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5 Useful Tips for When You’re in the Mood for Car Sex

You might call it a simple crime, but it’s something every couple must try (and actually do) at some point in their relationship. Of course, that’s just us. That’s why we’ve listed some car sex tips for you!

Car sex is a liberating experience because of the risk involved. You need to avoid getting seen by people outside of the car. To be safe, you also need to do this in a dark place so you won’t face a scandal the moment you step foot outside of the car. If you’ve always embraced a spicy sex life, or if you want to be adventurous for once with your partner, don’t worry! Here are some useful car sex tips that will come in handy the next time you want to bone.

5 Must-Know Car Sex Tips

Car Sex

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1. Have a blanket ready

Groping and dry-humping can be concealed with a trusty blanket. You can touch each other in your private places, and it will appear as if you’re only cuddling inside the car. Who would think that your guy’s finger is already up your hole, right? Well, those who do the same trick know what you’re doing, but come on, a blanket is really handy! This is really one of the simplest car sex tips there is.

If you want to apply what you learned from the list of best sex tips, at least you won’t be seen from outside.

2. To the females: wear a dress

A dress provides easy access to your partner, and at the same time, can save you from a humiliating arrest. Getting hot and naked is tempting, but you don’t want to get arrested, do you? Even if you are parked in a very private area, you’ll never know if there are passersby or individuals at the wrong place and wrong time.

If your female lover wears a dress, you can get to your business right away!

3. Keep things oral in the backseat

Nothing says pleasure better than oral. This is a great way to set the mood and keep things hotter by the second. Go to the backseat and do the 69. Just focus on giving your guy the best blowjob, and trust him to give you the most pleasurable cunnilingus. This position is actually safe because you’re both on your backs and there’s not a lot of thrusting.

After that, you can just do any sex position you like. Just be careful not to get too intense, or else you might be seen by other people.

4. Be a cowgirl

Obviously, the positions you can try while inside a vehicle are limited because the space is small. One of the best car sex tips we’d want to share with you is to be a cowgirl. Literally. How do you do that, you ask? Start by shifting the seat all the way back and reclining it. Finally, ride his dick cowgirl-style. You have more control of your dirty deed, and you can even grab onto the headrest for extra leverage and extra penetration. Get some!

5. Play some music

This is one of the basic car sex tips but can make all the difference, especially during foreplay. Music amps up car sex, so you need to play a playlist to get you or keep you in the mood. It will make the sensations much more pleasurable and the activity more exciting.

Depending on your intensity, you can play R&B for slow and passionate sex, or rock for intense and rough sex.

Which among these car sex tips have you done before?