other hand, your sex partner will feel super turned on!

3. A better oral

If your beau is down there giving you an oral, there’s one way for it to feel better. One of the best sex tips we can give you is to have him insert a finger and stroke your G-Spot. It increases your chances of reaching an orgasm, and you’ll feel good as hell.

4. Hand jobs never get old

If you think sex is just a “penetrative” thing, then you are mistaken. You can never go wrong with focusing on foreplay because it is equally hot as the deed itself. In this case, your man would definitely appreciate a good old rubdown!

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5. Take control of your partner’s movements

Sometimes, the best sex tips need not be complicated. If you want to arouse your partner even more and at the same time boost your confidence, here’s what you should do! Take control of your partner’s movements! Cover his or her finger with yours, and show how you want to be touched.

This is definitely a sexy thing to do before he actually penetrates you.

6. Pick a good playlist

Having sex with good music on is definitely a must! Don’t make the mistake of keeping the deed boring and forgettable. You need music to get hyped up and perform better.

If you are not sure what to play, you should take a look at our list of songs to have sex to. 

7. Play a sexy film

Do you want to watch porn or a sexy film before doing the deed with your partner? That’s not such a bad idea. In fact, seeing steamy scenes will definitely influence you how to spend your night.

You might even get ideas of sexy moves that you can try!

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8. Send a sexy package

While this isn’t exactly one of the best sex tips you could physically do to your partner, it’s still pretty something! There are many long-distance relationship couples who suffer from dry spells. You won’t be able to fix this with something as simple as a snap. But what you can do is to make sure your partner doesn’t lose the sexual spark even when you’re not physically together.

You can do that by sending a sexy package filled with sexy lingerie, a sex toy, a lube, your provocative photos, and more. Make it hotter by putting a note such as “This is waiting for you when you get home,” or “Sending this in advance before my visit on (date).”If you want to get creative and place other naughty stuff, feel free to do so!

9. Fight and make up

Do we even need to explain this? If you fight and make up, you’d get into your man’s good graces again, and enjoy a pleasurable experience unlike any other! There are two things to go about this: 1. Get rough with angry sex or 2. Make it as slow, sweet, and as passionate as possible.

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10. Keep your clothes on

One of the best sex tips there is (yet it’s so underrated) is to keep the clothes on. There is just something so hot about simply pushing the underwear aside to have sex.

Men, we hear ye! You can’t be bothered by anything – not time, or even their clothes. All you want to do is to push your member inside your sexy partner.

11. Do it in front of a mirror

The visual of you fucking your woman is enough to make you go crazy. Even if you don’t have a full-length mirror at home, just a medium one will do the trick! This is one of the best sex tips that most couples do, and it usually works for Doggystyle intercourse.

Lock eyes with your partner while you pound them continuously, without stopping. You get to see their sexy ass, and their erotic reactions are visible too!

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12. Spice up your night with a sex game

If you are bored of the usual sex, then you can try a sex game with your partner! You can look up different kinky ideas that both of you are open to exploring.

Or maybe you can entrust your sex life to a sex fantasy jar. Both of you can put all your biggest desires on pieces of paper, and store these inside a jar.

If you are suddenly in the mood for some action, then just pick one and do it – no questions! It’s not only creative. It’s exciting and unpredictable too!

13. Try getting nipple clamps

This will enhance your experience because it provides hands-free stimulation during sex. If you wear nipple clamps, your partner may also jump straight to the most pleasurable deed you want.

There is a way to adjust the intensity throughout too, so you got it all under control.

14. Make the night hotter with a sexy lap dance

Men might not say it, but they will appreciate a lap dance if you ever think of doing one. Start by dancing to the rhythm of your preferred sex music, then switching between standing above your seated partner, sitting, and grinding on him.

While this sounds easy, it actually takes a bit more confidence to pull it off! Don’t worry. He will surely appreciate your effort to dance for him. It won’t take long before you get better with the dance.

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15. Use a vibrator and give the reins to your partner

Don’t miss out on a vibrator. It could be the most life-changing toy you’ve ever had! But when you let your partner control it and fiddle with the buttons, then you’re in for absolutely crazy sex!

This is one of the best sex tips and masturbation techniques, which upon trying it, you’ll wonder why you never did it sooner.

16. Mind the pressure when giving a hand job

Light applied pressure with occasional licking is the best hand job! Here’s a tip: you might also want to throw in some delicate finger touches for a stimulating and unexpected wave of pleasure.

17. Be a tease

Believe us. Your partner will go crazy if you tease him by letting him enter you for a hot second, then suddenly returning to your foreplay. He will definitely be hungry for you, and it will lead to greater sex!

