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How to Increase your Kissing Game – Kissing Techniques

Men always overthink how to kiss better. They feel like it’s the initial requirement to impress a girl with their kissing game.

The kiss is an anatomical juxtaposition wherein two orbicularis oris muscles come in contact in a state of contraction. You might have heard such complex definition already but you don’t even have to define that in front of who you want to kiss.

Want the perfect first kiss?  Then we’ll help you with some tips to kiss better. Here are some tips on how to spice up your kisses.

You might want to stick longer for the techniques.

Kissing game basics

No matter how good or bad you are at kissing, the last thing you want is to have funky breath. Always make sure you have mints handy or take care of your dental health.

There’s no other turn off worse that thinking that such hideous stuff is going to come in close contact with her mouth.

Also, remember to close your eyes and feel the moment. You can open your eyes briefly but only during pauses. Breathe gently through your nose too.

The build-up

The most awkward moment leading to a kiss is the build-up. This is where the overthinking starts all the time. It’s also the kissing game killer.

Things usually get more spontaneous when the sexual tension increases. But even the build-up to that needs the same work through.

There’s no greater feeling when two people feel the electricity of sensual tension that leads to that first kiss.

The best way to set it up is to stand opposite the person you want to kiss. Hold strong eye contact and make a firm advance. You can either lead with a soft touch to her cheek or gently putting your hands around her hips.

No more room for overthinking on this one. You got to start making your move and go with your body’s flow. Chances are, she’s feeling the same excitement or anxiety depending on the situation.

Just go for it

First things first. You have to understand that going for it doesn’t mean finding a random pretty girl and kissing her out of nowhere. Only in the movies does this look romantic. Even men who pride themselves of being the ultimate players don’t get a kiss closer upon initial communication.

When we say just go for it, meaning don’t make the mistake of waiting for the girl to make the move. She may be giving all the intentions and signs in the world but if you don’t go for it, chances are you are just going to frustrate her.

Once you’ve made a good build-up, it’s just a matter of time until that strong desire to lock lips finally becomes action. If you two have locked eyes in the middle of a good conversation, chances are she’s going to reciprocate once you lean forward.

We won’t say go for the kill but rather, go for the kiss!

She’s probably just waiting for it to happen. It’s one of the laws of nature for a woman to forgive a man’s assertiveness but not his weakness.

Just as long as you’ve cleanly set yourself up, just go for it just like she’s ready to.

Don’t lean in too much

kiss lean

A kiss in general usually involves the man initiating a lean towards the woman he wants to kiss. If she wants, she’ll reciprocate but if she doesn’t, she’ll move backward.

Don’t lean in too much. Give her room to reciprocate the action if she’s interested. The last thing you want is to make her feel like you are charging at her.

That’s why eye contact is important. Once you two go into a hypnotic state, those leans will lead to you two meeting in the middle to lock lips.

You don’t need to be deep into your kissing game

Your lips has finally touched hers. What’s next though?

Once you two have locked lips, a common mistake might be over eagerness. You don’t want to make her feel as if you want to eat her entire face.

This also includes using too much tongue. Some might want that only if they themselves do it. Otherwise, it’s like feeding her a warm short slug.

Don’t drug her into kissing

If you want a perfect first kiss that both of you will surely remember, make sure you two do it without the influence of any stimulant or depressant. That way you will be aware as the magic unfolds.

The problem with a drugged kiss is that it speaks lowly of your game. It could simply be just liquid courage and not really something you’ll do when you are at your most normal state. It will also make the girl question your sincerity towards kissing her.

Don’t drug her into a kiss. It’s perfect if the two of you are sober. It makes the moment more intimate and worth remembering.

Don’t overthink your kissing game slip-ups

Slip-ups occur. At the end of the day, you won’t be able to apply all seven tips we’ve just told you. You will probably miss some very small details. Don’t sweat it though.

Overthinking might make you mess up every single step instead of just one baby step. It can mess up even a good kiss that a girl enjoyed so much.

That’s why it’s important to just go even when all points aren’t hit. Let the endorphins flow as you two feel the moment.

There isn’t a 100% perfect kiss. Even the kissing scenes in movies has some slip-ups. That’s why if such kisses pass in the eyes of perfectionist Hollywood directors, chances are yours aren’t so bad either.

Your kissing game might actually be good enough after all. You can even throw some virtual ones by following these online dating tips.