What Are the Best Pagan Dating Sites That You Need to Try This 2021?

There are many different dating sites and apps that allow you to find a new friend or a new romantic partner. You only need to choose which one to join. However, if you are looking for anything specific, you need to be aware of the sites that will make your search easier. Here are the best Pagan dating sites you need to know about this 2021.

Before We Get to the Best Pagan Dating Sites, What Exactly Is Pagan Dating?

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Let’s get our terms in order. A person is someone who holds religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions. On the other hand, Paganism refers to the collection of these religious beliefs that are also the oldest religion in history. While some would say there are other religions before it, these haven’t been documented well.

Pagans believe that nature is supreme and sacred. In addition, they also believe that the cycle of birth, growth, and death have deep spiritual meanings. We are one with nature, together with the different elements in it, such as trees, animals, plants, and everything that is on this earth. Aside from that, Pagans believe that there was not just one god, but numerous gods and even goddesses.

The spiritual and religious beliefs of Pagans have elements of polytheism, animism, and pantheism. Much of these date back to folklore times (thousands of years) but have survived because of oral storytelling.

Would You Date a Single Pagan?

Even if you are not a Pagan, you have the will to choose if you want to date one. After all, one doesn’t fall in love with just an individual’s beliefs. It has something to do with his or her personality, character, interests, and looks as well. But if you are keen on finding a single Pagan as a romantic partner, then this list will be your treasure trove! We know the best Pagan dating sites that will bring you closer to finding “The One.”

During this modern age, technology has now made your romantic adventure so much easier! There are many sites and apps that point to the direction you are looking for.

2021 Dating Guide: Best Pagan Dating Sites

1. Match

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If you’re active in the online dating world, then you probably already know Match as one of the most popular and successful dating sites out there. It has over 30 million members and it only continues to grow because of the demand for “love.” The site was launched in 1995, so the fact that it is still the king today is just incredible. You can find love from anywhere in the world because the membership base includes people from different countries. Surely, with the millions of members, you’d think there is someone just for you, right?

While this is not an exclusive dating site specifically for Pagans, it is still the best option. That’s right – the best option. With its impressive size and reputation, you will probably never run out of matches. The great thing about Match is that it has a free membership that lets you browse and receive profile recommendations, and communicate with some members. You can also send virtual likes and winks! Since the site has everyone from all walks of life, and from diverse backgrounds, it’s not impossible for you to find a worthy Pagan single.

For that, you just need to limit your interactions or maybe only entertain individuals that share similar beliefs as you.

Note: Match also offers a 6-month Match guarantee. If you don’t find your ideal partner on the site within six months, then you are given an additional 6-month site membership for free! That’s a win no matter how you look at it.

2. Pagan Harmony

One of the best Pagan dating sites is Pagan Harmony, a new yet emerging fully-featured UK-based Pagan dating and friendship site. This is a niche site that introduces you to a like-minded and friendly community. There are lots of Pagans here who take their time creating an account, building their profile, and sending smiles. If you upgrade your membership, then you will be able to send some messages, upload more photos, and use their instant messaging feature.

It is a very new site, and you can easily pay for your membership via Paypal. They have different sections for news and articles, but these are not active. You can also block users who seem suspicious so you can carry on with your mindful search for a potential partner. Don’t worry too much. The site is scam-free and safe to use!

If you want to meet a spiritual partner asap, then consider this site.

3. Pagan Dating Service

It doesn’t matter what you identify as, under the Pagan umbrella, everyone is welcome to use Pagan Dating Service! Many Heathens, Shamans, Wiccans, Druids, and more seek this website in hopes of forming a deeper connection with a special someone.

Here, you can fully express what you want to say, as well as your views in life because the community understands you. This is one of the best Pagan dating sites because it is a niche group. The members share the same perspective on things. If it’s a big factor in your dating life, then you won’t have to worry anymore! The matchmaking site might just land you a date with a cute girl or a complete heartthrob!

Just sign up and complete your profile before you set off to find your perfect match. There are daily matches presented to you, but you’ll also be able to use other tools to do the search on your own. Pagan Dating Service has Online Connections as its parent company – meaning, your profile will appear on all of its sister sites once your account has been created. Here’s the best part: it comes with no additional charge! You are just given greater exposure. Isn’t that cool?

Strike up a conversation with your favorite person! Who knows? That might be your future best friend or husband. It’s hard to look for people with similar views, so you will surely appreciate having a common ground with the users of Pagan Dating Service.

