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Take Your Online Date to the Next Level With These 10 Lockdown Date Ideas

With social distancing and lockdowns imposed basically everywhere, it’s no surprise that many couples are breaking up or getting a divorce. The pandemic is an ugly storm for couples, and it’s putting such a huge strain on any relationship. You’re not allowed to go on a date as freely as before. Or if you live far away from each other, you’d still be restricted from traveling. As unfortunate as it sounds, we have yet to experience the COVID19 break-up boom which is seen to continue into 2021. If you want to save your relationship or reignite the spark with your partner, you might want to make a meaningful gesture and initiate any of these lockdown date ideas.

These 10 lockdown date ideas might help save your relationship:

For couples living together

You can still look forward to fun dates.

1. Create an intimate spa experience

couple spa lockdown date ideas

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If we are talking about the best lockdown date ideas, this one is pretty strong! An intimate spa experience is not only relaxing. It is sensual too. The trick to this activity is to create a soothing and romantic environment that will delight you and your partner’s senses. You need to work hard for this, but it’s going to be worth it.

Let’s first start with the sense of sight. Decorate your area with mood lighting, flowers (or petals), candles, and make sure the bed is clean with new sheets. You can even add a personalized touch to the spa experience by making use of a creative board, lighted signage, or any other material with the words “Private Spa Night – Your Name and Your Partner’s Name” Of course, you are free to put your own spin to this message. But you get the idea. This date doesn’t happen all that often, so go all out and give yourselves the VIP experience!

Next is the sense of smell. Incense sticks or diffusers will be your best friend! If you are coming to a real spa place, you’d definitely be soothed by the combination of subtle freshness and herbaceous scent. To make this more memorable, why not recreate the aromas in your favorite spa? That way, you’ll both be reminded of your spa time together.

Let’s jump to the other senses…

What about taste? To be honest, this is up to you. But if we’re being honest, we’d go for something fancy and classy. You can prepare a charcuterie board and your favorite wine. Or if you are looking at something more sensual, we’d highly suggest preparing extras such as whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate. This can elevate the sexual tension between the two of you anytime during the spa.

The next sense we are targeting is touch. Make sure to give your partner his or her well-deserved massage! You need to be sexy and slow for this part. After all, we’re all about heightened senses. Who knows where oiling your partner’s back will lead to next?

Lastly, the sense of hearing requires chill music you can both listen to during the duration of the private spa night. You can search for typical spa music or you can take it a step further by jumping straight to mood songs or songs you have sex to.

2. Play a game

This might seem like a boring activity that doesn’t need to be part of the lockdown date ideas. However, this one is actually pretty cool if you know what to play. It largely depends on your mood and preference. Do you want something classic, funny, or sexy?

There is the family-friendly game Monopoly perfect for casual nights. But you can always try your hand at Cards Against Humanity while drinking beer. If you need more players, then you may opt to invite your friends over. But what if you want something sexy? By all means, go for it! A Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired game might be more of your thing.

You are already isolated from everybody, so you might as well make the most out of your alone time together. Some couples would also make up their own rules or invent their own games during their date night. Be creative with it!

3. Binge-watch a Netflix series together

Netflix Chill lockdown

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Seriously, this is a laidback activity that doesn’t get old. Watching good films is a nice way to bond with your partner! Maybe you are both following a specific TV series, and have time to watch it. You’re already on lockdown, so the only thing you need to do is to schedule your date.

It also doesn’t hurt to prepare food and drinks such as pizza, wings, and beer.

Just imagine being curled up in your partner’s arms while watching Bridgerton? Oh, we already know the outcome! Enjoy the date!

4. Try baking

Before you complain and say that you have no experience whatsoever with baking, just think about all the yummy things you’d eat after doing it! If your partner is fond of whipping up something sweet, then he or she may be your guide in this date idea. But if both of you are not really knowledgeable about the process, a few Youtube searches will get you through the ordeal!

To make the experience easier, you can also look up different baking kits that you can order online. Perhaps there is a bakery or store near you with pre-packed boxes of specific delectables! Call, collect and bake.

As an alternative (if you really don’t want to bake), then maybe you two can try cooking dinner together.

5. Get dressed and pretend you are in a restaurant

DIY date night set up

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Sometimes, the best lockdown date ideas involve one’s imagination. Pretend you are in your favorite or dream restaurant for one night. But to do that, you also need to clean a bit and decorate your place. You don’t really need to recreate everything – just the ambiance, or one particular spot will do. Does the restaurant have some mood candles? Is there a specific novelty item found in that place? Do you know how the table set-up looks like? These may be small items, but they can also make a difference in your restaurant arrangement.

Once you’re done decorating, make sure you and your partner are all dressed. Pretend that you are actually going out and heading to the restaurant. This will excite you even more, and make the pretend-restaurant more special.

For couples in long-distance relationships

Just because you are physically apart doesn’t mean you have to be emotionally apart too.

6. Schedule a video date and order in your favorite food

Video dates are the new normal today, and you need to be consistent if you are really after spending quality time with your partner. While the impact of the pandemic in your relationship is slightly “bearable” compared to couples living together, you still need to put in some effort.

We assure you – couples in long-distance relationships will benefit from this. Just make sure that you put your own spin, and you are being as being creative, sincere, and excited as possible.

Make your video date more fun by dressing up beforehand and ordering in your favorite or go-to food. Forget the usual video calls wherein you’re just wearing PJs. Doll up for this one and make it really special! If you are living in different timezones, this can be tricky. Should the schedule take place too late for you, be prepared and order your food in advance.

7. Try a virtual neighborhood walk

neighborhood walk

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Your partner will appreciate your virtual effort to take him or her out. But since we are living in the midst of a pandemic, you might want to do this at a place with little to no people to stay protected. When you’re out and about, you can just flip your camera and show the best places to your lover.

This sounds pretty cheesy, but it’s one of the sweetest and simplest lockdown date ideas.

8. Work out together

Yes, we are talking about staying in shape. Many people are now realizing the benefits of working out and embracing a healthy lifestyle! If you can spare a good hour, then why not invite your partner to a virtual workout session? You two won’t sweat in the way you imagined (although this can still be arranged), but it will be really fulfilling!

Couples who are not really into fitness may just follow a bodyweight exercise program. But those who frequent the gym and are familiar with different exercises may create their own “Workout of the Day.”

This isn’t just healthy for the two of you. You’ll also get happy hormones, making your day so much better!

9. Watch a concert together

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As a couple, do you enjoy the same music? If your answer is yes, then you need to watch a concert pronto! You have the option to attend a virtual concert (that’s a thing now!) or watch a different taped concert that you both love.

There are many virtual shows right now because even the artists are adapting to the pandemic. Some of the musical events are also being live streamed and you only need to purchase a ticket to come to see it.

10. Plan a sexy virtual date

This is undoubtedly one of the best lockdown date ideas. Why is that? You may be physically apart, but you can always pleasure each other through the help of technology. Even couples in long-distance relationships can still have a sexy experience during the pandemic!

Here are some ideas:

  • Send nudes while you’re on a video call. Alternatively, you can do a special performance or striptease for him. It won’t be just “hot” for him. He will also truly appreciate your reason for doing so!
  • Use vibrators. Can you imagine FaceTiming with your partner and seeing what gets her off? That’s so hot! There are many app-enabled vibrators in the market today, and it can give you and your lover the hottest experience ever. You can control the speed and intensity of the sex toy, so when you’re on a call, you can check how she reacts and see her naughty side. We’re sure you’ll want her more after this.

Do you have anything to add to these lockdown date ideas?

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