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What Guys Really Want a Woman to Wear to Bed to Get Horny

You probably think that all guys want their women to wear nothing in the bedroom. While there is some truth to that, you should know that they also appreciate the variety and welcome other sexy bed clothes. If you haven’t got a clue about what men really want, you’re in luck! This article will help keep your relationship spicy and exciting. Read on to find out.

Guys Reveal Their Preferred Partners’ Sexy Bed Clothes

1. Oversized shirt

Woman Wearing oversized Shirt sexy bed clothes

Source: Pexels

There is just something so sexy about a woman wearing an oversized shirt. You’ll be able to see her figure, but then again, not quite. It’s a bit of a tease, and you will appreciate the sexy, laidback look. Compared to other sexy bed clothes, a woman won’t really be trying too hard because the outfit itself is pretty effortless.

2. Pajamas

Who said cute clothes can’t be sexy too? Imagine spending a fun night with your partner and waking up to her fully clothed. Well, that’s not exactly the best idea of a morning after sex, but you can’t deny that it’s exuding with charm. A woman who is comfortable in her own skin, no matter what she’s wearing, is really sexy.

Still, it doesn’t hurt if her pajamas are on the sultry side, say satin pajamas. You will definitely be delighted to see that first thing in the morning, especially if her nipples can be seen through the thin piece of clothing.

3. Panties

Sultry woman panties only

Source: Pexels

Women who wear panties (and no bra) as their sexy bed clothes can make a guy hot in no time. Even if that is her “standard outfit,” we bet her man will have a hard time resisting her every night. Whew.

If your woman tries this, we dare you to keep your fingers to yourself!

4. Tight-fitting shorts

…or as some would call it, booty shorts. It doesn’t matter whether your beau is wearing a plain shirt, but if she has some booty shorts to match, hot damn! That needs some ass-clapping.

A lot of men like to ogle, and if you plan to wear something specifically to turn him on, why not try tight-fitting shorts? Of course, level up your seduction game by doing lifted-butt poses in your home when he’s around.

5. Crop top and panties

Women with hourglass figures would look good in just a crop top and panties. That’s the truth! Apparently, a lot of guys think that this pair makes for good sexy bed clothes too.

Hear, hear!

6. Sexy lingerie

lingerie sexy bed clothes

Source: Pexels

Save this for special occasions – or not! Either way, men think that this is a hot thing for women to wear in the bedroom. They’re not really specific about the kind of lingerie, but we are guessing that you just need to tease them and show the right amount of skin.

You can stick to the simple lingerie, or you know, be more like Victoria’s Secret angel and go all out. Perhaps you can even put on some angel wings.

7. A thin, cotton shirt and sweatpants

Men want to see your tits, so if you’re wearing a thin shirt – that’s a winner. On the other hand, they also like to see you in your sweatpants because they think it’s so chill yet sexy. Well, if you ask us, this falls under comfortable and sexy bed clothes. Don’t you agree?

8. Sexy costume

Roleplays still mean something these days. If you are getting wild and crazy, then your man might appreciate it more if you put on a sexy little costume. Think of classics such as a maid or student costume. Or maybe you want to focus on characters from films, or sexy basketball jerseys? It’s your call!

But we’ll never judge if you two have a shared interest and have something else in mind.

9. Nightgown

night gown sexy bed clothes in the bedroom

Source: Pexels

We already covered pajamas. But men get horny too when they see their partner wearing a sexy nightgown. It seems to take you to a honeymoon phase, and you just can’t wait to take it off her.

10. Nothing

Woman on the bed

Source: Pexels

Can this article get any more obvious? Rather – can guys get any more simple? Well, the majority of the answers are actually expected. Sexy bed clothes are nothing compared to a nude body! After all, a woman’s body is a sight to behold. If you two are in the bedroom and she’s given you the privilege to admire her figure, then enjoy!

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