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Happn Dating Site Review: Everything You Need to Know

Crush with confidence and form a connection with a person you crossed paths with using this trusted location-based online dating platform! With over 95 million members, any user has a big chance to find their “right person.” Since jumping into the online dating pool can be pretty scary, it’s best to learn about what to expect before you use it. Read about this Happn Dating Site Review now!

Happn Dating Site Review: Is This the New ‘Tinder?’

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Do you ever find yourself wishing you can strike a conversation with a “potential soulmate?” If you don’t want to have a missed connection, then you better go online and check out Happn, or install its app. Sometimes dubbed as the “new Tinder,” this platform links users who are geographically close to each other. In particular, it aims to connect users who have already literally crossed paths in real life before. If someone is within the 250-meter proximity, expect Happn to give you someone interesting. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get the chance to date a hot older woman!

The website works just fine, but if you are after the ease of use, then you may simply download the free app. Android, iOS, and Windows users may all download it. The app is all about reciprocity – this means you will never receive a message from someone you’re not interested in. You should be excited about flirting with your crush!

How Does Happn Work?

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It’s not all that hard, really. When you cross paths with another user, then their profile will appear on your app. It’s up to you if they are worth liking or not. Those who are shy about making the first move also don’t need to worry. Happn never reveals the person who liked the user unless they also like that person back. On the other hand, there are those who are pretty gutsy about their dating abilities. Leaving a big impression might need a bit of work. You can send a user a message to boost your chances of getting a like back. Once they like you back, then you’ve got a “Crush!” From there, everything is pretty much up to you. Chat away and fall in love!

The dating site lets you meet a potential soulmate that you’ve crossed paths with. Naturally, it is ideal for people who stay in highly-populated areas. The more individuals you meet, the more chances of winning! You will also appreciate being matched to some based on real-life encounters. It’s not as scary, and you’ll feel more secure about getting together with someone.

If you prefer to hide your location for a certain time, you can do so by activating the invisibility mode. The app already has some good features, but accessing the list of people who have Liked your profile requires you to switch to a Premium subscription. With that, you’d also get to enjoy other great perks!

Happn Dating Site Review: A Closer Look

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There are over 400,000 monthly visitors for Happn, and that is on a global scale. Most visitors come from the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. On the other hand, males outnumber females. We guess you could say that they need more help in the love department! As for the age group, the majority of the users belong to the 25-34 age range. You will find someone youthful or mature!


The site is easy to navigate

Happn is pretty straightforward. You won’t have to worry about the app being too complicated that you’d have a hard time using it. The clean and modern design is really a big factor! Plus, even if you close the app, it will still continue showing the places you go to, and still, give you matches along the way. The purposeful interface can be described using one term: user-friendly. Access the features buttons easily, and manage your notifications with a single click!

The site only gives you matches from people who are in your location

We already said it before. If someone is within the 250-meter proximity, expect Happn to give you someone interesting. Since the app is also relying on location to engineer encounters, it might be more ideal for the casual dater, and not someone who’s looking for something serious.

The site relieves you of the pressure of coming up with the perfect icebreaker

You can’t deny that a simple message can sometimes give you a lot of anxiety. If you are using Happn, you don’t really have to use up all your creative juices just to think of the perfect opening line. You can just get on with the location-specific questions that you are both familiar with, such as “Feel like coming to this bar tonight?”

The site is not a scammer- or bot-friendly site

You must have a Facebook account to sign up for a Happn account. Bots and scammers make it much harder for scammers to hack in and create their fake profiles. Still, it doesn’t hurt to stay vigilant even with that registration feature!

The site may let you enjoy a “second encounter”

That’s the beauty of a location-based dating platform. If for some reason, you fell in love at first sight with someone but weren’t able to talk to him or her, then this app might do the trick! Who knows? Maybe it will match you with the dream girl you saw in the gas station a few weeks ago?


The site has Invisibility Mode, but you need to upgrade to use it

Some users might not be too comfortable with their information out there. If you are ever concerned about privacy, you may stop the tracking feature of Happn for a certain time. This is possible using the Invisibility Mode. However, you need to have a premium subscription to use it. The alternative method to this privacy concern is by pausing your account, but your crushes won’t be able to track or reach you.

The site has no search function

This platform works based on your proximity and preferences. Compared to other apps, you cannot utilize the search function here.

The site only gives you matches from people who are in your location

We listed this one under the Pros, but it can also be under the Cons. Matching is strictly based on your proximity – not on other important factors such as personality, interests, or values. You’d have to find out for yourself if the person you’ve crossed paths with and liked is actually compatible. Lastly, who knows if your soulmate is a mile away? Since they’re not within the range required to “match,” then you’ll miss out!

The site shows limited profile information

There is not much to see here, just a few details such as name, age, gender, work, and your picture. Don’t expect the profiles to show comprehensive details like what you see on other dating sites or dating apps.

Happn Dating Site Review: Creating and Using Your Account

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You can sign up using your Facebook account or mobile number. Registration only takes a while and you won’t be asked to complete a long-ass questionnaire – just the basics such as work, education, and a brief introduction. In fact, you can just import your Facebook information to the app. After that, you can already identify whether you want to cross paths with men, women, or both.

For your pictures, you can upload up to nine photos, but it’s advisable to choose between four and six. If you also want to make your dating story more successful, you might as well choose photos that say something about you and your interests. This is a location-based platform with limited information available. Be creative!

Are you ready to crush in confidence and use the dating app’s functionality? Knock yourself out!

Just hope that you’ll be within your best future partner’s 250-meter range. If you see someone you like, don’t think twice and just send them a “like.” Wait ‘til it becomes mutual and you’ll both be “crushes” of each other and you can already send a message. Aside from the “like” function, you may want to take advantage of the “Hello” feature. The function is already a giveaway.

You can send a message to anyone that appears on your timeline. Just let them know that you are interested and that you want to start a conversation. Happn also has a new video call feature that is free to use as long as you don’t exceed using it for five minutes.

With the number of Happn users growing daily, there is always the potential for new encounters. Just remember to be familiarized with These 10 Online Dating Tips for Men That Will Help You Score a Date! It doesn’t hurt to improve one’s charm powers.