Sex Appeal

Scientifically Proven Ways for Women to Increase Their Sex Appeal

Women increase sex appeal and all of a sudden, they are an irresistible catch.

Time and time again, we’ve seen girls of all color, shapes, and sizes pull off being sexy in their own right. Sometimes, they become beautiful in our eyes due to their sex appeal.

It comes from the fact that you recognize how sexy you are. You know your assets and play them to perfection.

If you don’t know yours, it isn’t the end of the world as we give you scientifically proven ways for women to increase their sex appeal

Flaunt your gifts to increase sex appeal

sex appeal flaunting gifts

If you have it, flaunt it. You can achieve such by dressing sexy. It doesn’t mean trigger the perverts though. Just enough for your assets to show.

Your taste in fashion can also be a way to project personal style provided it suits you. Learn what style works for your body shape and other physical features.

If plunging necklines and tight yoga pants emphasize your gifts, then go for it. Otherwise, Your lack of style will kill your sex appeal.

“Sex Appeal” starts with the word “sex” and it also happens to be the first three letters in “sexy.”

Do but don’t overdo your makeup

Admit it. Not all gorgeous ladies can pull off the no-makeup look.

Makeup is a crucial piece that even the perfect-looking celebrities rely a lot on it. Just a bit of foundation, mascara, and eyebrow pencil will do. A simple colored lip gloss is good enough to add volume to those lips.

A good amount of makeup definitely increases your sex appeal. Putting on too much depletes its purpose.

Also, you probably want to invest on a good brand. The last thing you would want is cheap cosmetics ruining your skin.

Showing a drastic difference between makeup and no-makeup is definitely a deal breaker to any man that isn’t drunk enough to give you a pass.

Take care of your body

How do you expect somebody to treat you well if you don’t treat yourself well?

Nobody’s perfect but at least you can make an effort to look perfect. Looking perfect doesn’t mean having to go through drastic measures to change your look.

Increase sex appeal by taking care of your body simply by eating well, exercise, staying away from junk and vices, and eliminating bad habits.

These things make your skin look more radiant and younger. Men like a girl who looks lively and well.

It gives a girl a lot of sex appeal when you look so confident in your well-maintained healthy body.

Increase sex appeal with your scent

woman scent

It’s not only your physical gifts that make guys give you a second glance. The aura of scent is a powerful head-turner as well.

Imagine a scene where you are walking across the street and an absent-minded daydreamer who didn’t see you suddenly checks out whose scent it is. How many times have we seen a fragrance commercial do this scene?

That’s because a woman’s perfume speaks a lot about her. Especially when you have a signature one. Men will notice when sexy is about to arrive.

Show eloquence

Guys only dig a dumb brain when there is no purpose. It’s all sex and no appeal.

It’s so frustrating when a guy tries to impress you with witty banter but you’ve got nothing to throw back. The power suddenly shifts to their favor since they’ll see you as a so-so.

Eloquence is an important trait a woman should possess. Nothing gives a woman more appeal than being able to hold her own in conversations.

Perhaps the guy might even be the one that can’t hang.

Show a lot of confidence. Not over though.

sex appeal confidence

Eloquence should be tied with confidence. No matter how much intelligence you exhibit, it wouldn’t show if you could not confidently express it.

The same goes for taking care of yourself. What’s the use of having such a nice body if you’re just hiding it from the world?

You have to be confident in all your gifts whether physical or intellectual. Projecting an appealing image starts with confidently putting it out there.

Don’t be overconfident though. One tip to make sure you are drawing the line is doing it for yourself. If somebody notices, then good. If not, then don’t force it onto them.

Be definitive

Laws of nature state that a girl should be turned off with a man with no concrete decision making. That means uncertainty warrants ghosting.

Want to look more powerful? Play the power game with a man by showing how firm you are. If a man can’t sway you, then you are the alpha.

An alpha woman is definitely one overflowing with sex appeal.

Try something new

Women who try something new every day make them such an interesting catch to men.

It’s easier said and done though as not all women are comfortable out of their safe zones. That’s why a woman with balls like men have such a high sex appeal.

You don’t have to be a daredevil here. As long as you’re always on your toes, you’re good.

Project positivity

positive woman

People enjoy being around a positive person. There’s just some sort of appeal to one that always gives good vibes.

A positive attitude brings positive results. That’s because your mind is programmed to work towards a good result. Positive thoughts subliminally translate into actions.

If you are able to project positivity, it rubs off on the people around you and they enjoy that, hence they will enjoy being with you always.

Increase sex appeal with a cool story

Cool stories make a woman interesting. Just don’t force it onto them. The simple fact that they asked and you shared is enough to establish that you are indeed an interesting person.

Where is the sex appeal in that? It’s in the fact that you are able to contribute something worth talking about. It’s either your own story or something interesting to add to somebody’s story.

Even men can boost their sex appeal with a cool story. Want to see what else they do? You might to want to read on how men increase their sex appeal.