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All About Female Orgasm – What It Is, How to Get It, and What It Feels Like

Not all women really experience the euphoric explosion of orgasm as frequently as men. However, if you do experience it, you’d find that it is really life-changing and it’s what you’d want to feel again and again. The intensity varies for different women. If you want to know the best tricks and tips to get there, keep reading. We’ve compiled all the female orgasm questions that will allow you to understand the experience better.

Here are your female orgasm questions answered

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Q: What is an orgasm?

You already know what an orgasm is. It is a natural human sexual response cycle that will give the person intense feelings of pleasure. The feeling is accompanied by a series of involuntary muscle contractions in the genital area, rapid breathing, and a fast heart rate. Normally, orgasms last around 30 seconds.

Q: What are the stages leading up to orgasm?

While men and women have different experiences when it comes to sex, the stages leading up to orgasm are still the same. If you are curious bout the sexual response cycle, it actually has four phases.

Desire or Libido. When a couple first gets all hot and heavy, their desire or libido comes to full display. During this time, one may experience increased muscle tension, quick heart rate, accelerated breathing, hardened nipples, swelling of the woman’s clitoris, and erection of the man’s penis.

Arousal or Excitement. When the activities in the first phase are intensified, one will experience a greater increase in blood flow. A woman’s clitoris will be extremely sensitive, while a man’s testicles will be withdrawn up into the scrotum. Sooner or later, the couple will also be busy with fucking until they reach the third phase.

Orgasm. This is the climax and is the shortest of all four phases. It lasts only for a few seconds. Some of the characteristics of orgasm include a release of sexual tension, involuntary muscle contractions, heart rate and breathing at the highest rates, muscle contraction of the vagina, and rhythmic contractions of the muscles at the base of the penis. During this time as well, the person will ejaculate due to the intensity of the sexual activity.

Resolution. This is the final phase described by the transition of the body to its normal level of functioning. Many experience fatigue and feel like they just want to recover and lie down.

Q: So what is the female orgasm?

Okay. We know all about your female orgasm questions.

Simply put, it is also the climax after she engages in sexual activity. Men and women experience orgasm differently, and for the latter, it is much more intense. In fact, the descriptions provided by women are already pretty telling. According to most, it is an overwhelming warmth that seems to wash over their body, and it gives a different electric charge that they can’t shake off easily.

Q: The main difference between a male and female orgasm

Women are blessed with greater intensity and pleasure when it comes to orgasm. For men, the pleasure after achieving orgasm is localized to the penile region. But for women, the pleasure is really from head to toe.

Q: What does a female orgasm feel like?

The Big O is a big release. After all, it is the peak of one’s sexual pleasure throughout the experience. While you’ve probably received intense pleasure, this one is different in the sense that it’s a sudden release in built-up pressure. Some of the indicators include tingling in the toes as well as tremors in your body.

Other metaphors used to describe it include being on the summit of a rollercoaster or a waterfall crashing over a cliff. If you’ve ever experienced one before, you can probably relate. What’s next in our female orgasm questions?

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Q: Can women experience orgasms more than once?

Why, yes! Men usually have a refractory period where they need to rest and recover before springing into another hot round. That is not the case for women. They usually have a short or even no refractory period, and can even achieve multiple orgasms if further stimulated.

Q: What about female ejaculation?

There is limited research on female ejaculation, but it is said that when a female experiences orgasm, a certain fluid mainly coming from Skene’s glands is released. Some also refer to “female ejaculation” as squirting because of the amount of fluid that comes out of a woman’s genital area.

Some people think that the fluid that comes out is actually urine, but that is not the case. In fact, there was a scientific study by Beverly Whipple in the early 1980s (which was followed by other studies) with the result that urea and creatine, chemical constituents of pee, were only present in very low levels.

The liquid passed is clear, not yellow. Besides, it doesn’t have the same smell or taste as wee.

Q: What stops women from ejaculating?

There are many reasons why women don’t ejaculate.

Research shows that only 18% of women can achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration. If you compare it to men, the figure is really low because they can easily achieve orgasm any time they wish to.

Naturally, if women cannot reach their orgasm, they also won’t be able to “ejaculate.”

