Pick Up Artist Techniques when Texting a Woman

Pick up artists are so obsessed with field testing their game that they have diversified to other means of flirting and attraction. The “texting a woman” game is also a thing, mind you.

They managed to take their manipulation skills to the most convenient forms of communication in an effort to produce other means of successful outcomes.

It’s bad enough that they victimize women, they teach other men these tactics which endpoint always is sex.

There are tons of texts and tutorials on how to up your PUA texting game. The sad part is that this thing was made possible by laws of nature. Women naturally react a certain way which causes these men to do so too.

Regardless, even nice guys need to know how to close the deal with a woman over text. That’s why we’re going to talk about how you can deepen your bag of tricks.

Don’t ever make yourself available

unavailable texting a woman

Sure, you have to be available for the actual date but for texting? You got to give it some time.

Don’t text her for the first time for three days after getting her number. Otherwise, she’ll see you as a loser that’s too available. It’s one of the unexplainable phenomena of a woman.

Once you two are actually talking on text, play it cool too by intentionally not replying right away even if you can. A woman would rather want a man who keeps her on her toes that one who values her time by immediately replying. 

Don’t rush yourself. You don’t need to reply back unless she’s your wife. Keep the engagement to a bare minimum. If you want to make yourself available for banter, do it at night before going to bed.

Act productive even if you aren’t doing anything

acting productive texting a woman

Weekday mornings are their chance to be productive. Even if she was over your place last night, don’t follow up on her regardless of how good the night was. Otherwise, she’ll call you a clingy and needy creep.

You should act busy during the weekends too. Too much engagement will make her lose respect. You can even ask a woman willing to talk about the game and that’s what she’ll say.

The point is to space out intervals in your messaging. It makes you look like a high-value man who’s time is precious. That’s something that will definitely keep her more excited.

Don’t give too much of yourself

This is the problem especially for established men who have something to be proud of. They give too much of themselves when it’s probably only the sex part that women want.

You don’t need to impress her with your success or the road to it. She likes you already simply by the fact that she gave you her number. Otherwise, she could have turned you down.

Women don’t like to be put on the pedestal but they still want the attention on them. It’s better for them to be the ones to spill themselves out rather than you.

Don’t be her dog

Presenting yourself as a nice guy even in the text isn’t going to help your chances. The sad truth? She sees you as a dog if you are nice. So much for respect, right?

The fact that you are not a relative but you are texting her is enough proof for her that you like her. Don’t be a pushover in over-proving your worth.

This means no offering her nice gestures unless it’s the actual date. Texts are for simple flirtations. There’s no need to overextend your hand to her.

The only favor you need is for her to use up your time when the conversations escalate to kink.

Never agree with her

This is the continuation of the last point but deserves its own.

Agreeing with her opinions and everything she says isn’t going to make her like you more. It just shows how much of a pushover you are.

They want to be challenged the same way they challenge you. It shows weakness when you become a “yes man.” It shouldn’t happen on your actual date, more so if you two are just texting.

Try the take three, give one rule where for every three points she makes that you need to heavily contest, agree to one.

Keep your emotions in check

emotions in check


You have to keep your emotions in check if you want something to happen with you PUA texting game.

This means priority to check for you. Don’t overinvest in emotions unless you are texting your wife. It’s a random girl you picked up. She might like you enough to give you her number but that doesn’t mean she wants you to like her back.

Demonstrate higher value by knowing your worth. If a woman isn’t replying as soon as you expect, don’t think she’s losing interest. It’s not like you two are immediate relatives for you to be worried.

As long as there’s nothing official yet, you have to keep your emotions in check even if you like her that bad.

Use monotone

Women like a man of few words. It shows high-value. Real alpha males don’t seek attention even if they aren’t getting any.

This is something that the beta males such as all pick-up artists apply from the real alpha playbook. Showing the image of such a high-value individual by using few words.

The reason PUAs do this is that they have nothing to show anyway. That’s why they have nothing to lose speaking in plain text.

No flowery languages here. You might be perceived as too vain or feminine.

Save it for the eyeball

Another reason why you should keep your texts plain is that there is a better place to give a little bit more.. Just a little though.

Save all your thoughts for the eyeball stage. It is better for her to find more about you face to face in a date.

If texts are your initial interaction, keep it to basic getting to know. The next stage is getting to know better.

Be polygamous

polygamy text

This is just texting. Not an official relationship or marriage.

You are allowed to be polygamous and text multiple women all at once. Texting one woman consistently doesn’t mean loyalty to her eyes anyway. It just means you are a useless bum who has nothing better to do.

Want something better to do? Text multiple women to keep yourself occupied. That way you wouldn’t feel the need to reply to one girl immediately.

Not only does this make you look like a catch, but it also paints an image of a high-value man who has better things to do even if you don’t.

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