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Yikes! Online Dating Horror Stories You Don’t Want to Happen to You!

Are you looking for a date online? Or maybe you have some Dating Horror Stories to tell?

Well, it can’t be denied that online dating platforms have been helping many people meet their match ever since they emerged on the Web. But sometimes, things don’t turn out the way you’re hoping for, the moment you decide to finally meet in person. 

More like a case of expectation vs. reality that’s gone bad—-really bad!

So, we checked the World Wide Web and collected real stories that can make you cringe. These stories can go from embarrassing to upsetting, and disgusting to terrible. There are thousands and thousands of online dating horror stories — and we’re hoping you won’t experience things like these.

Maybe these can serve as a reminder to get to know the person first before taking your virtual relationship to the next level — which is meeting each other in person. Also, if ever you experience an awful date night, know that you’re not alone. It can happen most of the time even to good people. 

Alright, let’s start the cringe fest now!

He pooped on the first date

man holds in poop

Normal people poop every day, so what’s wrong with it, right? Well, let’s say that the date would have been perfect only if he didn’t poop in his pants when he leaned in to kiss her. He then told his date that his underwear feels warm for a reason (!)

And that’s not the worst part — the lady soon realized what he was talking about when she smelled what seemed like a baby diaper. He then skedaddled to the bathroom and was freeballing the entire night. 

He thought his face was a canvas

Ever saw some cute guy in your area but never dared talk to him? Fortunately, with dating apps, you can have the chance to connect with him. And that’s exactly what happened in this next online dating horror story. 

After quite some time of talking to each other online, the artsy guy finally asked her out — and she said yes. So they talked about when and where they’d meet and everything seemed to be normal. 

But to her astonishment, on the day of their meetup, he appeared quite ‘unusual’. He had more or less 50 Sharpie-drawn black circles on his face! They’re in different sizes that occupied his entire face. 

If it was an episode of America’s Next Top Model, the judges would say that he rocked that fierce look! But unfortunately, it isn’t. So his date’s confusion is totally understandable. 

When she asked him about those circles, he beamed with pride telling that he did it himself. He even called it “striping”—-hmmm…we’re not sure if there’s really ‘that’ thing. 

It was already awful enough for her sitting across him in public, but the August air made it even worse. The heat made him sweat a lot that dissolved all the ink circles on his face.

Well, at least he showed up, right?

He was crazy over spreadsheets

dating spreadsheet

Can you imagine yourself going on a four-hour date with a guy you met on Tinder, and all he’s blabbing about is his Excel sheet

Oh, yes, true story. He has a daily-updated spreadsheet where he charts his activities such as whom he talked to, what he read or watched, his height and weight, and what he ate. And he discussed everything to his date for four long hours. 

He’s pretty organized and all, but she probably wished they’d talk about other stuff instead. 

He was the opposite of OC (Obsessive-compulsive)

When your date seems to be going the way you expect, it seems natural to ask that “your place or mine?” question. In this situation, the guy offered to go back to his place for some you-know-what. 

But to his date’s surprise, he has blood-stained pillowcases, empty beer cans scattered on the floor, with hair-filled and rusty razors in the shower. Also, his sink is covered with hair and toothpaste. He lives alone, so obviously, all the mess was his own “creation”.

Seeing all the red flags, she quickly dashed off and forgot they even met. 

He used the date for personal intentions

personal intentions date

We got nothing against sales-driven individuals but it would have been better if he was honest and clear about his motives right from the start. 

When a guy’s online chat mate agreed to meet for coffee, he was ecstatic. While at the café waiting for their order, he asked the lady if she’d like to watch a 12-minute-long clip about his Multi-Level Marketing vacation club.

It turns out that he’s only interested in recruiting his date to a Networking business. Well, hats off to that guy — he literally did everything and used all his resources to meet his sales goals. But hey, it’s still a no-no.

He talked about marriage right away

Asking someone to marry you is definitely the sweetest thing — but don’t try to pull that stunt on the first few dates. Trust us man, there’s a huge chance that you’ll fail. 

But this guy thought he could pull it off; so he began bringing up the topic of marriage into the conversation which made the girl stop seeing him. Apparently, that didn’t sit well with him — and even his friends were upset about what happened. 

To cut the story short, one of his bros spread a rumor that the girl was sleeping with all her male friends. One of her friends’ long-term girlfriend knew and it almost ruined their relationship. 

Well, imagine what it could have been if they ended up together. Glad she followed all the signs and put an end to their toxic date before he could create even more damage.

What do we have to say about this?

Well, these things are inevitable. There’s no way one can see through a person’s personality through the phone or computer screen. Most of the people you meet online are putting their best foot forward just to impress you. 

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