Next is the psychological fear of being seen to have wet themselves. Since many think that squirting or female ejaculation is simply urinating, a lot of women hold back from the experience.

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Q: How can one achieve a female orgasm?

The answer might seem pretty simple for you – engage in sexual activity. However, there are some tricks that will take you there faster. Here are the different kinds of orgasms, with the right tip to achieve it. If you don’t want a poor performance in bed, then you better keep reading about the female orgasm questions with answers that work!

Vaginal Orgasm

This one is the kind that really penetrates deeply throughout the body! When you experience vaginal orgasm, the muscular vaginal walls will contract rhythmically. Many women who have experienced orgasms before say that this is the best type. However, you should take note that this is also the hardest to achieve.

Tips to achieve vaginal orgasm:

  • Stimulation is your friend here. Instead of a penis, you might want to start with fingers first and make a “come hither” motion toward the belly button. This is different from the in-out-movement because it slowly builds up the pleasure.
  • Additionally, a sex toy might work wonders for penetration!
  • Be sure to target the point of pleasure called the G-spot. When you regularly hit it with strong pressure, then you’d already be one step closer to orgasm. It stimulates the Skene’s glands on either side of the urethra.

Clitoral Orgasm

Getting one’s clitoris stimulated can lead to an explosive feeling. You probably know that already! If you are just starting to explore what gets you off, a clitoral orgasm is characterized by a tingly feeling along your skin and in your brain.

Tips to achieve clitoral orgasm:

  • Stimulate your clitoris by gently rubbing it in a back and forth or circular motion. You can do so by using your or your partner’s fingers, palm, or tongue.
  • Once you are turned on and the clitoris begins to get wet, you can apply harder pressure. This will also intensify the pleasure you are feeling. Just remember to back down a bit if your clitoris starts to become too sensitive.

G-Spot Orgasm

This one is achieved through more special positions and fingering styles. Since the g-spot is inside the vagina, then you really need to “get some!”

Tips to achieve G-spot orgasm:

  • The universal trick is to use a come-hither motion and not the in and out motion.
  • Try curling your fingers upward and inward about 2 inches into the vagina.
  • Some of the sex positions you should try:
    • The Snake. This one is a good version of doggy style which allows for a better angle to reach the G-spot. You can also help your partner as he thrusts inside you by raising your hips higher or using pillows so they can easily stroke and hit your G-spot.
    • Cowgirl. What do you know? This regular position is still the best. You can just bounce and grind on top of your partner and take charge. The tip is to straddle forward and bend back while holding onto your lover’s thighs for support.
    • Seashell. Want something super hot? This sex position is really helpful. The best thing is that it can help you achieve your orgasm too! To get to this position, lie back with your legs raised all the way up. If you can make your ankles crossed behind your head, then much better! Once you are comfortable with the position, have your partner enter you using a missionary position.

Q: What difficulties hinder you from achieving female orgasm?

Let’s say you’ve been trying so hard to achieve orgasm. What if you still can’t reach it? Don’t be too upset! You just need to learn about the setbacks. There’s a chance that you are experiencing the following:

You are dehydrated. Staying hydrated obviously has a lot of health benefits. But you also need it if you want to achieve orgasm.

You have current medications that are affecting your sexual body response. Check if the birth control pills or antidepressants you are taking have unpredictable effects on sex. If yes, there’s a chance it is linked to your difficulty in achieving orgasm. You should also consult your doctor if you can orgasm before you started taking your medications.

You are anxious. People believe that one’s brain is the biggest sex organ. Should you have insecurities or anxious feelings, then you won’t be able to let go and achieve orgasm. Don’t be pressured to reach orgasm right away. You should first communicate with your partner and discuss how you can feel more at ease as you engage in sexual activities. Sometimes, it’s the fear of losing control that keeps a woman from experiencing orgasm.

Q: How long does a female orgasm last?

Researchers used to think that a female orgasm lasts for about 3 to 15 seconds. But there is also evidence that suggests the climax could go on for 20 seconds to 2 minutes. In a published data in the journal Ceskoslovenska Psychiatrie, the results showed that 40% of women estimated the duration of their orgasm to be 30 to 60 seconds or even longer.

On the other hand, 48% of women experienced predominantly long orgasms. Now, what does that feel like?

Do we have all your female orgasm questions answered?