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Debunking the Myths About Blue Balls

Blue Balls. A term I’ve heard many men use since the dawn of time as a euphemism for general sexual frustration.

I have to admit that I’ve felt that aching sensation down there before and even noticed my testicles turning into a darker shade. And man, it’s not just something you can use as an excuse to get off. Blue balls is a kind of condition that can affect us men, physically and it can be painful, too. 

I was scared (which I think is pretty normal when you notice something different in your body) so I immediately looked it up on Google and asked for expert advice. What I found out was, blue balls can have various anecdotal symptoms such as a faint blue tint and heaviness on the testicles, testicular pain, and aching sensation at the base of the penis. 

Now the real question is, Is blue balls actually harmful to gentlemen like you?

Well, according to what I’ve read it’s either not harmful or kinda harmful. 

Is “blue balls” real?

Blue Balls

If there’s one thing I want you to know, it’s that “blue balls” is a common phenomenon and the testicular pain it causes can’t do any long-term damage. For instance, if you had sex and your orgasm was interrupted, chances are, you might feel uncomfortable for a few minutes or a few hours. But hey, that’s pretty much that. 

There were only a few studies made about blue balls and one I’ve dug up was an early case report back in 2000 which was published in the journal Pediatrics. The case talked about a 14-year-old boy who was brought to the ER because of severe scrotal pain after he messed around with his girlfriend without ejaculating. 

However, I also read that the scientists weren’t really sure what caused the pain. They even said that after they reviewed all available literature in medical libraries, urology textbooks, and emergency medicine, they weren’t able to encounter the term blue balls. 

Now, health experts came up with the official medical term for this condition and it’s called “epididymal hypertension”.

What triggers epididymal hypertension?

When a guy is aroused, the blood flows to the scrotum and penis and this is exactly the reason why a gentleman is able to achieve and sustain an erection.

But when that hard-on is not “released”, the additional blood on the testicles can cause pain. Moreover, I also found some studies that said that a prolonged sexual attraction plus a rock hard erection that won’t calm down can make the genital tissues absorb the oxygen in the blood. 

And according to a urologist named Richard K. Lee, the oxygen absorption can make the blood turn into a blue-ish color. This event usually occurs when there’s a blockage. 

He also added that blood-flow constriction devices such as a penis ring or erectile dysfunction medication may cause blue balls. But one thing I learned is that this condition is less likely to occur naturally. So since I’m not using any new sex toys or ED medication, there’s a high chance I won’t experience this epididymal hypertension. But of course, I’m not 100% spared from this condition and the most that I might feel is some mild discomfort. 

What are the treatments for blue balls?

blue balls 3

Honestly, I was surprised when I knew that the answer to treating blue balls is very simple which is ejaculating. Yes, you read that right — you have to masturbate until you reach climax and explode into a loud orgasm to get rid of the pain. Aah… man! That’s fantastic, right? I think I’ve never heard of a more awesome and satisfying treatment than this. 

On top of that, a health professional said that only an orgasm can help relieve the pressure down there. And it’s not necessarily a “partnered” orgasm. So yeah, even if you don’t have a partner or if your partner can’t help for whatever reasons, you can always help yourself out. 

As for me, I just go to my room or to the shower, bring a wad of Kleenex, and fap to my heart’s desire and voila! No more testicular pain and my junior down there feels refreshed. 

I also heard that some people prefer to apply cold water or ice, do some exercises, or just simply have a cold shower to relieve the pressure. But there’s no research that can support those yet. So for now, I’ll just stick to the old-fashioned but effective way of treating blue balls. 

Here’s my final say

Now, we can all bid goodbye to blue balls and to the fear that comes with it. Let’s all jerk off and keep our testicles and penises healthy!