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Your Easy Guide to Charming Women With Humor, Plus ‘Does It Really Work?’

If you think women only really go after tall, dark, and handsome men, then you are mistaken. In fact, that might be an overrated criteria for finding a potential partner. Men who can make you laugh are more appealing, even more so than those with rock hard abs. Do you think you need help in that department? Worry no more! Here’s an easy guide to ignite a possible romantic connection and charm women with humor.

If You Charm Women With Humor, They Are More Likely to Be Interested in Dating You

We are not calling bluff. This is actually a fact based on studies done by Jeffrey Hall, Ph.D., associate professor of communication studies at the University of Kansas. In his research called “Sexual Selection and Humor in Courtship: A Case for Warmth and Extroversion,” he concluded that laughing can seal the deal in igniting or improving a romantic connection.

According to him, when strangers meet, the more times a man tries to make a woman laugh, then the more likely it is for that woman to be interested. It’s not just in a friendship way – but in dating as well! The best indicator of attraction is also when the two are seen laughing together.

Being Funny Is One of the Most Attractive Traits Ever

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Not everyone has the ability to make someone laugh. That’s why it’s all the more appealing if your partner can do it. If you don’t know how to charm women with humor, you can always practice and read up so you can do better the next time round. Of course, you don’t want to be humorous but end up being stuck in the friend zone. And you certainly don’t want to come across as rude with your off-putting jokes. Perfecting this trait can be tricky, but not impossible.

Now, Do You Want to Know How to Charm Women With Humor? Read On!

1. Don’t Try Too Hard

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The first step to making a girl laugh with the right attitude is by not trying too hard. This is a common mistake that most men commit because they feel pressured to leave a good impression. In the end, it just backfires, making them appear awkward, trying hard, or not at all serious.

While it may be hard, try to imagine the girl you are talking to as a friend. You don’t need to have an approval-seeking mindset because you are not in a competition. In fact, don’t put “how can I charm this girl infront of me?” at the forefront of your thoughts. Stay relaxed, confident, and just enjoy the conversation. Imagine yourself as the girl. If you heard whatever you are about to say right now, will you have a good time or end up with a face palm?

By focusing on the right attitude, you’ll be able to generate a positive and fun atmosphere. If you do so, the woman you are trying to charm will also feel it as well and might end up liking you!

2. Stay Away From Insults or Put-Downs During the Conversation

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The last thing you want is to resort to low-value humor just to be “funny.” Most women do not appreciate this. If we’re being honest, this is just desperate. You don’t want to crack jokes that involve making others look bad. These are not cool. You will come across as an offensive jerk, and whatever you say will just reflect poorly on you.

3. Tell a Personal Funny Story

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Sometimes, the best way to charm women with humor is to tell a funny personal story! Did you know that sharing a personal story shows your confidence, while the humor part will help you build rapport with women? That’s right! A lot of chicks dig that.

If you are not really good with jokes, but have a lot of amusing stories from the past, you might want to use these to your advantage. You don’t need to feel pressured to tell the most embarrassing story. In fact, you only need to share what you are comfortable with. This can be anything from a funny mishap in public to an accidental family revelation. Don’t tell her about such graphic details of your diarrhea problem during a bus trip.

The woman you are talking with will get an insight into your personality and life experience, and the result is that they will feel closer to you in a way. This is one of the best tips to charm women with humor. But before you try it out, we suggest taking some time to brainstorm your best stories. You don’t want to be on the spot, and end up forgetting some parts of the story. That will not just make your story less funny, but might also kill your credibility.

Write these stories down, and if you have time, practice telling them. You can be infront of a mirror during your practice, and this will give you an idea about what you look like when you are actually telling them. When you get an opportunity to talk to a girl and make her laugh, then you’ll be all set!

4. Work on Your Storytelling Skills

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Okay, so you already have your funny story. Now what? It’s not enough. If you want your move to be really successful, then you’ve got to improve your storytelling skills and make sure you keep her entertained! It doesn’t matter how absolutely funny your story is, if you can’t deliver it well, that’s as good as nothing!

You need to really focus on the feelings and reactions you experiences when the certain event occurred. Work on your facial expressions and relive the event as though you are experiencing it again. If you pull that off, there’s a good chance that the woman will have a blast listening to it! This helps build rapport and also showcase your confidence.

5. Be Prepared With Playful Teasing

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You don’t have to go all personal just to charm women with humor. For instance, you can try playful banter or teasing to get on her good side.. This is another technique that is great for flirting because it shows that you are easygoing, chill, and confident. How does this work?

For example, the woman is particularly charismatic. You might want to challenge her to drop the best pick up line or joke about how she’s hitting on you before you could hit on her. Of course, remember to keep the smile on your face so she knows it’s all in good fun and she can joke along with you. You may also try and drop lines such as “You are so cool, and I’d bet we’d have so much fun together!” or “Now that’s a gorgeous smile I want to look at as soon as I wake up.”

Playful teasing strategies might differ for every woman, so before you drop a pick up line or start a banter, make sure you understand what makes her tick. If you immediately do this move to an irritable woman, you might end up getting smacked.

Read the situation and let your charm take over!

6. Don’t Talk a Lot

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Some guys think they need to carry the whole conversation and talk a lot just to be funny. If you are trying to charm women with humor, that’s not always the case. You need to know when to stay quiet, when to crack a joke, or just give a reaction. Some masters of charming women say this is all about “word economy.”

It is important to save the words for when you have something meaningful to say. Otherwise, you’d only drag out the conversation, and give the impression that you are a mere guy who don’t know when to stop talking. Let’s put it this way. Humor is based on interaction, and knowing when to plug in or hang back.
If you already successfully landed some funny one-liners or jokes, you shouldn’t drown these out with more weak banters. Remember that.

7. Make It PUN-ny

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Puns are actually an added bonus. If you use one in your conversation, that will only flaunt your witty side. A woman will be impressed if you are able to come up with a unique pun based on what you are experiencing, or currently talking about.

However, the use of puns are only situational. You don’t need to overuse them as well. If this is your potential partner’s cup of tea, the pun might just be your inside joke!

8. Listen Well

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You are not reading this list simply because you are dying to see how to make women laugh. You need to charm women with humor. There might be some occasions wherein the woman is funnier than you are. If that’s the case, stay glued to the conversation and listen to her sentiments and stories.

A woman appreciates someone who really listens to her – not just someone who’s cracking jokes every 10 minutes, or someone who is only eager to see her response. A romantic connection can only be achieved if both of you are interested. If you successfully pull off the humor part, but end up not giving her attention, then your plan is doomed to fail.

What’s your most favorite tip in this guide of how to charm women with humor? Share it with us in the comments below!

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