Note: There are daily matches in Pagan Dating Service and you can also browse by location or interest. There are different rooms for sexuality preference, so you just need to determine that.

4. Pagan Singles

Are you tired of using Pagan dating websites with super old features? These are boring and don’t seem fun at all. Pagan Singles is one of the best Pagan dating sites this 2021, and they are all about helping singles connect with each other for casual or serious dating. There are plenty of opportunities for you to interact with a person you are eyeing.

Free members will enjoy creating their own profiles and communicating with the other members via virtual greetings. If you upgrade, then you can unlock the more advanced tools like instant messaging, including audio or video chats. Think of it as your investment. How bad do you want to meet your future partner?

Here are some of the Pagan Singles features you need to remember:

  • Pagan Chat lets you send messages to whoever you want
  • Quick Match lets you get dates fast just by saying Yes or No
  • Viewed Profile and Likes Me allows you to take a peek at who is interested in you

Note: Many members are over 30 years old, so it seems there is a variety of vetted, long term Pagans here.

5. Elite Singles

Just like Match, Elite Singles isn’t a site that serves only Pagans. Still, it is one of the best Pagan dating sites of 2021. Why is that? This platform boasts a large member base and a lot of diversity. It’s not impossible for you to come across someone who identifies as a Pagan. While it won’t be an easy search (it isn’t for any other dating site), it is still worth it.

Most users in Elite Singles are professionals with full educational background and successful careers, so that’s another win! The site allows its members to have a fun personality profile. This is a different and upfront approach you won’t normally get from other platforms. Make sure to be specific with what you want so you can find your perfect match and schedule date with someone from the no-nonsense community!

Note: If you want to message other users, you need to upgrade to a premium account. It is up to you to decide if your search for a Pagan single is worth it with Elite Singles. Just know that this site has been vetted by many professionals who have tried different sites in the online dating world. The account verification is alright, and the users are genuine. You won’t run out of qualified options here.

6. Zoosk

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If you don’t want to limit yourself to the niche Pagan dating sites, you might want to try your luck with Zoosk. This platform is the #1 most downloaded and used on both Android and iOS stores. There’s a big chance that there are also Pagans here!

You can refine your matches or broaden it as you please. Aside from that, you can also change the settings if you prefer to be matched with people near you. Are you looking for someone younger than you? Then you should change the age range of your matches. You can pick anywhere between 20 to 93 years old. To increase your chances of getting matched with a single Pagan, customize your profile and go a bit deeper with the settings for other information. The platform will definitely give you something worth looking at.

Swipe through the members and hope for the best! What are you waiting for?

The Explosive Growth of Paganism

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The US Government doesn’t collect detailed religious data to avoid violating the “separation of church and state,” but the organizations who filled that data gap tells us that the growth of Paganism is happening. According to Trinity College in Connecticut which ran large, detailed religion surveys from 1990 to 2008, the estimates are tremendous. Wicca grew during this period from an estimated 8,000 Wiccans in 1990, to about 340,000 practitioners in 2008. They also estimated that the same number of Pagans (340,000) existed.

Given that spirituality has made its way in the mainstream culture, you can only expect that a lot of people are also more interested about Paganism. In the US, less than 1% of the population identify as Pagan or Wiccan. Of this group, more than a quarter live in urban and suburban areas, while there are only 15% in the rural areas. There is also the possibility that the person you will meet through any of the best Pagan dating sites mention could live pretty much anywhere.

Are the Best Pagan Dating Sites Scam-Free?

Let’s be honest here. It’s not. No online dating site is completely scam-free. However, you can find comfort in the fact that niche Pagan sites are safer and less targeted by scammers. Why is that? The member base is pretty small compared to the gargantuan sites, and you are filtered based on the amount of knowledge as a Pagan. You need that if you are to pass as a real member. There are those who don’t want to go through the trouble of pretending, but you can never be too careful. Just don’t give out too much personal or sensitive info, especially if you are already suspicious of someone.

We know that you are in your pursuit of finding a like-minded friend, or your ultimate lover. However, it is equally important to avoid romance scams and practice safety measures.

Do I Have to Upgrade My Membership When Using the Best Pagan Dating Sites?

Like with all dating sites or apps, you need to evaluate the reason why you joined in the first place. Are you simply looking for a hookup or a lasting relationship? If it’s the latter you desire, then think of upgrading your membership as an investment.

Do you need a push before you sign up at any of the best Pagan dating sites? You might want to read this article on Real-Life Online Dating Success Stories!