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How To Get A Thigh Gap Training Only 10 Minutes A Day

Many women consider having a thigh gap as sexy. In fact, some of the guys do too.

There’s a reason why a lot of us crave that perfect space between our legs. All you need is a small amount of time every day to do a few simple exercises to get that thigh gap of your dreams.

Here are some exercises that will certainly give you the thigh gap you are looking for. You’ll finally have more space for a chode to work on.

Wide stance squats

wide stance squats

This exercise targets the thighs. It tones the hamstrings and back of your legs for the visible thigh gap from behind.

Simply stand up with both legs wide apart and slightly pointing out your toes. Do a seating motion as you move your butt down. Be sure that your knees are pointed out in such a way that it’s in line with your feet.

Continue the said exercise for the next 30 seconds.

Pilates leg lifts

pilates leg lift for thigh gap

You notice how Yoga and Pilates practitioners have such a toned body, particularly their legs? Pilates has been a decade-long practice by women who wish to tone their thighs, hips and abs.

Simply lie on your side with your legs fully extended. Slowly lift up your leg to its current max level while placing activation on the outer thighs.

Then, lower your leg back to starting pose. As you advance into the exercise, you can add weights for extra difficulty. This allows the thighs to be more toned with more strain.

Bridge raises

bridge raises thigh gap

Another exercise that tones the body is bridging. How do you think ballerinas have such toned bodies? Their thigh gap is also noticeable through their toned abs, hips, thighs, and hamstrings.

Start with lying on your back while keeping your legs bent and your feet hip-width apart. You can add something in between your knees which will come very handy later.

Then, lift your hips up with your body raised, making a straight line and squeeze whichever object you placed between your knees for activation.

Finally, lower your hip back down to starting position. Make sure to rest your back so you don’t put too much stress on it.

Butterfly stretches

butterfly stretches

Butterfly stretches exercises the thighs a lot. It looks simple but its activation will be felt when done constantly. It targets the thighs heavily which you will want especially when your goal is a thigh gap.

Simply place your soles together while sitting on the floor with a straight back. Bend your knees like a butterfly. Then, flap your thighs and move your heels close to your groin.

Also bend your head down to your feet while doing this. You should feel the activation in your thighs.

Lateral lunges

lateral lunges

Lateral lunges tightens your hips and glutes which is important since you have to work around the muscles connected to your thighs as well.

This stretching exercise requires you to stand up straight with your legs apart. Step your right leg forward first and squat on that position as you try to straighten out your left leg.

Repeat starting position with your left leg next until desired number of reps have been accomplished.

Star jumps

star jumps

Star jumps are like jumping jacks except that it targets the legs more. Place your feet together with your toes pointing forward. You can choose to either keep your arms extended out or your hands placed on your hips.

With your chest high, jump straight with both knees bended and both legs extended outward. Make sure your body resembles a star with each end point being the star’s 5 points. Make sure you land with your feet still together.

Do this for 10 reps per set.

Scissor kicks

Scissor kicks

Scissor kicks are one of the most popular ab exercises that activates your thighs too. You’re probably familiar with this one already but don’t know the proper execution to hit that thigh gap.

Simply lie on your back like you do with majority of your ab exercises. Keep your palms flat on the ground and let your legs do the motions.

Lift your legs off the ground with your left higher than your right in a 45-degree angle. Do it vice versa in the same motion as a pair of scissors cutting.

Point your toes out to maximize activation especially in the thigh part.


cross stepping

Ever wonder why some consider using the stairs on a building as exercise? It’ because it really is. You call this exercise cross stepping.

You will need a stair-like platform and railings to perform this exercise to its maximum. Simply cross one leg over the other and follow it up with the opposite leg as you climb the stairs. Repeat previous step until you reach the top of the staircase.

For added difficulty, you can strap some ankle weights or a weighted backpack on you.

Stability ball squeeze

stability ball squeeze

This exercise is primarily for the thighs. All you need is a Swiss ball or exercise ball for it. Also choose the right weight since making it too heavy can ruin your exercise.

You can do this while sitting down for starters but you can do it on your back as you advance. Keep your heels on the ground and feet parallel to the floor while you hold the exercise ball between your thighs.

Squeeze your legs together and feel the activation on your thighs as you try to make your legs meet. Hold this position for a certain amount of time and repeat after rest.

Consider it a practice for the Swiss Ball Blitz sex position too.

Chair squats

chair squats

Chair squats are as easy as the actual action. Beginners actually use a chair for this one. The purpose is to strengthen your lower body. Besides, you will likely be sitting on that chair while resting.

Start with standing up with your back to a chair. Your feet must be hip-width apart as you center all your weight on your heels with your core engaged too.

Slowly hinge forward as you slowly sit on the chair without sitting on the seat. Return to starting position and do this repeatedly.

This exercise is usually done in three sets of 10 to 15 reps but you can modify the number based on your ability.