This Is the Dating App of the 1%: The League Review

Here is an app even Fallon Carrington might consider trying – something for the upper class, and one with many elite individuals. The League caters to those who are financially above ordinary people, or those who are professionally accomplished. It is considered a “Tinder for rich people only,” because of its exclusivity and strict application process.

Back when you were young and your mother told you to be picky and have high standards, she was probably giving you a general reminder. It was only ’til you got older that you realized it would be extended to your love life as well. If you think online dating is not for you because it is only for the common folk, you are dead wrong. This online dating site is special, but comes with a hefty price tag too!

A Different Dating Field: The League

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Leave it to us, your Date Advisor, to tell you about this platform for the elites. The users of The League are all extraordinary. It’s either they are rich, or they have an impressive education and professional history that the average Joe can’t match. In fact, not everyone can get in and be part of The League. It really is like an exclusive club that seriously screens its members. Only a few individuals (one might say, the cream of the crop) will get accepted. They will receive an email informing them that they have been drafted into The League.

The dating platform was launched back in 2014 and has since been present in New York. It will expand in Los Angeles and London in the coming months. Described as the “Tinder for elites,” The League joins many successful individuals who have “something to bring to the table.” It is connected with one’s LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and also identifies your education and professional experience to give you the best match.

You’ll be surprised to know that the platform has people from all walks of life. Not all members have an MBA or are doctors. There are also bankers, tech entrepreneurs, and sometimes, active leaders in non-profit or charitable organizations. Even if you are not working for a Tier 1 company, that is okay. But you need to have a big accomplishment in order to be qualified. The owners of the platform it is important since it acts as compensation.

In New York alone, the acceptance rate for The League is about 20%. Geez! It’s even lower than New York’s bar exam had a 40 percent pass rate in 2020. On the other hand, it is slightly higher in San Francisco, with about 25%. If you do get approved, you need to hold your breath for a bit longer because you’ll be placed on the waiting list, along with about 100,000 people. They weren’t kidding when they said they place a huge emphasis on success, profession, and education.

How Does it Work?

The League members get five matches every day at 5 pm. They call this the “Happy Hour.” But before we discuss any of that, you first need to secure your account at The League. Everyone who wishes to be part of the exclusive dating app needs to link their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for verification. They also say that if you have a big following or connections, then the more likely you’d be approved. It’s up to you if you want to pay big money to skip the Facebook and LinkedIn steps. Even so, that won’t guarantee you a slot.

Only the chosen ones can use the app, so expect an intense screening and filtering. You will also be put on a waitlist so The League can determine if you are really fit to join the exclusive circle. Truly, it is made by the elite for the elite. It is an accomplishment in itself if you are accepted given the tough process.

Let’s Say You Are Already Part of The League

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Okay, let’s assume you’ve been formally invited to be a member of The League. What now? You need to make your profile enticing for others! Use your selling skills and don’t sell yourself short.

Your profile is already linked to your social media accounts. But you still need to sort your photos and upload the best ones. You may upload up to six photos. Take note: you should ready your studio-quality shots because it is a requirement for this platform. After all, you need to show your best self to attract the best partner.

Then, complete the basic information part with details such as interests, height, location, and ethnicity. You must also write a short bio that best describes yourself.

After that, you need to indicate your ethnicity as part of your profile information. The League already received backlash for this part, but they still didn’t remove this part of registration.

The app is connected to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. This serves as an extra layer of protection against scams and fake accounts. However, you may opt to edit or hide your job (if you are really private) by upgrading as a League Member and paying a monthly fee. We’ll discuss that later.

Here’s What You Should Expect From the Dating Platform

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The elite dating platform will connect you to successful individuals – true to its promise of giving you an intelligent dating experience. However, you will only get about 5 or fewer potential matches every day during your Happy Hour. Most of the users fall under career-oriented or ambitious people. If you see someone you like, you better get your act straight!

Users of The League have this “trust” and “security” in using the app because everyone is properly vetted. They know that this has a pool of highly accountable and trustworthy people. Not to mention, the application is tied to LinkedIn accounts, which as we all know, practically displays one’s professional accomplishments and status in life. If one were to “scam” you (although that’s unlikely), you can definitely call him or her out.

You can join League Groups and meet friends and partners in person. This is actually a highlight feature because elites can organize events or simply hang out. Who knows what the rich people really do when they hang out, right? Maybe they prefer a business meeting or a good game of golf. Well, one of the most famous groups on the site is made by its CEO, Amanda Bradford. The group of women hangs out to share opinions and knowledge on freezing their eggs. This is where they can comfortably talk about such a topic, as they are usually thrown in a regular busy schedule, and have a hard time choosing between love and work. Some of the other popular League Groups include “Brunch Lovers,” “Golf Buddies,” and “Yacht Week” among many others.

