In this day and age, it’s definitely easier to find your match, go on a date, and probably enjoy a lustful night. Technology keeps everything at your fingertips, and the only thing you need to do is to start looking. If you’ve been craving a hot hookup, we found just the right website for you to use. WaysToMeet is a hot dating platform that keeps your dates discreet while connecting you to someone who enjoys sex just as much as you do.



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Your safety is provided by the leading anti-scam system in the industry so you don't need to worry when using WaysToMeet!

There’s a thrill to getting to know someone who’s a bit mysterious. You can find a lot of that in this dating slash hookup platform! This website appeals to many people, especially those who are bored to death by their sex and love lives because it can quickly add some spice into your life!

When you sign up at WaysToMeet, you will immediately be eligible to see the long list of horny individuals to fuck in your city. You don’t need to search high and low to get the best matches. Everything will be served to you on a silver platter! Once you get started, you can look forward to the sex stories that will arise from this experience.


The Experience

WaysToMeet is absolutely FREE and you can take advantage of its unique services at no cost whatsoever. Their goal is to make it easy for everyone to find their ideal partners and get laid.

However, if you want to increase your chances of enjoying sex with different strangers, you might want to consider churning out a few bucks to avail of their premium membership. After all, it might help your chances of getting laid instead of just retreating to a handjob tonight.

WaysToMeet Membership

The premium membership will allow you to enjoy everything without being limited by the options offered in the free term. It might seem like such a drag, but as with all good things, you need to invest a little to get the best return!

If you are really short on money or don’t want to spend even a cent on this website, you can still sign up. Don’t worry! That right is not taken away from you. Just remember to complete your profile fill out all the important details such as interests, vitals, intention, and more. This will help you attract more matches and increase the chances of getting laid.

Don’t forget the part where you indicate what you’re looking for. Do you want a real relationship or are you just after a fuck buddy? No one will judge your answers, but this will save you the time of getting to know someone who is only after your body.

Filtering Out Your Preferences in WaysToMeet

Like what we mentioned, it is crucial to fill out all the important details to get the most out of the website (especially if you’re using a free account). Once you’re done with your profile, you might also want to filter out your preferences according to what your tastes are in your ideal date.

This is the next step once you connected or are matched with someone. It’s only fair to plan ahead, right? You can say that you only need the basics such as cuddling. But if you’re pretty wild, then you can outright say your dirtiest fantasies that you want your partner or date to do to you! Heck, even your fave sex positions can be filtered out. Go and tell the world how much you love the missionary!

After you’re done with this step, the results will then show you whoever fits your criteria. The only thing left for you to do is to choose the best partner who you think gives you that initial spark!

Free Features

  • The website is free to use and you can get matched with someone who enjoys sex just as much as you do
  • The dating platform is easy to use

Paid Features

  • You’ll get better matches and increase the chances of getting laid

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The Conclusion

The million dollar question is this: Is WaysToMeet Worth It?

Honestly speaking, the dating platform is a good website. It’s not the best, but it is pretty decent! There are a lot of hookup sites that can also deliver the same promise and get you laid.

But WaysToMeet is free and there is nothing wrong with trying it and testing your luck. Who knows if this is where you’ll find your soulmate and fuck buddy? You’ll never know unless you try!