18. Do a striptease

In relation to the tip above, why not do a striptease before engaging in actual sex? You can work on a head-turning entrance before sensually stripping yourself of everything you’re wearing.

Apply the things you’ve learned from the sexy films you watched before and do it to drive him crazy! You can start by slowly revealing your corset, raising your legs and taking off your stockings, or swaying your hips as you pull down your underwear. Whatever feels and looks sexy, do it!

19. Forget regular condoms

It’s important to practice safe sex, but you can always do that while getting greater pleasure from your partner. You should try ribbed condoms to get a more textured feel! This gives you extra stimulation, and a bigger chance to reach an orgasm.

20. Do it in public

Well, this doesn’t need to be on the list of best sex tips for most couples to try it. The thrill of getting hot and heavy with your man or woman is arousing for anyone. Make it hotter by keeping your clothes on and doing it somewhere exciting. For instance, the elevator is a good place to start!

You better feel good before the light turns to green, and the elevator makes a stop. And of course, make sure you don’t get caught!

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21. Spell coconut with your hips

Apparently, the woman-on-top position is not enough to make guys go crazy. Try spelling “coconut” with your hips while on top. This helps give extra stimulation as opposed to just bouncing up and down.

22. Kneel beside your partner and make oral job hotter

Typically, a woman kneels in front of her partner for a blowjob. But why not spice it up by kneeling beside them instead? They will see your ass clearly (which is hotter), and you’ll be more comfortable with that position. Also check out: Don’t Waste His Hard-On! Top Blowjob Mistakes to Avoid.

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23. Be a romantic

Sex is not purely physical. It is more about the intimacy between two people, or their deep connection that seems as if you can see into each other’s souls.

If you want to spice up your relationship and at the same time feel closer to your partner, why not be a romantic during sex? You can throw in a few I love you’s or other sweet words or phrases that will show just how much you appreciate your guy or girl.

24. Go back-to-back

One round of sex? Make it two, please. If your partner doesn’t mind, then just ask him or her for another round! Chances are, they’ll find it hot that you are still asking for more, and will give it to you good!

Nothing makes a man feel better than making his lady orgasm!

25. Moan all you want

Heck, this isn’t just one of the best sex tips in the world. It’s also one of the best techniques for a hot roleplay! If your partner is indeed giving it to you good, don’t be shy to moan, scream, and yell how much you are enjoying it. He will be motivated to take you even more, so it’s a win-win situation.

Your bedroom is where you are free to get nasty, loosen up, and just enjoy sex. Make the most out of it.

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26. Work out and increase your stamina

No one wants a man who will say “I’m already tired” just after a few Doggystyle thrusts. If you want to impress your partner, you better do the dirty work and try a workout that will help increase your stamina during sex.

It’s one thing to look fit and has all those rock hard abs. But if your body is good for nothing, then you might consider following a plan so you can improve. Increase your stamina and see your life change for the better! No bullshit.

27. Put on a virtual show

What exactly do you have in mind? A virtual striptease or a virtual blowjob? Well, both are equally hot, and these will turn on you and your partner! There’s no doubt you won’t be able to keep your hands off each other the second you meet.

If you are organizing a virtual striptease, make sure you have your sexy lingerie or costume ready. Find out where you’d like to do your little show. On the bed? In the living room? Where do you think your partner might find it extremely hot? You might want to put a bit of thought into that. Your music playlist should also be ready because you want your striptease to be as smooth as possible.

On the other hand, a virtual blowjob might need less preparation because you only need a dildo and some music. The next time you FaceTime your partner, surprise him with this hot activity! You can start by treating the dildo like your man’s actual penis. Take it in and give it a good blowjob. Show him just how much you want and need him. He’s watching from the other side of the camera, and in no way will he be able to resist that hot scene.

Just be prepared, because the virtual blowjob might lead to masturbation and a lot of other dirty requests! Wink.

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28. Shower together

You know what they say – the shower isn’t just a place to get in and get clean. It’s also an ideal place to have a dirty rubdown or sex with your partner!

29. A nude surprise works

Imagine going home from a long, tiring day. Your job was stressful, and you just want to plop down on the bed, watch some series, and maybe grab a couple of beers. Then you come home, and you see your beautiful woman lying on the bed, wearing nothing but sexy heels. Now, who wouldn’t want that? You’d practically want action asap.

While getting nude doesn’t solve all the problems in the world, at least a few rounds of sex will take your mind off of it!

30. Use the in-and-out thrusts for another day

If you want him to stimulate every inch of you, then you better forego the usual thrusts. Get him to stir with his penis (inside you) instead. The pleasure will be super irresistible with the motion and all that.

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