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How to Ask Your Crush Out for Men – Telling a Girl you Like her

Asking your crush out can be tricky. Society demands you to just do it but doing such can make or break you as well.

Mustering the courage to ask out the hottest girl in the vicinity can turn out so humiliating that it will stick with you when you ask the rest of the people you want to.

You suddenly just can’t do it like an action type of guy all of a sudden, right? Good thing Topsitedate has some tips on how to ask your crush out and tell her you like her.

Grow a pair of balls

grow a pair of balls

How many times have we seen this in the movies? A nerdy guy asks the lead cheerleader out only to be the joke of the entire school.

From the outside looking in, she rejects the quarterback or any other cool kid the same way. What’s the difference? The latter has a pair of balls.

He has an “okay your loss” mentality even when the girl isn’t really losing anything turning the jock down. He deals with it like a man and not sulk for the entire school cafeteria to hear.

The truth is, a girl likes a confident guy. If a nerd is confident enough to approach her, she actually lets him in as a friend at first. That’s a whole new obstacle saved for another discussion though.

Stop prolonging your agony

stop prolonging your agony

You’re dealing with human nature here. No matter how much a girl is falling for you, she will never tell.

So texting each other till kingdom come isn’t going to work at all. She may already like you first but she’s going to get bored and walk away. You need to step up at some point.

Constant conversations without stepping up your game is simply prolonging your agony. Nobody wants to wait, especially when it’s about dating.

Besides, you should have already asked her out in the first place. Those good talks can sure use an upgrade in scenario.

Remember that she’s your crush and not your girlfriend


It’s a mere crush at an early stage. Though clinginess shows loyalty, exhibiting it at such an early stage isn’t going to work in your favor.

She isn’t your girlfriend, nor you haven’t asked her out yet. Don’t build a metaphorical fence around her when she probably doesn’t even know you yet.

Give it time, be consistent, let her know your intentions nicely, establish your status as a gentleman and a respectable girl will surely dig.

Also keep in mind that a respectable girl who barely knows you shouldn’t be trapped in your cage. As long as nothing is official, she’s still out in the open market.

Keep it casual

keep it casual

You should keep things as casual as possible. That way she casually accepts and you two start going out.

It’s in these casual dates that something slowly builds if it’s compatible. Take note of the term “compatible” because no matter how slowly you let oil and water mix, it’s not going to happen.

That’s why it’s important to keep things casual. That way, you yourself will be able to determine whether that feeling of liking her is actually worth the sweat.

A woman likes an assertive man. If you feel the click, immediately increase the flirtation through side-swiping jokes.

That way, she’ll feel easier even if she hears the words “I like you.”

Don’t go Uncle Creepy on your crush

creepy man

You’ll be surprised with how many men creep a girl out simply by asking their crushes out. It’s either they harass her like a psychotic weirdo or offer her money just to convince her to go out with you.

If you are making this mistake, then you are playing on Uncle Creepy territory. You have to understand that a girl will only go out with a psycho or a middle-aged guy with money is if they dig that kind.

Normal men don’t do such things to their crush. It’s a simple buildup into asking her out. There’s no way being such a creep is going to score your dates.

Just think about it. If a girl can call a loyal man who establishes clean and sincere intentions creepy, how much more would she call such weird behavior?

Let her come to you

push and pull crush

This one may be too risky but it’s complicated too.

Girls actually drop hints that she wants to be asked out. Some men are just poor in reading girl language. It’s not the end of the world though.

The signs are very simple to find. If she tells you about a nice movie, then she’s sort of dropping the hint that she doesn’t have anyone to watch it with. Same goes with a restaurant she wants to try out.

Saying yes to you even when you don’t directly ask them is also a sign. Just like when you give her ideas of going to the beach or hanging out for coffee and she says “that would be nice.”

Knowing when she’s actually the one coming to you will save you a lot of trouble asking her out. That’s if you are good at reading girl signs.

Hide it through a joke

girl laughing at jokes

This one should have been incorporated in each and every point here but it still deserves its own.

It’s part of the laws of nature for girls to be indirect. Their lack of a definitive answer in pretty much everything can play to your advantage.

Once you’ve built a certain connection or have broken into the casual barrier, the comfort level of conversations increases. That way, your jokes seem to rub her off a little nicer.

The point is you have to speak their language from time to time. That means joking with her about how better things would be if you two become a couple or roleplaying a relationship in front of others.

It happens a lot in the school and in the workplace and has probably landed more dates than the traditional way.

You want to know more of their girl language? Then it’s best to know why many gorgeous women struggle with getting a boyfriend.