There are only a limited number of matches per day. But that doesn’t mean there is no workaround for that. If you are willing to purchase League Tickets, you’ll be able to speed up the matching process and see an extra batch of prospects to choose from.

Just because you paid a hefty price to join The League doesn’t mean you will immediately get the man or woman of your dreams. You also need to work hard for it. The CEO herself is still waiting for the perfect man. Given her busy schedule, she has not been accepting of many dates.

Member Profiles

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You already know that the League is targeted at successful and rich people. As for its member structure, there are slightly more women than men on this dating platform. Plus, the majority of the users come from the younger age groups and are straight singles. If you identify as an LGBTQ member, you might consider looking at the Best Gay and LGBTQ Dating Sites.

The League members are also very particular about the career and education backgrounds. It’s not just the platform. The users really want to be associated with people that are on the same level. You will find users from across the globe such as Germany, France, Canada, United Kingdom, and more.

The League Membership

If you want to take your elite online dating experience to the next level, you can opt to upgrade your account and get access to more perks. There are three types of membership namely:

Member ($199.99 for 1 month, $99/month for 3 months, or $67/month for 6 months)

This is applicable for those who want to expedite the review of their waitlist. If you avail of this membership, you will also be supporting the platform’s mission of fostering egalitarian relationships across the globe. In addition, you get to enjoy the following features:

  • Get 5 prospects per daily batch
  • Get as many as 3 dates per League Live party
  • See if your matches have read your messages with the Read Receipts function
  • Power to keep things private and customize the bio
  • See League Profile Stats
  • Helpful openers or icebreakers
  • Get 2 tickets to buy a batch of prospects
  • Ability to create groups or invite users in your city to your event/s
  • Send 5 friend request per day

Owner ($399.99 for 1 month or $299/month for 3 months)

Want something more premium than the Member upgrade? By availing Owner, you will get a bigger daily batch of prospects, and will also be able to know who’s liked you in their daily batch. The extra features also include the following:

  • Get 6 prospects per daily batch
  • Get as many as 3 dates per League Live party
  • Utilize Unlimited Power Moves – wherein everyone you like will see you immediately
  • Never miss a connection with the Unlimited Rematch function
  • See if someone has already signified their interest in you (there will be a solid green heart on their profile)
  • Undo someone you accidentally liked
  • Send 6 friend request per day

Investor ($399.99 for 1 week, or $999 for 1 month)

The most expensive membership in the League should be able to give you powerful perks. After all, it is an unbelievable amount of money you’ll be spending. For instance, you will enjoy the max daily prospects and even reach out to a profile prior to being matched. As a rule, this subscription also can’t be offered annually. If you are used to getting your way, this package may be just for you! The perks include:

  • Get 7 prospects per daily batch
  • Get as many as 3 dates per League Live party
  • Matching and chatting with one click
  • See users who like you in real-time
  • Get complete privacy and choose the prospects who should see you, and block specific users
  • Send openers to any user in your daily batch
  • Free concierge support from an intelligent human
  • Send 7 friend request per day

Special Features You Need to Take Note of

League Live
Ever wanted to go on a quick date? That is possible in The League. Every Sunday at 9 pm, you can go on 3 dates in 9 minutes. For this, you will be matched face to face with the users who meet your preferences. No need to worry about where to go because you can do this from the comfort of your home, or to be precise, from your couch.

Video Profile
Did you know that you can make your profile more enticing by preparing a video profile? This will let you stand out, and allow you to make your personality shine.

Party Scout
Navigate dates or meetings more effectively by taking advantage of Party Scout. This notifies you when there are users nearby who are fitting for you. Plus, it doesn’t compromise anyone’s privacy.

Getting League Tickets means you also have the power to override the algorithm. You can use them and activate the Power Move a Prospect to ensure you are first in their next Batch. You can also boost your profile so you’d be seen 3x by other people. Step the gas on your dating life and make matching easier!

Video Chat
Sometimes, you need more reliable proof of one’s status, more so, their existence. Other times, you just want to take your flirtations to the next level. Use the Video Chat function when convenient for you and see your match easily!

At a Glance: The League

The League dating vip site

Source: The League

  • The League is dedicated to the elites of the society. This is where you can find the best people you can connect with romantically. Simply put, this is a VIP app for the VIPs.
  • Membership rates of The League are on another level, as it should be.
  • Organizing exclusive events and gatherings with individuals who share the same interest is possible.
  • This is considered the dating app with a “taste.”
  • The selection of members follow a stringent process, and they will screen you for your financial status, personal accomplishments, and educational background.
  • Expect a long waiting time to be accepted.
  • The dating platform is available in 60 cities around the world.
  • Users of The League have high standards.
  • The app is available on both Android and iOS. While it is free to download, getting in is another story.

What do you think of this dating app?