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How To Successfully Ask for a Girl’s Number

Approaching a girl can be quite hard especially if you are not used to initiating conversations. Getting a girl’s number is a good practice to start.

However, we all know that if you would want to find a girlfriend, getting the courage to talk to a girl and ask for her number is important. It seems so easy in the movies. They do it all the time. In real life, you can also do it, given the proper motivation.

Getting a Girl’s Number

guy getting girl's number

Have you ever wondered why it is important to get a girl’s number? Here are a few reasons why it is done.

  • Getting a girl’s number sends a signal that you are interested in her. It shows that you are ready to move on to a romantic pursuit. A girl can choose to respond positively or negatively to your request.
  • The phone is the fastest way to establish a connection. You can build a relationship with someone over the phone even before seeing her again. You can even have a horny chat with her.
  • It gives the girl a chance to show her interest to you. It’s an invitation to move beyond the first interaction.

Steps in Getting Her Numbergetting her number

You don’t have to keep figuring out how to get a girl’s number. You just have to follow certain steps and have the right tools available. If you follow these steps, you will be able to have a lot of interactions with girls which could lead to the coveted phone number.

1. You need to size up the situation without staring too hard

Preparation is the key here.  Make it look natural like you chose to approach her. However, even before you go near her, get as much information about her.

Size thing up, Keep your eyes and ear open. It will help you prepare yourself so that you can be interesting to her. You don’t have to stare or spy on the girl. That will make you look freaky. Try to be casual and don’t hang around all night.

2.  Learn how to break the ice

Once you’ve gathered enough information about her, you can come up with a few conversation starters. This will reduce the nervousness that you might feel in trying to get a girl’s number. It can be a good joke or a great question. Do anything to keep you from blanking out and appearing like an idiot.

3. Choose the right moment to approach her

This could be nerve-racking for you. However, this could be quite simple. First, you need to be prepared to wait as casually as possible for the perfect moment to appear. This is ideally when she is by herself and not surrounded by her friends. Try to catch her in such a moment which will give you the best opportunity to make your move.

If she happens to be with a group of people, you can still manage to approach her successfully. When the conversation appears to be lagging, that’s the moment when you can enter.

4. Start casually and never put on a fake front

Once you have gotten past the approaching barrier, the work in how to get a girl’s number is already half done.

This is a short and simple step: try not to rush with anything serious or heavy. Keep the comments light and casual. Also, trying to appear like someone you are not might backfire on you. It is best, to be honest, and stay away from lies. Don’t try to say anything controversial right away like the fact that you chat naked. Just keep her interested in the conversation.

5. Keep leading the conversation to where she wants it to go

Make use of your ice breakers and conversation starters to initiate the conversation. Just make sure that you are receptive and open to where she wants the conversation to proceed.

She might decide to change the topic. Don’t start a conversation power struggle with her. Try to adapt your comments to the situation at hand. This way, you will show her that you are a good listener and still have interesting things to contribute to the conversation. This is a significant step in trying to get a girl’s number.

6. Allow her to indicate if she wants to give her number indirectly

Try to get a hint about her interest in giving you her number before really asking for it. You can do that by dropping a few light comments into the exchange about photos or links that you would like to share with her. Try to gauge her reaction. If she appears to be receptive or open to your suggestion, you can move to step 7.

7. Ask directly

Come out and ask for her number directly. Don’t leave any room for misunderstanding. It’s either a yes or a no in giving you that coveted number.