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10 Tips to Keep You From Being the Annoying Clingy Girl That a Lot of Guys Hate

Love can heavily influence one’s behavior. It can bring out your best qualities, and at times, negative actions that can give you and your partner a hard time. One of the ugly parts of being in love is possession, although that is not meant to be confused with love itself. The need to control your partner and make sure everything goes according to your wish can harm your relationship. If you are a clingy girlfriend who is too difficult to handle, you need to read about these tips! 

Check out these 10 tips to keep you from being that ‘annoying clingy girlfriend’

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1. Acknowledge that you have your own life and you can get busy with other things

If you can’t really stop yourself right away from being needy or clingy, then at least get busy with other things! There’s a chance that you have a lot of time on your hands that you end up using it to check up on your boyfriend’s every move. If you keep up with that behavior, you might end up suffocating him and making him upset due to a lack of trust. 

Find things you can get busy with so you can be productive. Then, understand that your partner is also doing the best he can in his other work. He has a life of his own, too! Just because you are together doesn’t mean he needs to be on call 24/7. 

Maybe it’s time for you to set your schedules and get busy! In case you don’t have any work to do, then maybe you can try a new hobby so you have plans during most of your days. 

2. Admit that you are a clingy girlfriend

Some girls just can’t admit to themselves that they are too clingy for words. However, you can’t really improve your relationship by denying it. You need to be able to accept that you are clingy and that it is starting to become a problem. Once you’ve acknowledged that, you can actually think more clearly and come up with ways to change your behavior. 

Remember that while it is cute (at times) to be needy, it can put a strain on your relationship if it happens too often, or if it is too intense. When you are being a clingy girlfriend, you are losing your independence because all you care about is making your man your world. You need to be able to stand on your own two feet, too! 

You need to change for the better before things start to get unhealthy for both of you. 

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3. Be active in your social groups 

Ditching friends for a romantic relationship happens more often than you think. Sometimes, you do it unconsciously by spending all of your days with your partner. If you’re the friend who is left behind, you must know how upsetting the feeling is. You’ve been together for a long time, then the new guy comes along, and suddenly takes all your bonding moments away. Well, you need to do a friendship check. Did you ditch your friends for your guy?

If your answer is yes, you need to do something about it! Start being active once more in your social groups and don’t forget to nurture the other relationships that matter. Being in love is a great feeling. However, staying friends with people who stick with you no matter what is even better! 

Make sure to have time for them and encourage your partner to do the same. By cultivating each other’s relationships, you’d be more at peace and even more connected! 

4. Meditate

You may think that meditation is boring. But believe us when we say that this really works! You need to clear your mind in order for the right realization to hit you. Think of meditation as a short mental workout that helps get your thoughts and behavior under control. 

By meditating, you will be focusing on the only things that matter: your breathing or consciousness, as well as positive thoughts. Forget about being a clingy girlfriend. It will be beneficial for you to start being in control.  

If you want to stay safe from the coronavirus, you need not go out. Just look up different online meditation classes, or find a guided meditation app in the app store. 

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5. Take a solo relaxing vacation

Who says traveling solo is no fun? Sure, it can be pretty scary, but it can be the best thing you’ll ever experience in your life! If your partner is busy with his other personal matters, then you might as well go on a relaxing vacation alone. 

Our tip here is to research well and make sure that your journey won’t be dangerous. Choose a destination you like, but consider how to get there, the environment, as well as what you need to expect. Solo travels are truly memorable, but you need to be particular about your safety as well. 

Once you conquer a solo relaxing vacation, you’d be able to appreciate spending time alone and avoid being a clingy girlfriend. But of course, don’t flirt with any other guys when you’re out for vacation. That’s not the purpose you’ve set out to achieve. 

6. Trust your boyfriend more

Clinginess often stems from a lack of trust. If that is the case, you need to work out your issues and try to fix them. After all, this will set the tone for your relationship. Are you having a hard time trusting your lover? Here are some tips that can help you.

  • Don’t spy on him. That’s right. Don’t be that clingy girlfriend who always follows her boyfriend’s every move. Are you the type to check up on him and go where he is going to see if he is fooling around? Remember that he has a life of his own, and he wants to have fun (within reason) too. Don’t spy on him! 
  • Respect his privacy. That means keeping your hands off his personal inbox and refraining oneself from reading all his messages. Just because you are his girl doesn’t give you the right to invade his privacy. If he has nothing to hide, he wouldn’t mind leaving his phone on the table, letting you read a text message aloud, or asking you to take a call. 
  • Stay rational. Do you always lash out at him in hopes of “discovering a secret affair” that didn’t exist in the first place? Well, that’s not fair for him. Always stay calm and think clearly. You also shouldn’t assume the worst of him when you see something that doesn’t look right for you. For example, maybe you got completely crazy after seeing a co-worker of his greet him happily while you two are out. That doesn’t mean anything. Allow him to share a story, or to explain to you the context of the situation. Although, that’s not really needed for something as simple as a passing hello. 
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7. Minimize your phone time

These days, phones offer a more convenient way to be clingy and unreasonable. This is exactly why you should minimize your phone time and accept that you shouldn’t be breathing down your partner’s neck 24/7. Wait until he gets home to share stories about his day. Then you can be eager to hear his experiences or even rants. 

You can get busy by watching Netflix, cooking a new dish, doing laundry, or even playing sports. Don’t call him every second or ask him to update you every 30 minutes. 

Additionally, don’t spend your time worrying too much when he doesn’t reply right away. This can only lead to stress, and end up in you getting mad at him. 

8. Embrace a new hobby

Based on personal experience, hobbies can help an individual become a less clingy girlfriend. In fact, this will even give you a deeper understanding of your personal desires and wants. Who knows? You just might unleash your biggest (or even profitable) talent!

Try something new and embrace a hobby. It could be as simple as joining a Caligraphy class, signing up for a weekly Zumba class, or getting all sporty by trying Calisthenics. Whatever it is that gets you interested, do it!

It also helps to try creative things because it is said to reduce one’s clinginess and neediness. 

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9. Stop with the ‘What Ifs’ 

A clingy girlfriend who can’t stop herself from calling her boyfriend every second is probably consumed by the “What Ifs” situation. She would demand details from her partner because her mind keeps feeding her negative scenarios. Here are some examples.

The guy went out with his friends for a fun night out

  • “What if he meets another girl who is prettier than me?” 
  • “What if he gets paired up with a chick that his friends like more than me?” 
  • “What if he gets too drunk and ends up taking another girl home?”
  • “What if they plan to get foolish and join a dating site like to find a new girl?”

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“What if he meets someone and falls in love because they both like the same things?”

The list could go on and on. Anything could happen because we don’t know what the future holds. However, you don’t have to stress over hypothetical things that clearly don’t exist in the first place. Focus on the good things about your relationship and wait for it to work wonders in your life!

10. Build your self-esteem

Chances are, you are very insecure about yourself, so you end up unleashing your clingy girlfriend mode on him. Build your self-esteem by dressing up, doing the things you like, and taking care of yourself. It also helps to spend time with other people that are important in your life. Not everything (happiness, love, affection, excitement, etc) needs to come from your boyfriend. You are responsible for what you feel, after all.

Once you’ve built your self-esteem, you’ll feel damn good!

It’s time to develop new habits and end the chain of negative behaviors that step from being a clingy girlfriend. After all, it is a dealbreaker for most guys!