Real-Life Online Dating Success Stories You’d Also Want to Happen IRL

In your search for your most compatible partner, has the question “Is it really possible to find my true love virtually?” crossed your mind? We’ve already covered where you can meet hot teens online. But that’s not the only thing we have for you! Truth be told, this is probably the nth article about online dating that you’ve read today. Well, we’re here to be a glimmer of hope by sharing some online dating success stories. While every story is different for every couple that gets matched, we wish you find The One!

Check out these inspiring online dating success stories:

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It started with a ‘Hey’

Clozette shared a story of a beautiful couple named Monnette and Simone who met in early 2019. According to the story, Simone was immediately enthralled by the lady’s “beautiful smile” as soon as he saw her on Bumble. He got a “Hey” from her, and from their, the relationship blossomed. Who knew that it only takes a three-letter word to have such a good conversation going?

When Monnette messaged Simone, she was still entertaining others. However, she felt something different about the guy. In fact, she thought that he was genuinely a nice guy. For some reason, she felt as if she should give him more attention and appreciation. The lad felt the same way and found out that they have mutual interests. Quoting what he said, “I look forward to chatting with her after a long day.” This led to him pursuing her seriously, taking her out on dates (they went to a Korean barbecue place first), and eventually falling head-over-heels for the woman.

Of course, Simone wanted to make the relationship official so he courted her longer (or in his words, “pestering” her), and Monnette finally said yes.

The couple are still very much inlove with each other, and together since they first met.

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‘Thank God I swiped right!’

Using online dating apps seemed to be fun and empowering for a woman named Serena. That’s what she believed. She had just gotten out of a long-term college relationship and had an interesting future ahead of her. She was living with her friends at the time, and only wanted to have a good time online dating.

Serena used the Hinge app. When the man named Andrew appeared on her phone, she honestly wanted to swipe left because he didn’t catch her attention. She wasn’t looking for love, so there was no harm anyway. However, she saw that they had many mutual connections, so just swiped right out of curiosity. Who know that would be the start of something beautiful and new?

Their first date was at a bar and it was interesting to say the least. As it turns out, the two grew up a few blocks away from each other, and also shared the same hometown. Andrew also knew Serena’s brothers, and he almost took piano lessons from her mom. The two were on their best behaviors because they had mutural friends. They couldn’t just ghost each other or be anonymouse, because the people they care about will find out.

That didn’t mean their love was forced, though. If anything, it only binded them together. Today, Serena and Andrew are now happily married with a cute dog.

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From Hookup to True Love

There are some people who are hesitant about joining the online dating pool first. But once they experience specific life situations, then they get motivated or fired up to jump in right away. This is the case for a woman who found her newfound love using Tinder.

Don’t think that her story is immediately magical, though. She suffered from a messy and painful breakup with her first love. Not to mention, since her goal was only to “get over her ex and find another man ASAP,” then she only attracted not-so-beautiful things when she signed up for Tinder. The popular dating platform served her creeps, cheating boyfriends, as well as pervy guys who are only after sex.

To the 20-year-old Karen, this wasn’t what she needed at the moment. However, for a girl who needed to heal and explore her options, she thought she could have fun with it. She went on many dates, most of these ending up in the bedroom, before meeting a man who would soon change her life.

The guy was Luke, and admittedly, he was also in Tinder to “get some.” But he said that he was picky with who to get into bed with. The timing of their match was probably perfect because that was the time when both of them had enough of one-night stands. It wasn’t fun anymore. They needed something serious. As cliche as it sounds, endless swiping on Tinder has become too bothersome.

Their date also ended up in sex, but unlike the other dates they’ve previously attended, this one was full of meaningful conversation. As Karen put it, “When you know, you know.” From there, they developed their relationship by dating for a couple more times.

Three years later, they are still crazy for each other, with plans to get married soon. No one really knows the truth about their Tinder meeting (only their friends, perhaps), but their families think that they met in a cafe. The fake story is straight out of a rom-com movie!

This is just one of the many online dating success stories out there! You might be just like Karen and Luke – from hookup to true love!

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The key is honesty

Carolyn is a beautiful girl who fancies online dating. She spent a few years on and off OkCupid, thinking she would meet a good man there. While she wasn’t exactly lucky during those years, it seems the Universe only held back their gift for a longer time.

When she decided to give it another shot, Carolyn decided to become really serious and finally “do it right.” She deleted all her previous answers to the questions presented when she signed up and tried hard to be as honest as possible. “What do I really want?” The question became her guide as she focused on who she was looking for. No more pretending to be another person. This time, she’ll be vulnerable and find the man who will love her for who she truly is. She had fears of having no one to date her, but she was wrong.

With her profile honesty refresh, she met her husband, and now, they’ve been together for four years.

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Note: The photos used in this article are not the couples mentioned in any of the stories.

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