How Women Really Prepare for Dates They Look Forward To

Did you know that planning on going out is just the first step of taking your online relationship further? Well, that’s what happens when you apply our killer dating conversation tips – you get women excited about dates! If you finally meet, then that means you’ve gained their interest and they want to know you better. In case you’re curious, here’s how women prepare for dates they look forward to. Keep reading. 

Are women excited about dates? It’s a YES if they went through the trouble of:

Taking a long, relaxing bath

Taking a bath women excited about dates preparation

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Women do all sorts of things to prepare for a date. It is such a meticulous process, more so if it’s their first meeting with someone because they’ve been conversing using a dating app. In general, they just want to look good and be presentable. However, those who get so nervous or particular about their impression will end up overdoing the whole “preparation” part. But this one is pretty basic. Everyone takes a bath.

If a woman really looks forward to a certain date, then she will spend a good amount of time in the bathroom. By this, we don’t mean a quick shower. She will probably exfoliate the hell out of her body, condition her hair, and make sure every part of her body is clean before coming out to meet you. Understandably, she wants to look and smell her best. You just never know where the night will lead you, correct?

Blasting music to get hyped up

Listening to Music

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Do women excited about dates listen to pump-up jams? The answer is HECK YES! This helps them get ready better, and be mentally prepared for the big date ahead. They are probably even playing music when taking a bath! For better visual, try looking up Olive Penderghast’s Sunday Afternoon as she sings to A Pocketful of Sunshine.

Women excited about dates probably have a good playlist reserved for the special day! Cue the dance break.

Being flawless

Hairless body women excited about dates

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No one’s perfect. But if you can be flawless, why not? This means removing all the unwanted hairs from your body through waxing, shaving, or plucking. Some women excited about dates may think that it’s better to be literally smooth. Who knows if you two will suddenly end up enjoying a little make out or groping session? Be prepared and shave your legs just in case.

In addition, some even groom or take care of their downstairs region should things quickly escalate. This is a big confidence booster and can be a big turn-on for your date as well.

Finding the best lingerie

Sexy lingerie women excited about dates

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It is definitely important to be ready for all the possibilities. This means finding and wearing the best lingerie that you will be happy to flaunt to your date should the hot opportunity presents itself. While there are some women who are pretty chill or laidback about meeting someone, there are still those who make this a priority.

Women excited about dates will go through the trouble of looking for the best lingerie. In fact, they will probably spend hours running in and out of the closet to see which fits them best. There are just lots of styles and brands out there!

This decision is pretty stressful, so if you go on a date with someone who took the time to coordinate her lingerie, appreciate the effort!

Trying a million outfits

Casual chic fashion

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Okay, not a million. We are exaggerating. Still, women excited about their dates will find this one the most difficult part of the process. It largely depends on how they feel at that very moment. If you are clueless about the different types of fashion, then allow us to give you a quick lesson.

Streetwear Fashion. Your date might wear this if she thinks you are going on a quick and comfortable stroll somewhere near you. Maybe she is a top and training pants kind of girl. That’s chic!

Classic Style. Some women prefer dressing up using clothes that lean more towards timeless and elegant looks. This includes a fine choice of natural fabrics and simple matching accessories. Basically, this is a “polished everyday style,” it also includes skirts, khakis, and plain tops. Think of quality pieces that will last for seasons!

Bohemian Look. There are definitely women who prefer the hippie style of the 70s with flowy fabrics, exotic prints, and bell-bottom pants. Today, this style is embraced by many because it is particularly charming. It gives women a relaxed and free-spirited fit that will give you the impression that they are happy, positive, and comfortable with themselves.

Flamboyant. It doesn’t happen all the time, but there are individuals who hope to attract attention by wearing flamboyant clothes. This means their outfit screams “Notice me! I am worth looking at.”

These are just some of the different styles you may encounter when you go out with women excited about dates. Fashion has the ability to make anyone feel empowered. The thing is, they spent a good amount of time preparing what to wear to see you.

Stalking the guy

Hot man pose

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Right, who says women only prepare for dates by focusing on their appearance?

They also like to do some stalking to know what his interests, hobbies, and favorites are. If you two are acquainted thanks to a dating app, then you probably know a couple of things already. Still, it never hurts to check if what he told you actually checks out. Maybe he has a secret girlfriend that he’s keeping from you, or maybe he downplayed himself and he is such a hotshot? Is he who he says he is?

In this day and age where catfishing is prevalent, stalking is already an automatic item you need to tick off your list.

Flirting in front of a mirror

Practicing flirting

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Okay, so it’s been a while. It doesn’t hurt to practice flirting before going to the actual date. After all, not everyone is perfect when it comes to the art of seduction. Women excited about dates will probably look for different articles that teach the best flirting techniques. It might involve a cute wink or a simple cheesy move that will make a man’s heart flutter. The thing is, practice makes perfect, and what better way to do it than in front of the mirror? Remember, being cute and coy doesn’t come naturally to most women.

Putting on makeup

Eye makeup

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There’s no doubt that women like to exert extra effort to look fresh, pretty, and mesmerizing. Thanks to makeup, their natural beauty only gets more amplified! Some like to test out their skills and go crazy with the colors, while there are those who prefer the “no-makeup makeup” look. Whatever it is, they took their time before seeing you. That’s definitely a plus, right?

Giving a pep talk

Mirror Pep Talk women excited about dates

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A woman needs to be reminded that her date will go smoothly and that she will leave a good impression (if it’s the first date). Sometimes, the pep talk doesn’t need to come from a friend, but from herself. Confident and sexy ladies also need to build themselves up!

Just in case you’re curious, here’s probably what they told themselves before they went off to see you:

You are going to make your date adore the hell out of you.
You are confident.
Oh, look at that gorgeous smile!
He will fall in love the moment he sees you.
You are such a wonderful person to talk to.
Your wit and intelligence are unmatched.
Well, you don’t need to worry about a thing!
You deserve to be happy!

Even if you are a man, you can give yourself a pep talk too! You need to be your own cheerleader.

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