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4 Truths Behind Romantic Online Affairs

Online dating websites and apps have changed the essence of romantic relationships. These days it’s not uncommon at all for married couples to seek online affairs with people they meet on dating services and apps.

Married couples, especially those who have been together for a long time, understand the need for novelty. They know that being able to play the field, so to speak, keeps your love affair fun and exciting. It spices things up. But as with all delicate experiments, it should be approached with extreme caution.

Free To Love and Explore

Online Affairs explore

Being together with someone for many years requires patience, discipline and hard work, especially if there are children involved. Obviously, some couples are much more open-minded and do not mind allowing their significant other to partake in extracurricular activity, moreso if they think it will help improve their marriage. But, as they say, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, meaning both partners should be equally free to explore new romantic and sexual adventures. However, in order to make such an agreement work and not cause long-term problems, a set of clear rules need to be established.

Rules of the Online Affairs Game

Online Affairs rules

For an open relationship to work, there need to be clear rules. The Number 1 Rule should be: do not fall in love. If you meet someone online, you can chat, flirt, meet and hookup, even have passionate sex, but catching feelings should be out of the question. Becoming emotionally attached to your online sex partner can cloud your judgement and thus have disastrous effects on your marriage. Another rule might be never to bring your online affairs home. This goes without saying, because you should never crap where you eat. Love affairs are  for responsible adults and should only be assumed under strict guidelines.

Not all are roses in online affairs

Online Affairs roses

Although an extramarital affair can do wonders for both your personal life and marriage, the need to resort to an online dating website may be a sign that not everything is fine and dandy at home. Seeking outside help from a professional such as marriage counselors may help you recognize the underlying issues and possibly help you reach a logical understanding. You never know, perhaps the counselor will recommend you participate in online sex affairs. Stranger things have been known to happen.

Freedom is the Key to Happiness

online dating freedom

In the end, everyone knows there can be no true happiness without freedom. Being tied to one sexual partner might sound lovely in theory, but after several years of routine, almost everyone will be anxious to seek out something new. Furthermore, knowing that your partner is desired by others will only help improve their sex appeal and overall attractiveness. Instead of keeping it secret, let your significant other know about your idea– he or she might be interested, too.

Remember, there is no need to jump right into online affairs. Start by downloading a few online dating apps and play around with the features, see if you can garner any interest. It will do wonders for your self-esteem and might just save your marriage.